Cayce with her Chihuahua Rupa and her training assistant Caitie

635 K Street in Cedar Park
Masters Class life skills classes City Dog and Trails Class please contact us! 
Puppy Class Sunday at 3:00pm
Adult Dogs Class Sunday at 4:00pm
Small Dogs Class Tuesday at 5:30pm
Reactive 101  Class Monday at 5:30pm
Private Lessons Upon Request
Cayce Wallace
Established in 1993
Payment Methods
Cash, Check, and Credit are Accepted

I have been a trainer in Davis CA. Since 1992. I address both basic training and behavior modification for those special needs dogs. The training is based on improving the communication between you and your dog, first by understanding why our dogs do what they do, then by teaching them what you want them to do. The training method uses positive motivation instead of scare tactics, which only confuse your dog and increase unwanted behaviors. All dogs have the potential to become great companions if they are given the chance to learn what we expect from them and are trained in respectful ways. My dedication is driven from the desire for owners to give their pets a home for life. I acknowledge the terrible fate so many displaced dogs face. These wonderful animals gift people with so much. They provide sight for those who can’t see, they reach items for those with limited mobility and they bring joy to those who are sad and alone. They give unconditional love to their owners. They demonstrate the kind of loyalty it takes for any of us to sustain relationships and yet they are still discarded from the homes by the thousands for lack of training and commitment from their owners. I hold great respect for all of you who strive to give your dogs the very best, it does require an immense commitment and time to train your dogs. I also believe, you will receive the rewards ten times over! Lets have happy well mannered dogs. Training through play makes learning command so super easy. Leash work teaches your dogs to be safe off leash dogs and under voice control at all times! Lets have safe and happy companions. Kids welcome to Sunday family classes! Email laughingdogs@earthlink to ask if there are any special running!

Masters Class

This is an advanced class for dogs ready to learn safe off leash skills and how to be a city dog and country dog. Life skills teaching for dogs who are living a life with their owners who go out on the town or off to the beach. This is a fun fast paced class with loads of support along the way to having one of those awesome dogs with great manners! If you are interested in this class please email me at for enrollment information. We have the City Dogs class for dogs who want to be best manners at the pub or coffeehouse out shopping and living the city social life and Trails Class for our nature loving dogs ready to get out there and hike without the fear of wildlife chasing or disturbing the natural world around them! Super fun classes!  

Puppy Class

Two shy dogs in the class learning to socialize Puppies of all breeds need to learn to socialize Puppies as young as 9 weeks may join the class so long as they have the first 2 shots in the puppy series. Puppy class works beyond the basics, social skills, hand signals, leash skills and living as a happy good listening puppy. In Puppy class you will work on basics and beyond. You will learn how to use hand signals with your dogs for the commands

sit, come, stand, wait, watch me, stay, down, here, back up and lets go.

Your pup will learn great manners and leash work as all was support for potty training and nipping.

Items you will need for your class are: 6 foot leash bag of tiny really great treats your puppy's shot records a poop bag water for you and your dog don't forget your sense of humor and any family members who can join in. class cost $150 for 6 sessions

Adult Dog Class

Julius doing a walk and stay close routine Big dogs doing a fine sit and stay A class for dogs over 6 months old. This class continues to help dogs advance in their social skills, manners and working on their leash skills to become great listening and safe off leash dogs. This class teaches owners how to have a dog who listens in highly moving environments with lots of distractions.

This class will also address adolescent and adult dog behaviors. Owners will learn the skill they need to have a happy, great listening adult dog who can go with them into public places without causing anxiety for the owners or dogs! Go take a hike in downtown San Francisco or along the Lost Coast with your happy, well adjusted and well mannered dog.

Items you will need for your class are: 6 foot leash bag of tiny really great treats your dog shot records a poop bag water for you and your dog don't forget your sense of humor and any family members who can join in.

Class cost $150 for 6 sessions

Small Dog Class

Small Dog Class A class for the smaller breeds of dog. This is a great class for dogs 30lbs and under. We focus on the breed traits of smaller dogs in this class helping these little dogs live a big happy life!

