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Lamppost Pizza
1260 Lake Blvd. in Westlake Plaza
Sun-Thu 09:00AM-10:00PM
Fri-Sat 09:00AM-11:00PM
(530) 758-1111
Websites Website
Facebook page (with specials)
@LamppostDavis on Twitter
July 19, 1982

Lamppost Pizza Davis is a pizza joint located in West Davis in the middle of the Westlake Plaza Shopping Center. Lamppost Pizza offers a full range of pizza choices; from build-your-own pizzas to specialty pizzas. Be sure to check out their menu for other dishes to go along with the pizzas. Appetizers, (such as chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, quesadillas), gourmet salads, sandwiches, hamburgers, and pasta makes Lamppost more than just a pizza joint.

Lamppost Pizza also serve beer and wine. Choose from pints or pitchers of domestic or premium beers. During the Summer of 2013 they installed new tap lines and have 12 rotating beers on draft including some hard to find brews. Wine selections include Hess Suskol Chardonnay, Kenwood Sonoma Series Pinot Noir, Hall Merlot, Michael David 7 Deadly Zins, Alexander Valley Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon.

They are now open for breakfast as well, between the hours of 9 and 11 am. They offer a breakfast pizza and breakfast burrito.

Lunch and Dinner is served from 11:00am until close.

Lamppost Pizza Davis offers on-line ordering for dine-in, take-out, and delivery. This is a great option if you are in a hurry and want to eat out. You can order your food online and have it ready at the restaurant when you arrive. No need to wait. Discounts are also available when ordering on-line making it a great deal. Dine-in, get take-out, or order delivery ($20 minimum).

Delivery Area - Lamppost pizza delivers to locations West of Pole Line Road.

They have seven big-screen TVs and the restaurant is a popular place to watch sporting events. They have Comcast and DirectTV and specifically program each of the TV's to have at least 2 or 3 of them on local games and sporting events. They also have wireless Internet access.

Free Wi-Fi is available at Lamppost Pizza. Check with the cashier for the password.

Try the delicious Mediterranean specialty pizza, which has a unique flavor. The Whole Nine Yards is another favorite. Lamppost has a reputation for having quality toppings, such as nice big olive slices and large mushrooms.

Daily Specials

They have several coupons and discounts available at any given time, all found on their webpage. Typical coupons are 15% off any two pizzas, and 20% off any three pizzas. They also have a coupon in the Little Green Coupon Machine, which is also accessible on-line. Not near a printer? Show the coupon on your phone to the cashier.You can also get a 10% discount on pizzas with a student ID.

You can also sign-up on-line to have additional coupons delivered to your email box. The sign-up form is on their website.

Get discounts texted to your phone. Text lppizza to 99000 and start receiving discount announcements to your mobile phone. To claim your text message coupon, simply show your phone to the cashier when you order.

Daily Specials

  • Monday & Tuesday — $10.99 Medium 1 Topping / $12.99 Large 1 Topping / $14.99 XL 1 Topping Pizza. Extra charge applies to extra toppings.
  • Wednesday & Thursday — Buy any size pizza with up to 4 toppings or try one of our Specialty pizzas, and pay the 1 topping price.
  • Sunday — Buy one, get one 50% off

Every Day Specials

  • 15% off any two pizzas
  • 20% off three to five pizzas
  • 25% off six or more pizzas

Lamppost also offers a variety of lunch specials. Specials range from pizza by the slice to pizza combo meals. Lunch specials are available Monday through Friday from 11am to 2pm.

Happy Hour is served from 3pm to 6pm Monday through Friday. Get deals on pints and pitchers for premium and domestic beers. House wine by the glass or the bottle. Select appetizers with special pricing as well.

Their non-pizzas options (salads, sandwiches, wings, calzones, etc) are surprisingly good and they're basically the option in that part of town.


Lamppost would love to help your team, organization or club raise money. They offer fundraising opportunities Sunday - Thursday, with the exception of NFL Football season (No Sundays).

