Laben Hall in the background Laben Hall is one of the two residence halls in Tercero South. It was formerly known as Building 2 until it was renamed in 2006 to Robert Laben Hall. Robert Laben (1920-2005) was a Professor Emeritus of Animal Science who was known for his generosity and his dedication to undergraduate advising. He and his wife, Dorothy, created an undergraduate scholarship fund in Animal Science.

Laben Hall is located adjacent Visitor Parking Lot 47a and The Dairy, resulting in the strong fragrant smell known as the Essence of Davis. The building itself consists of 4 floors and an elevator, with a common room and a study room on each floor. However, the laundry room and kitchen are both located on the First Floor, which is also home to a spacious Quiet Study Lounge.

Students living in Tercero are envious of Laben Hall residents and how social they are. Laben is arguably the most popular residence hall on campus. Famous UC Davis YouTubers such as Craving to Create and Gauruv Virk have lived here. It is one of the few halls to have no LLCs, which is why there are many students from different backgrounds and majors. 

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