Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc.
UC Davis, Epsilon Chapter
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Lambda Theta Nu is a sorority at UC Davis whose purpose is to open doors of opportunity to the Latinas in the community. Their primary focus is academic excellence and meeting the needs of Latina women in higher education. Lambda Theta Nu, also promotes the advancement of Latinas through various campus activities and community services, and provides an environment for personal growth within a unit of sisterhood. Lambda Theta Nu Sorority Incorporated's priorities, however, will be placed upon academic excellence and community service.

As one of the leading Latin-based sororities, Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc has become a prominent organization on the UC Davis campus. Established as the Epsilon Chapter on December 5th, 1992, Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc at UC Davis continue to promote and foster Latina leaders through educational and professional development, relationship building, and community involvement.

Community Service

Academic Excellence


Lambda Culture

Cultural Awareness Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc has embedded cultural awareness as one of our main principles and members have become involved in an array of culturally connected events that not only embrace the Latin culture but other cultures as well. In order to promote cultural awareness, chapters not only coordinate but participate in culturally-enriching events.

Here at UC Davis Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc has participated in La Raza Cultural Days planning committee, Women of Color Poetry Night, Cultural Dinners and, have collaborated with other community organizations to host benefit fundraisers and parties towards the undeserved Latino community.

Stepping and Machetes

In 1987, the sisters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc introduced stepping to the ladies of Lambda The Nu Sorority, Inc by inviting them in a unity step. Then in 1989, Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc's Alpha Chapter at California State University, Chico incorporated machetes, becoming the first and only sorority to incorporate machetes as part of a stepping performance.

Dancing with machetes has traditionally been seen as a symbol of a man's strength and bravery, however for Lambdas, breaking down this barrier has become a symbol of empowerment and determination for Latinas to integrate in ever aspect of life not intended for Latina women. Since then, chapters across the country have continued stepping with machetes as a personification of strength in Latina women whose perseverance is multidimensional. Machete/Step Team Stroll Team 2007-2008 Performing

Strolling Strolling, also known as party walking, is done by moving in unison to the rhythm of music. We use strolling to encourage commonality among ladies at a party to showcase our organization and/or to compete in shows.

Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc also has a national stroll team comprised of competitive, diligent and hard-working alumnae and undergraduate sisters that continue to awe audiences from coast to coast as they compete among the best strolling teams in the country.


The sisters of Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc at UC Davis can be seen stepping with machetes, and strolling in various campus activities such as Rho Multicultural Night, Noche de Estrellas, La Gran Tadeada, step and stroll shows and various events hosted by Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc.


If you are interested in joining the first Latina sorority on the West Coast and becoming part of a growing professional and academically enriching network of Latina women and eager to help the Latino community at UC Davis

please e-mail:

or contact us via mail at: Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. Epsilon Chapter University of California at Davis Student Programs and Activities Center, Box # 414 One Shields Avenue, 457 Memorial Union University of California, Davis Davis, California 95616-8706