How it works

-Orders are counted between 4pm to 9pm -Pick up or Dine in (no delivery on fundraising orders) -No coupons or Daily specials -Medium, Large or Xl pizzas count towards your goal -Mention that you are part of the Fundraiser -Your group brings in $200 in pizza sales, You receive 30% back!

If you are interested in setting up a fundraiser, please call. They suggest you have a few dates in mind, just in case one of them is unavailable.

Team Parties

Looking to have a end of the season team party? Lamppost will provide up to 2 FREE pizzas for the team, if a reservation is made. They have a great room separated in the back of the restaurant for events.


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2005-05-11 01:37:21   I think what's kinda nice about this pizza place (besides the fact that I live right across the street from it) is that their toppings seem to be pretty high quality. When you order olives and mushrooms, for example, you get BIG slices of black olives and giant mushrooms. Makes it that much more flavorful, IMHO. —KalenRidenour

2005-06-02 18:22:47   I think Lamppost Pizza offers the best pizza quality wise, although the pepperoni can get kind of greasy. The size of the pizza/$ isn't the best deal, but their pizza's taste so good that it's worth spending some extra money. And the big screens do give a nice atmosphere when playoffs arrives. —BenLee

2005-06-06 00:12:05   Greasiest pepperoni ever, but I guess it works. —RohiniJasavala

2005-07-17 15:52:52   Until recently, they didn't have evening access to the bathrooms. This place can get quite crowded with Little Leaguers. —NoelBruening

2006-01-30 17:40:27   Their pizzas are a bit on the expensive side, but you can always find coupons for them in the PennySaver. I actually prefer Lamppost to Woodstock's, as shocking as that may be. —CarolynVerDuin

2006-03-05 18:31:10   I don't suggest fundraising with Lamppost Pizza because you don't get your check back soon. I fundraised there in Dec. '05 with an organization and we still have not received our check. —ChristineBui

2006-06-22 03:33:33   They have green olives! Yes! —DudeNude

2006-08-22 11:40:46   this is the best pizza in town. if they were located in downtown, they i bet they will easily beat woodstock's. i would have never known about this place if i didn't live right behind it. the only toppings i get is white garlic sauce with chicken and mushrooms. try this combination and you will never want to eat pizza anywhere else. the only problem is that they count chicken as two toppings and they also charge for the creamy garlic sauce even though you're not getting the tomato sauce. therefore, it can get pricey, but i always use their buy one pizza get one for $1 coupon so i can get two pizzas for under 20 bucks. Also they give you a lot of big slices of chicken so i guess its not too bad. They're flat screen tv's are awesome and they have whatever game you wanna watch. Dining area reminds me of most round table pizza's, large with comfortable seating. employees are young and cool. —PorkFoo

2006-09-14 15:39:09   Their pizza is good and the staff is nice. My favorite part about this place is they sell dough balls! You can get get a medium, large, or X-large dough ball for a cheap price and make your own pizza. The dough is QUITE good. —RathyMarie

2006-10-15 12:55:59   In their favor, this is the best pizza out of the places I've been in Davis. Pricey, though. My "gripe" is that although they advertise having the NFL Ticket, the employees don't know how to use it. The person working there said the manager is the only one who knows how to set it up, and since he wasn't there they could only show one game on all the screens. Two customers in the whole place, and one of them (me) ended up leaving. —TonyBraim

2006-10-16 10:27:02   Me, my boyfriend, and all the party-goers who come over to our place, LOVE this pizza! —RichardBobo

2007-02-25 21:04:34   Service was excellent. Came in on a rainy Saturday night past closing and they were very friendly and accomodating. Love the plasma tvs. —TerencePhan

2007-05-09 00:36:06   EXPENSIVE. Food is small-portioned and not that tasty. Wait time is long considering the fact that we were the only people there. Service is alright, although they didn't mention the 10% discount with student ID... —MikeHubby

2007-05-09 13:22:37   This is my favorite pizza-for-delivery place in Davis. That's not saying much, mind you, but it's something. —DanLawyer

2007-06-08 17:03:07   I can't believe the comments about this place - the pizza is TERRIBLE, as is everything else I've ever gotten here - I've been here twice, and went with a group of people the second time (big mistake), and everyone thought it was gross. Learned my lesson, though - will NEVER go back. If you're in the area and want good food, go to the mexican place - its cheap and excellent. —AcMach

