517 Oxford Circle
(Central Davis, next to Oxford Circle Park)
Office Hours
Mon-Fri 8am-5pm
Sat 11am-12pm & 1:15pm-4pm
Sundays by appointment
Study lounge
Central heat/air
Covered parking
BBQ area
Oxford Circle Park nearby
University Mall nearby

La Casa de Flores Apartments are the first apartments most freshmen are familiar with because of their proximity to Cuarto. The apartment complex is a short bike ride from campus, on Unitrans B bus line & C bus line, and is right next to the Cuarto residence halls off Wake Forest Drive. It sits directly between Sigma Nu frat house and Pinon Apartments and it backs up to Russell Blvd..

La Casa de Flores uses the Davis Model Lease and offers studio, one- and two-bedroom, 1.5 bath units, ranging from $708/month (2010-2011) to $1148/month (2010-2011); one free parking space is included per rental unit. Two-bedroom units are available both furnished and unfurnished. No pets are allowed.

All units include:

  • microwave oven
  • electric stove
  • security screen door with locks
  • dual-pane windows
  • energy saver light fixtures
  • free unlimited hot water
  • garbage disposal
  • frost-free 18 cubic feet refrigerator
  • ceiling fan
  • two large walk-in closets & one hall closet


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"These apartment as well as Piñon Apartments next door seem popular with Russians."

"I checked these out a few years ago. They seemed a little dirty. May have changed by now. They come furnished."

2005-04-04 19:10:30   Since the entire building is fuscia stucco and looks like a 60's Motel 6, we've started calling them the Scarface Apartments, as they look like the apartments in Scarface where Al Pacino decided to kill everybody. Be on the lookout for Patrick, the handyman - he's kinda bipolar. —DanielMedinaCleghorn

2005-04-04 20:14:42   When did you live here? Patrick has been gone for about a year. —KenBloom

2005-04-21 14:11:01   a couple of my buddies lived there and we were over there a lot last year, but i thought they said he was still around, at least for the earlier part of the school year. guess i'm out of date. —DanielMedinaCleghorn

2005-06-11 15:47:38   The price is indeed $998 for furnished 2-bedroom. About 2 years ago, they furnished all units, so you can't get unfurnished anymore if I remember correctly. Patrick left sometime last year to manage Oxford Parkside. Since then, we've gone through 4 or 5 managers, though the current one seems pretty stable. Patrick was one awesome dude, pretty much single-handedly keeping the entire place in some kind of shape. Also, parking here is horrible. Renters get 1 free space, but the street parking after Christmas break gets clogged with Cuarto freshmen who think its cool to bring their cars from home. I hate them. —HunterLower

2005-09-26 19:54:32   Don't move in to this place. Crappy apartments, horriable owner. Spend your $$$ else where. Yeah, the owner name is Linda Chang, you can kiss my ass. —DingLiu

2005-12-12 20:12:16   These apartments ARE kind of crappy and really old, but they are kind of cheap and near campus, too. I hate the parking around and in it ... stupid freshmen. They REALLY need to be remodeled ... or just demolished. —MindyYang

2005-12-14 08:56:08   Ya'll make this place sound bad but I'm really cozy here the manager is good and doesn't seem to be going any where. And I know you Ding if the apartments were so crappy why did you live here for YEARS. —TeddieBear

2006-04-09 05:17:39   TeddieBear... Who is this TeddieBear. Give me call. Ask me that question in person. —DingLiu

2007-05-04 01:18:43   Really, its not necessary to make comment as "kiss my ass" on this page OR threaten each other. Take your verbal beating elsewhere. This page is suppose to INFORM others of how the apartment complex IS. You shouldn't base your opinion of the place on the property owner, it should be based on the managers who LIVE there. geesh. They seem like pretty nice people and they seem to care about their residents. Taken into account that you can probably get alot cheaper ELSEwhere, FARTHER from campus, but as far as complexes in the area, the apartment layout looks pretty nice and spacious and the management is pretty friendly and upfront.The downside is that it IS one of the oldest apartment complexes in the area, so the complex isn't to state-of-the-area, but it covers the essentials.

