The La Rue field was recognized in 1999 as the "Softball Field of the Year" by the Sports Turf Manager Association. The field has hosted five NCAA west region Softball Championships in the past and is offered generally to the public. The field includes batting cages, covered dugouts, and improved press areas for team practices and games. It is located at the corner of La Rue Road and Russell Boulevard, across from the ARC Pavilion.

The name "La Rue Field" is essentially tentative, and it will most likely be changed in the future to reflect the name(s) of any donors who can up with the substantial funds needed for further renovation.

Some dorm residents have complained, saying that it is hard to sleep because of the loud national anthem and announcement speakers during the weekends.

The benches located on the field is widely known amongst Freshmen to be the "smoke-spot." Students would often go there at night to smoke because they are obscured from the public and the Davis police. The 'spot' has been brought to the Davis police's attention and is now frequently scrutinized at night.