2007-07-11 10:52:00   Grossly overpriced...You can get an order of breadsticka from Steve's pizza that are twice as good for literally half the price. Also, their sandwiches are a rip off...a small sandwickhwith barely any meat that comes with a salad on the side will run you upwards of $8. They should make the salad optional and charge $5 for the sandwich alone like other places. I will never eat here again, although it is a decent place to watch a game and drink some brew. —MikeJones

2007-07-19 18:45:11   About 10 years ago they had the best turkey sandwich —dickjones

2007-09-09 21:29:27   It's Sunday, and you've got a hankerin' for pizza. But Village Bakery is closed. Symposium is closed. What to do?? Lamppost Pizza is a fine alternative. While I wouldn't say it was amazing pizza, the bread was good, the sauce was good (the place where a lot of pizzas fail) and the toppings were fresh. I'd definitely get it again. As a nice bonus, it was prepared quickly. —CovertProfessor

2007-09-23 20:07:42   This place has the best pizza but must have the smallest delivery area in Davis. They won't deliver past the 80 freeway and they won't deliver past Pole Line Rd. That means if you live in one of the Wildhorse, Mace Ranch, or any other large neighborhood, you won't be able to get your pizza delivered. Seems like a bad business decision to me - especially with so many other delivery options available. —HenWeigh

  • No, it means if you're on the complete opposite side of Davis at this place, you're SOL. Look, Lamppost is as west as Davis can get. It's about exactly 4 miles to Pole Line. Most places in general don't go over 4 to 5 miles. It's just unlucky placement for them or you (depending how you see it). A bad business decision is doing 7, 8, 9 mile deliveries on city roads with all the stoplights and (evening) traffic, and stopsigns off of the major streets.. Not sure what other options they have, if you're referring to other pizza places - compare the location.

2007-10-05 02:39:52   I used to work here, and hated every minute of it. That being said, fresh out of the oven, it is one of the best tasting pizzas in Davis —DCWine

2007-10-08 11:33:39   Great hand tossed pizza, I will say to the people that say bad things about the pizza here 9you were raised on crap pizza so you don't know what good pizza taste like if do not like try again and then go back to what you are used to little Caesars" and see what you are missing) Lampost is great pizza and i am proud to eat here and will do so until i can't thank you lampost —Brians

2007-10-12 17:39:39   decent pizza, especially wiht green olives...mmm has anyone tried their burgers? or fries? —YooHyunOak

2008-07-07 17:29:44   The calzone is a great deal for under $8, and you get to choose 4 toppings at that price. I generally go chicken, bacon, and creamy garlic sauce. mmmmmmm.... —JoePomidor

2008-09-07 22:08:30   great service, good food, 20% discount on their website! —renee415

2008-11-24 22:02:19   Best Hawaiian style pizza ever! They are a bit expensive, but honestly it's worth it. I prefer their Hawaiian over the kinds types I have tried there (combo and meat lovers). The people who work there are also very nice. I have tried the calzone, and I did not like it only because the cheese on the outside kept falling off. Overall, best pizza in town. —Kiran

2009-01-10 17:25:17   Got a Super Aggie burger from here and no complaints. It was a bit pricey, but good food nonetheless. —AlexChiang

2009-03-16 22:02:41   Expensive...but ORGASMIC pizza. I tried a slice at a party once, and am still craving more of their delicious garlicky-cheese. MMM. —BrookeB

2009-04-03 15:00:24   The place was kinda dead last time I was in there. No vibe, just felt sort of sad. They seem to have nice TVs though, so maybe I'll be back for a sporting event one of these days. The food was more than decent. Love their buffalo wings... not too slimy or sour. —ChonT

2009-05-08 19:36:55   hella bomb. Medium is pretty big. —RealComputers

2009-07-23 10:23:16   I just heard that Lamppost is moving to the Howard Johnson's location out by Mace. The notice I received said 'moving'. Is this true? Or is it an additional location? —MattCzarnowski