If I'm wrong about how it is currently, please correct me. I Don't live here yet, its just the impression I received from the place. —Apartmenthunter

2007-12-20 21:49:43   Well, this LaCasaDeFlowers only has 2 benefits that stand out, 1)it's closed to UCD, very(but then again Segundo is closer_); 2)it's cheap; without these two, the apt = nothing, so my advice, if next year the rent starts to rise more than say $1100 for a 2 bed rm, or more than $800 for a single rm, immediately forget this place, you can find place closer to UCD with the same price or lower price with better management who doesn't talk trash behind others' back, and more efficient speed at fixing the maintence problem, but more importantly, management who really helps you, instead of just pretend to want to help you but keep on making excuses in order to and finally gain her own advantage...but I guess the property manager is pretty old lady like, so with a lot of resident, sometime she does get tired, don't want to do shit and forced the shit-load onto his manager(even though she doesn't even understand the situation clearly hence neither does her manager and since her manager gets shit-load of work...less efficient speed for the maintence problems), sigh, no wonder the place changes management often. However, there are upside, like I said, it's cheap(hopefully still cheap next year or so, otherwise the place got nada)and close to UCD; but here's something some people should really take advantage of, the property manager Linda Cheng is extremly afraid of get into trouble with the international(over-sea, exchanged, any of those)students, so she would sometime pretend to favor the international students in order to stand far far away from even a slight side of trouble, because of this, 2 things happened, 1)it's not fair for the other residents because most time when Cheng favors the internationals she causes harm and headaches to the others; 2)Cheng also uses the internationals to advertise La Casa in order to gain more residents and most internationals fell for it which ends up helping Cheng unintentially; now, that might not be all too bad, in fact, if you can find a single rm and pay your rent on time, hardly get in contact with the managers, nothing will probably happen; if you happen to randomly find some international 1st years as your roommate, you might want to make he/she is reliable, otherwise there might be trouble(but if the guy/girl is reliable then probably no problem); of course, since Linda Cheng is so afraid of international students, I encourage all international students who need a cheap & close to UCD place to come to La Casa de Flores, you'll love it here, because you can demand whatever you want to Linda Cheng, and she will make it happen, although there might be a time speed, sometime very quick, sometime weeks, maybe a month or so, but as long as you remeber what you want and keep on demanding to Linda Cheng, you will get it. So, final words, international students, take advantages and come to the palace of your dream...enjoy*_^Cyclonus

2008-04-02 20:23:44   I stayed here for a year and it was a bad experience. The managers were rude and the rent was too expensive for the crappy 2BR unit.

By the way, I agree with Cyclonus. Only rent this place if you're an exchange student because the property manager (Linda) will treat you like a royalty. —MooMoo

2008-05-12 00:33:39   All Right, Thank You MooMoo. One more thing to add I found out recently, the complex has 3 floors, if you live at 1st floor, and if there's maintence problem, you problem will get fix...say at most a week, why, the managers lives at 1st floor; if you live at 2nd floor, I'm not too sure, mostly longer time than 1st floor, but if you live at 3rd floor, HELL, don't even expect them to fix anything, most likely it will take forever and that was me being nice. Once, when I still live at 1st floor, that Linda Lady told me the reason why they don't like to go up to 3rd floor it's because they're too tired, yes, the managers are fat out of shape, not to be too brutal, I don't know if this Linda Chan is joking, but this is seriously irresponsible and unacceptable, I understand if some residents are being stupid by calling the managers to mop their floor or whatever, but I still got broken light, broken windows that haven't been fix for 8 months and since the start of lease, I sent in at least 2 request forms...seriously, I'm so out of here. I guess I can express everything in basically 5 words: THE MANAGEMENT AT LACASA SUCK! —Cyclonus

2009-02-12 11:02:51   I've been living this apartment for 3 years. I've never had a problem with management. The apartment complex just recently got a new manager. The old manager was admittedly lazy, but they were nice people. Not to mention he was going to school and had a family to take care of. I was late on rent a couple of times and they did not charge the fee. They listened to your concerns and offered you the best solution. The new manager name is Alan and is hard-working. The problem you have to consider with living in a place with out a maintenance team is that he's a one man circus. SO WAS THE OLD MANAGEMENT. So, YES the repairs do take a while to occur. Basic repairs take less time than repairs that need replacement parts. Linda, the apartment owner isn't a bad person, just don't go to her with your housemate issues. As long as you don't bombard her with crap that doesn't need to be on her plate and pay the rent on time, she will treat you like her own children. If you STOP and CONSIDER how much time and effort the on-call manager has to put out to keep this place running, then you would give him a break. I don't understand the necessity to COMPLAIN and MOAN saying its not worth living here. If you stop and consider the management team as PEOPLE maybe you would view things differently.

