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"Don't think you're the sorority type? No worries, because we are not your average sorority."

Lambda Delta Lambda is a fun-loving, queer friendly, sisterhood with open minds and regard ourselves as not being the typical sorority. We are open to females, males, queer, gay, lesbians, bisexuals, and all genders and sexualities in between. While we are a greek organization our message to the campus and community is one of acceptance and hope for equality.

Our active students members have majors ranging from anthropology to wildlife conservation. We also have a number of alumni members who continue to help the sorority grow. We all are or were UC Davis students. We have alumni who have attended Vet school, med school, and one who just completed her masters.

We refuse to be constrained (as a group) by such terms as butch, femme, straight, lesbian, dyke, queer, feminist, bi, tranny, homo, carpetmuncher, bulldagger, queen, boi, etc. Although we can say that when thrown together, they tend to make a fabulously tasty stew.

As you can see from our events calendar we are mainly a social group. We enjoy sleepovers, parties, camping, and any queer friendly events. We are also involved in various volunteer projects.

For the most up-to-date information about Lambda Delta Lambda, check out our our tumblr and like our facebook page.

Fall Rush 2014

Looking for something different? Come check out Lambda Delta Lambda's Fall Rush! Rush will be a week of fun events in the beginning of Fall quarter 2014. Like our facebook to keep in the know! The Facebook event with Rush schedule is now out!


Lambda Delta Lambda hosted a group of fundraisers for the Gender Health Center in Sacramento, which gives counseling and health services to gender variant individuals.

Lambda Delta Lambda works with PAWS (the Preforming Animal Welfare Society) to provide food and medical care for Alexander, an adult male black panther who was bought as an exotic pet and then abandoned.

Our past philanthropy was Project Linus.

Project Linus is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans, lovingly created by volunteer “blanketeers.”

LDL aims to provide hand-made blankets by each active member to Project Linus every year. We currently fund the project out of our own pockets, but hope to soon begin fundraising for materials so we can make even more blankets each year.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to donate (funds or materials) to these causes.


The super bad-ass grrlies of LDL recruit every fall and spring quarters. So, if you are interested, or conversely, wondering who the hell this group is, then come to one of our info sessions. We don't bite. Besides, there is usually free food involved!

Among our activities are cupcake wars, tye dye parties, and our annual Out & Loud fundraiser dance party. In the past we have done other such fun events as Relay for Life, hiking in the mountains, shopping for hats and novelty mustaches in San Francisco, lazer tag, rock climbing, craft days, dancing in the city, etc.

So, now that you have been overwhelmingly convinced by our subtle ploys, you will be biting you fingernails in anticipation of the events we have planned for this quarter.


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2014-05-10 23:08:41   I was unfortunate enough to be nearby when this particular Sorority held a "fundraiser" this evening at a nearby art collective space. The music was overly loud and offensive and the presence of weed and booze was obvious. one of the members who described herself as a recent "pledge" was obviously intoxicated, wearing a safety vest and propeller beanie was observed acting in a shamefully confrontational manner towards a local theater troupe member rehearsing in an adjacent space. The art collective (host to many amazing local programs i.e. flea market, yoga lessons, live music, local theater etc...) according to it's standing policy does not condone nor permit alcohol consumption on its premises, and not to mention weed and/or other recreational substances. I'm just weighing in to say what a shamefully poor image this organisation has put forward to the community.

 As an actual member of the LGBT community (Lesbian and PROUD!) I resent that such a group of obvious mentally challenged delinquents should present themselves as a force for good in the face of our struggles as a community. Yet ANOTHER shining example of how the mentally challenged flock to these organizations for solace. Shame on you Lambda Delta Lambda. As if this alone were reason enough to shy from this group, i observed more than one person leaving (driving) away from this party quite obviously drunk as hell... one car in particular nearly striking a passing bicyclist and pedestrian. Local police were notified of the incident as it appeared to be a genuine hazard to the local community unfortunate enough to be afoot near this event.  —InnocentBystander

2014-08-04 18:54:55   Hello! My name is Katie August and I am the current President of Lambda Delta Lambda.:) I'm sorry our Out and Loud fundraiser, which raised over $600 for the Gender Health Center in Sacramento, was an affront to the commenter InnocentBystander's values. We try to be an inclusive space where all members of the LGBT/Queer community feel acknowledged and respected. Out and Loud is an annual dance party, where folks can dance the night away to music spun by local DJs. We always hope that it can be a celebration of how large and vibrant Davis' queer community is. I would encourage anyone who has had an unpleasant experience at any Lambda Delta Lambda event to contact us directly so we can work to change our policies. Thank you! —KatherineAugust

2014-08-28 12:59:39   Due to the lack of comments I wanted to share my Rush experience with LDL. I attended both 2013 Fall and Spring rush, everyone was absolutely friendly and made sure to make attendants feel comfortable and welcomed throughout the week (loved the usage of PGPs!). Unlike the other sororities I heard about and came across, I did not feel like I was in competition with the other attendants to gain the necessary votes for the bidding system because there was no such system. It was so nice to just enjoy the group ice breakers and conversation rather than worry about gaining some votes. Also, free food available for Info Night and Cupcake Wars, my two favorite Rush events C:

Also, as someone who isn't much of a big social event person, I appreciate the new released rush week events where there is more casual events (like movie night) as alternates to the big social ones. —LizMartinez

2014-09-21 00:51:21   Hello all! I joined LDL and would also like to share my rush experience. I rushed in the spring time of this year and I have never met such a kind and welcoming set of individuals as my sisters. I attended the information night event which was scheduled to kick off the rush week, and I was immediately impressed. It wasn't just a meeting in which the active members sit on one side of the room and spout information to the audience. I felt an environment like no other, a space in which I knew I would not be judged or persecuted because of how I looked or acted. I was not asked what I can do for the sorority, but was simply welcomed with open arms. Honestly, there is no other space in which I feel so secure and welcome like LDL. I love my sisters, and i know they love me, we are a family, one that is ever growing and strengthening. And that bond, that welcoming space is what a sisterhood should be about. —ADhillon