  • If it's true, they're gonna have to do a lot of work. That place is basically an empty shell right now, and I haven't seen any new work done on it for at least six months. Still, if they did move, that would be very convenient for me! —JoePomidor

2009-07-23 13:10:13   They used to have an additional location on Chiles Road, on the other side of Mace. I'm not sure when it closed but I think I was there in 2000 or 2001. —NickSchmalenberger

2009-10-02 13:53:45   Lamppost pizza is your basic hometown pizzeria, with high prices. An extra large pizza will run you 25 dollars, before tax. They have some deals during the week, but all the deals still require you to spend over 20 bucks. Steves and Woodstocks do the same, but their pizzas are a little cheaper and they have better student discounts. Also, not unlike all restaurants at Westlake plaza, Lamppost is usually near empty and has zero vibe to it. How does anything stay in business in this plaza? —JakeJames

2009-10-27 14:31:46   I tried the pizza here for the first time a couple of weeks ago and really liked it. I've got to agree with most of the other comments: it's pricey, but some of the best pizza in town.

I just checked on their prices for pizza dough: $1 for a small, $2 for med., $3 for large, and $4 for extra large. This seems roughly comparable to the Nugget's house-made dough (frozen), which runs somewhere around $3.50 for enough dough for a 16" pizza. I'm going to give it a spin tonight, so we'll see how it compares! —TomGarberson

2009-11-13 17:09:17   I have never ordered anything from Lamppost that I haven't loved! Their pizzas are really good, I love their pepperoni, though it is rather greasy. They also do really nice salads and their online ordering makes things really easy. —ReeseLayton

2010-06-13 17:00:25   So, first comment of year. If only more recent, hence more timely, comments showed up first. Unlike everyone I know, I'm not a big fan of delivery. But tonight, I splurged and ordered from Lamppost, mainly because there was a coupon here (though isn't 10% pretty lame?). They said 20-25 minutes, turned out to be 35. Again, I guess I lack the big fan of delivery at all costs gene. Then, the pizza was totally wrong (and not for my palete :-( ). I called and they said they made a typo. So I'm taking the time to post this FWIW. Oh, and while I'm waiting for the re-delivery, I computed that in addition to overcharging me for a more expensive pizza, they neglected to take off the 10% (or is the food tax 23% hereabouts). Again, FWIW, they showed no interest in offering any kind of compensation or appreciation of my business for the mistake that THEY made and admit that THEY made. Anybody care to venture what my lack of success will be in getting a refund for the two overcharges...just back from the door—the answer is a big NO! —Listenup

2010-08-09 16:08:52   This pizza is sooooo great! Just thinking about it makes my mouth melt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! —JackieRodriguez

2010-12-30 00:21:04   My friends and I went there a few weeks ago. There was a coupon in the California Aggie that allowed you to buy two drinks and get a free medium pizza, so we jumped on it. The ad said "Just mention the California Aggie!". So we got there and the first of us tried to order this deal, and they stated we'd need a coupon. None of us really understood this, since the ad simply said to MENTION the California Aggie—there was no coupon—but we did as they asked and got the "coupon" by printing the page off the Aggie's website—one copy for each person. When we brought these in, the manager immediately said, "You don't think I'm going to let you just photocopy one paper, do you?". We proceeded to explain that these were each their own copy, directly from the website, and that clearly, all of us being students, we could get copies of the printed Aggie if we had to. As if we were trying to pull his teeth, the manager reluctantly gave us the deal (and maintained a bad attitude). The pizza was decent, but my friends and I will never go back there again due to this disrespectful treatment. Why did they place a deal in the Aggie that they didn't want to honor?! —JustinHorton