The management team don't like people who are late on rent. They don't like people bombarding them with immature problems that can be dealt with through talking things out with your roommate. They don't like people who complain and moan about how their apartment is crap. The apartment is admittedly run-down but it provides a place to stay.

Admittedly Wake Forest is cheaper, but not by much. It is probably the most spacious you can get with the price you're paying that's THIS close to campus. The apartment is also pre-furnished, not offered by ANY apartment complex nearby. And the management team listen to your concerns if you stop and consider them to be human. —mitsuy0

2009-03-04 11:20:27   Never lived here and what I have to say is regarding Linda. I think she's awesome, super patient, and unbelievably helpful. My friend insisted that I talk to her since I had a problem with another in another apartment complex and she told me what my rights are as renter. I'm really glad I did. —geezlouisexyz

2009-03-18 10:00:31   Al, the Resident Manager is extremely helpful and cordial. I would say he makes La Casa del Flores a sweet place to live. The conditions of the rooms aren't immaculate. It's an old complex that's been around for awhile so don't expect five star rooms. A nice addition is that the apartments come in fully furnished. You of course have the option of bringing in your furniture and they'll be happy to move out theirs. It's just a nice accommodation for those who don't live too close to campus, they don't need to haul bed frames and desks. The rent is fair, you won't find such the same price for an apartment so close to campus. The downsides are there are no laundry/ dryer in each room so you have to pay the $1 fee of washing and $1 fee of drying and one room is allotted one parking spot so you and your roommates better decide who's bringing in the car. All livable circumstances. I'm under the impression people will enjoy it here. It's close, pricing decent, and the management helpful. —yclrosy

2010-02-07 01:57:57   I've been living here for about 5 months and so far it's ok. I'm in a 2-bedroom. The manager Roy is very friendly and is pretty prompt with repairs. I also agree that Linda is very helpful and awesome too. Our unit was in pretty good condition, although the whole place has a pretty old used feeling to it. I do have to warn you though. I wouldn't recommend getting the room that's connected to the bathroom (the one with its own vanity.) I can hear my roommates peeing, so that's unpleasant. And if you're sensitive to noise, the opening and closing of the bathroom door and toilet flushing is annoying too. But if you've got the other room, I think you'd be fine. All my appliances worked. It always seems to take a while to get hot water from the vanity sink. We kind of have a ventilation problem for the bathroom in the winter, even with the fans on water condenses on the ceiling and I'm kind of afraid of mold growing so I clean it off periodically. Neighbor noise usually isn't a prob, although there are times when I can hear the neighbors singing (badly!) I really like that the apartment is close to campus and I can always bike to class within 5 minutes. It's convenient being hear U-Mall and a bikable distance to grocieries like Savemart. So location is my favorite thing. There's also a laundry room; it's a $1 wash/ $1 dry. The fact that it's furnished is very convenient too. Fire alarms seem too sensitive, I always hear somebody's alarm going off at least every once in a while (doesn't bother me though. I think its kind of funny..well if its not me. Rent is increasing for next year. It's $1113 now, and I believe the price for '10-'11 about $1145-ish for a 2 bedroom. —carolle

