The subject of this entry no longer exists in Davis or is a former version of something that came afterwards.All information here is for historical reference only.

Spring Formal in 2005 Coat of Arms

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Founded Nationally
November 2nd, 1909 at Boston University by Warren A. Cole

Lambda Chi Alpha International Fraternity is one of the largest men's general fraternities in North America with more than 227,000 initiated members and has held chapters (or Zetas) at more than 300 universities.

The Delta Gamma Zeta was colonized at UC Davis in late 2001 and received its charter in 2005. It was started by athletes and their friends who had pledged and rushed other fraternities and wanted something more in line with their interests. They found the hazing they endured at other fraternities to be stupid and serve no purpose in building brotherhood and knew they could start a fraternity with the same amount of brotherhood without hazing. Since it was started, Lambda Chi has won most every inter-fraternity sporting event or intramural sport.

Some veterans and current service members tend to be displeased with the fraternity's usage of military photographs of sacrifice to promote their own recruiting. Using one man's sacrifice and sometimes death to push your own "brotherhood" can sometimes anger others.

To publicize the fraternity's existence, somebody stapled flyers to multiple trees along North Quad. This is a violation of Posting Guidelines as set forth by the Center for Student Involvement.

As of June, 2013, Lambda Chi Alpha is no longer a Registered Student Organization, or recognized by IFC. The group's national headquarters officially suspended operations due to low membership. They had over 45 members in prior years, making them one of the larger fraternities at the time.