2011-02-13 12:22:50   We live in West Davis and discovered this place a year ago and since then we pretty much go every Friday. They have the best, freshest homemade style pizza and the atmosphere is reminiscent of a sports bar/grill, which we love. They always have awesome deals, but if you really want to get in the know — you should sign up for their text message deals and join their facebook page ( because they send out regular deals that you can't otherwise get. Like, buy one pizza get a second for $2!! Or you'll get a text msg on a Tuesday night when you don't feel like cooking and it will say something like: "Come in to Lamppost and get an XL 1 topping pizza for $12". The staff there is very cool — especially the one guy who manages at night (sorry I can't remember his name but he's really outgoing and loves to joke around with the customers) and often times you can see them flipping the pizza dough in the air while you hang out. Love that! The other thing we love about Lamppost is that they are open late (by Davis restaurant standards where 9pm is close!) and stay open during the week until 10pm and until 11pm on Friday/Saturdays. I wish more people knew about Lamppost because there are times when we've gone in and it's been somewhat empty (may be a symptom of college kids gone for the summer) but I'm also quiet fine with it being a West Davis only gem too. —Bryna

2011-03-17 16:42:23   The staff are very short with their customers and are quite rude as well with regards to coupons/discounts. You put out the coupons, so don't moan and groan about it when you have to honor them. —smittyhoy

2011-04-30 11:43:59   Lamppost Pizza has burned me before with poorly topped pizzas and pizzas so greasy it soaks through the entire bottom of the box, but I stuck by them due to their proximity and their pizzas usually being at least on-par, if not slightly better than Woodstocks. However, after receiving obnoxious attitude and a terrible pizza the other night, I don't think I'll be back.

We stopped in and ordered a pizza to-go, and while we were waiting decided to check out their arcade. They've got 3 games, a Cruisin' World, some 6 in 1 retro game cabinet, and Soul Calibur. All of them were 50 cents (quite the price for such ancient games). While my friend played Cruisin' World, I decided to play Pac-Man (Well, Ms. Pac-Man since it's what they had) since the machine already had a quarter in it and I've been on kind of a retro gaming kick. Mid-game, while I'm getting frustrated with what was possibly the worst arcade joystick I have ever used, I hear the cooks saying something about "those high guys in the arcade." Since we were the only people in the arcade, I listened a little closer to hear the cooks talking shit about us playing games. "What I don't understand is why Ms. Pac-Man!" What I don't understand is why you even care that I play Ms. Pac-Man, let alone any arcade game. So a little pissed off, our pizza comes and we leave.

We ordered a Margherita, and there was waaaaaay too much garlic on it. And I really love garlic, so that is saying something. It was practically inedible. So I don't know if the cooks messed with our pizza because they thought we were high or didn't like us playing arcade games, or if it was just a crappily made pizza, either way we're done with the place. —AngryEnt

2011-10-26 19:12:55   You Know....I am getting rather sick of the horrible service and attitudes from these people. I mean really?? Do they absolutely always need to be such JERKS?>?>> I happen to live in there neighborhood. sometimes I feel like Something to eat from this establishment. But C'mon Really???? Their food is not that great!!!Why do they always need to be hating what they do so much? It's not our fault you are having a bad day every day... —ashleyinthemist

  • Hunh... I get take-out from them pretty often and have always been given friendly service. Sorry to hear that yours has not been. —CovertProfessor
  • Ditto. Always a friendly greeting and a smile when I'm in there, whether it's for food, just drinks, takeout, or just to pick up a dough ball or two. It's too bad you've had bad experiences. —TomGarberson

    The long term managers (the chipper younger guy, and the nice lady) have been around Davis forever, and worked there for quite some time. They are always super friendly Daubert

2011-11-10 10:57:04   Updated 2/15/12** The burgers seem to have changed in December 2011 and I don't order them anymore. My guess is they changed the beef they are using. Can anyone verify this? They oven-cook the fries and season them, so they taste great and are relatively healthy for fries. The salads are good. The blue cheese dressing has lumps of real blue cheese in it. Yum. I have found their service to be very good for eat-in and take out. —ChollaCat

2011-12-28 19:25:30   Tried a calzone tonight. It was about $8.25 and was pretty big and pretty darn good. —MikeyCrews

2012-01-27 13:35:06   Their burger was surprisingly good. Not as good as B and B as the bun and bacon were both pretty ordinary, but still not a bad option for west Davis (it's a few bucks cheaper too). I didn't really care for the thick cut fries. The calzone(pepperonni, jalepeno, feta, olives) is still delicious. —MikeyCrews