2010-02-12 21:34:45   I used to live here not too long ago. If you wanted me to give it a rating I'd say 2.5 stars out of 5. The price is relatively good, the location isn't the worst (especially for students), and most people seemed nice. I only ever caught one roach in my place (although I had heard there were a bunch before I got there). Water takes awhile to get hot, but when it did get hot then it was really hot. It is an old apartment complex. Guest parking is on the street which can get very crowded. I hope they put in new washers and dryers because those things were super old and breaking down. It seemed a lot of people took their stuff somewhere else to get done, but I always did mine on location. It is a nice sized laundry room. Hopefully they don't start locking it again. My stuff got locked in there once and then I got locked out from using it multiple times. I was told it was Linda who ordered it locked up. When I complained, the property manager would go and unlock it for me. The thing I can't believe is that they are raising the rent there. Don't they know we are in the greatest recession since the great depression and students are paying even more for their education? That's crazy. When students came to look at my apartment not one wanted to pay the asking price for what they got. If anything they should lower their prices to go along with market prices. The only thing I can think of is that it is getting so old that they have to make major upgrades to keep it in shape and that'll cost a lot of money. I'd be interested in reading if anyone knows if such upgrades are happening, but I'd be inclined to think that no major upgrades will happen. Like everyone has said on here, if you are an international student then you'll be treated like royalty by Linda. I saw it first hand. Other than that, an OK place to be for a short amount of time. —davisRez

2010-05-05 12:48:56   poor management, old complex, try another place better where you are treated fairly & has more facilities, & an 'item check list', close to campus & bus lines are there which is good about the complex —Sushmita

2010-06-08 19:40:31   Anyone know about the best companies to use for gas, electricity and internet while living here? I'd love to know! —elena71

2010-09-22 01:16:59   manager & owner is very rude, unprofessional who lack etiquettes & favor people. ask them something & they will show you anger easily for no fault of yours, in the end they will take how much they can of your $ 250 security deposit. —Sushmita

2011-09-26 11:32:59   Apartments are very rundown, old, and need a lot of work. The location is the only thing that makes this a desirable place to move into. IF you decide to move in make sure to take lots of pictures and have all your bases covered because when you move out they will take as much of your security deposit as they can. —SaraQ

2012-08-13 00:54:47   By default, my dorm mates and I moved to this place after our first year and immediately I found the Scarface model scene to be a perfect comparison. Sure, it was nice that the apartments came furnished with sofas you find in your attic and bunk beds you used when you were in the fifth grade, but for the price, you get what you pay for. If I did have to look on the bright side, I would say the location and the park across the building were positive amenities. The one memory that distinctly pops up in my mind about this place was when two of my friends came to visit. After we all agreed that the apartment was a dump, we went to the park as the sun was going down to enjoy our last trip on our mushroom experience. Good times. —Davekhuh

2019-08-27 19:13:58   Linda Cheng. Crazy lady and she's the landlord. She need help, like REAL HELP before she does some further damage to our fellow peers' mind. I'm calling it VERBAL ABUSE. She called my subleaser a "potential murder" and first needed to approve of him because he could be a 'serial killer.' There was another subleaser that immediately took off after she called him in the night. He was really scared. Linda Cheng refers to her tenants as if they were animals or criminals. She belittles you while you are on the phone with her or in person. She talks smack behind. This is why I decided not to come back for another year. Do yourself a favor and look somewhere else. Rent may be cheap and apartments may be close enough to campus, but this type of relationship with the landlord is UNACCEPTABLE. —TakiTaki

2020-01-18 20:27:39   This is my second year living at La Casa and I am wholeheartedly regretting renewing my lease. The building owner is worried more about getting sued by previous residents than the safety and comfort of current residents. She lives off-site, so whenever something goes wrong her excuse is "I don't live there, I didn't know." The apartment manager does not care about her job. My favorite quote from her is "I don't get paid enough for this sh*t." She is very unprofessional and can often be seen using foul language and smoking on the property (even though we sign non-smoking leases). The apartments (I am in a 2br/1.5ba) themselves are not the worst- just very old and outdated. However, if you want anything fixed, good luck! It took a month for them to repair our AC in the middle of summer during temperatures of 100+ degrees. I still have repairs in my apartment from my first leasing term (2018-2019) that need fixing. There is mold in the bathroom and kitchen, tears in the carpet, and broken blinds that I have come to terms with living with. Rent is paid via a single check, which is usually cashed about a month after turning it in. Oh, and a 7-story building is being built right next door, so the construction noise is constant and excessive. I do not recommend living here. Yes, the rent is cheap, but it is not worth all the garbage you have to put up with. —CT00