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The La Leche League is an international organization that supports women who are breastfeeding or planning to breastfeed their babies. The local group meets monthly ever second Thursday at 10:00 AM. Meetings are held at the Davis Friends Meeting location at the corner of L Street and 4th Street (345 L Street). Visit their website for contact information for volunteers.


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2011-06-28 14:23:45   So, overall they have good ideas and have all been breastfeeding for a good amount each. I usually go when I need tips or have questions, however they are not helpful when it comes to breastfeeding part-time due to work or something because they don't recommend it. I have work and school, so I have to pump too, but the majority of their suggestions have to do with directly breastfeeding or fixing issues by breastfeeding more, but if you can't they don't really offer you much help. Similarly, they are not very welcoming to those who don't mainly breastfeed. Here is why I feel this way, I was out with a friend who had a baby a little older than mine and had major issues with breastfeeding, but was still trying to. On the other hand, I was content with pumping and/or breastfeeding and offered and took advice on both at the meetings (the pumping advice was always cut down or countered with breast only advice). We were walking one day after not having gone for sometime and saw two of the woman from the group, they begged my friend to come again because her input was valuable, but said nothing to me, nice right? Oh well, maybe their breastfeeding extremist stance will cool down or equal out if more people with my stance join, but until then beware of that. —TracyK