2012-06-28 21:13:33   The food is ok, but I was a bit frustrated by the lack of baby changing station. You would think that a family restaurant would have that. When I asked them about it they said, "Yeah, we've been trying to get one for awhile, but haven't been able to put one in." Really? You've been in business in this town for how many years? It was so frustrating to try and change a 2-year old on the bathroom counter between the sinks. I might give it another try once the youngest is out of diapers, but until then, forget it. If you've got kids in diapers I'd avoid this place. —RichieB

2012-07-22 19:25:21   Of all the options for pizza in Davis, don't go here. Their pizza is expensive and they engage in false advertising with their coupons and discount offers. Coupon advertising 30% off and also advertising to order online. So we ordered online only to go to pick up the pizza and be told that our coupon was invalid because we ordered online. (not stated anywhere online or in the coupon). To top it off customer service was very rude. —Laurieanne

  • It sounds as though you may have been trying to get two discounts, one for online and one with a coupon? In my experience, restaurants rarely if ever allow you to combine discounts. —CovertProfessor
  • In order for you to get online coupons you need to enter the code for the coupon where it prompts you to ( Should be below your payment information). There isn't much they can do after you put your payment information in and send the order through. However if you ever have any questions about the online ordering or if it is glitching you can call in and one of the employees should be able to help you put your order through or just take your order over the phone. As for the prices it's not Domino's or Little Ceasars and the owner does a really good job sending out good coupons to make up for it a lot of the time. You can get the best deals by signing up for text/ email, if you go onto there is info on there on how to sign up. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, whenever I go in it's enjoyable.—DittoBrown

2012-08-08 15:08:57   Lamppost is great pizza. I won't try to rank it among the several excellent pizza places in town, but it's among the best. It's also pricey, but unlike many of the other pricey and delicious pizza joints, they periodically offer really excellent deals. Among the deals are the occasional $10 off $25 or more coupons, some buy-one-get-one-free (or half off) coupons, and my personal favorite, the regular Monday and Tuesday deal: buy one pizza at regular price, get a second one (of equal or lesser value, obviously) for $3. You wind up with a couple of XL pizzas loaded with toppings/sauces for around $30 delivered, if I remember right. Heckuvalot cheaper than most of the other good pizza places in town, and a lot tastier than the budget options.

They also have very tasty chicken wings and reasonable beer prices (I think it's $12-14 for a pitcher of decent brew, including Mirror Pond). This is also a great place to buy dough balls if you want to make your own pizza. $1/2/3/4 for S/M/L/XL size, and the $3 large easily rolls out to a ~16" pie.

Service has always been friendly and delivery time estimates are pretty accurate. They also participate in the iDine program (Google it), letting you get 5% back on your purchases there. —TomGarberson

2012-12-28 13:55:15   I live on the other side of pole line and I was told by an employee that they don't deliver pass pole line?? HMMM?? I wouldn't mind driving to them if only they weren't so rude!! I'll stick to Woodstock's!

Being nice to your customer pays off!! —cuppiecake05

2015-05-27 20:55:39   Used to love this place but my love is fading fast! Good pizza and good beer on tap, although pretty expensive (~$15 for a small pizza and at least $5 for a beer). Recently this place has been hosting alot of fundraisers and has become a little league meeting place. I appreciate their commitment to the community but the pizza is not worth waiting 45 minutes just to order. Its basically over run with soccer moms and dads, who dont believe in policing their kids and letting them run wild throughout the place. I actually saw a woman changing her kids diaper (this is not a baby we are talking about, this kid could stand!) right in front of the doors before I walked in and saw the line almost out the door. Its not lamppost's fault, but the clientele is enough to keep me from going here. Its worth a try but my advice is to go after the kids go to sleep. FYI burgers here aren't good. —exTex

2015-05-27 23:00:34   Lamppost is my go-to pizza restaurant because it's food, not filler. Keep an eye on the daily coupons and use that to calculate when is best to get some pizza. They use high-quality meats and I've never run into a topping I didn't like. In the height of Tomato Season 2014, they were using heirloom tomatoes instead of regular slicing tomatoes as the tomato topping and it was awesome. —JudithTruman