This is a really great and fun class as we learn how to have dogs who are a size that allows them to travel almost anywhere with their owners and be well behaved enough to do so! Small dogs do not have to be barkers, shake with anxiety when in public, nip and dash.... they can be great calm and wonderful happy little companions that can fit under our chairs or sit quietly in our laps at outdoor restaurants. They can walk next to us on or off leash and boldly go where only little dogs can go! Come check out this super fun class of little dogs.

Items you will need for your class are: 6 foot leash bag of tiny really great treats your dogs shot records a poop bag water for you and your dog don't forget your sense of humor and any family members who can join in.

Reactive 101  Class

An amazing night of dogs learning to be less reactive This is a special class for dogs who are are sensitive to other dogs or people and need some extra special support in learning to be comfortable around other dogs and people who they do not know. Dogs who are highly reactive can live happy lives, feel less anxious and have owners who learn the skill to keep their dogs safe and well mannered. What is covered:

1. skills for owners to learn how to manage safely with a dog who is reactive and keep their dog safe.

2. Beneficial exposure sessions for your dog, the right amount or the right kind!

3. Skills for you and your dog to practice in the real world to continue to make progress on decreasing the cause of the reactivity.

4. Behavioral support along the way to support a house that helps the dog learn to be a companion who listens regardless of what is in the environment.

The sessions are not open to all and each dog is screened before joining the class to make sure the class if a match for the dog.

Classes are $150 for six they are good for up to 6 months however it is important to try to make as many in a row as possible for progress outcomes to be as best as they can be!

Laughing Dogs Students

Teaching down and wait Learning the sign "Okay" to go play Cayce challenges her students to take pictures of their dogs doing sit and wait somewhere special and rewards the best picture! For a dog to go off leash, they must follow all commands on leash learning on leash skills using a gentle leader








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2013-04-12 19:36:44   Thank you Wendy (and sweet Luna too) for deciding to set up a Laughing Dogs page :) —CayceWallace

2013-04-13 22:25:49   My partner and I used to help train SPCA foster dogs and Cayce kindly lent her time to teach the obedience classes. I definitely appreciated the way she led the classes, and I hope to use her whenever we get our own doggie. —MeggoWaffle

2013-05-16 13:44:36   Cayce does a great job working with reactive dogs and rescue dogs. She has donated her time over and over to work with dogs to train them before finding a home, and Helped my 'feral' dog becomes a happy interactive member of our family! —AshleyDunleavy

2013-05-16 14:21:08   Cayce has helped train two generations of our headstrong Australian Shepherds. With our current dog, she worked with our kids to make sure we had a pup that was responsive to all different family members, and that we were all consistent with our commands and not making the poor dog crazy. She's gentle, firm, knowledgeable and connected, and other dog whisperers have nothing on her! I consider her a local treasure and keep referring friends & their four-footed pals to her with utmost confidence. We love Laughing Dogs! —AutumnLabbe-Renault

2013-05-16 14:31:59   There truly are no words that can express the gratitude I have for Cayce. She has helped me and my canine companions well beyond my expectations. She makes training fun and has enhanced the relationship between me and my dogs and opened my eyes to ways of communicating with my dogs that I didn’t know were possible. —JodiJordan

2013-05-16 15:59:58   When I got my first dog she was 4 months old and so shy she wouldn't come out of her crate on her own for the first month. I wasn't sure how I could help with her being so timid so I looked up different dog trainers in the Davis area. I received a flyer advertising Laughing Dogs from Midtown Animal Clinic so I looked into it. Over the phone Cayce asked me about my pup which I named Luna and decided to give me a free meet up to assess her, at the same time requesting I buy her a martingale collar. During this meet up she taught me how to walk Luna properly so she wouldn't pull away or just stop which was a huge step as Luna refused to walk up the street let alone around the block. While going to the puppy classes I saw improvement in my shy dog and became quite proud every time she learned a basic command. Eventually I moved to the small dogs class where she became even more social with the dogs as well as their owners. I am quite pleased with Cayce's work as she is dedicated and truly cares for the dogs. She informs the owners of dog logic and is resourceful of supplies. The classes are well within budget even for a student and welcomes everyone with open arms. —WendyArnold

2013-05-16 17:15:37   Thunder is my first dog. The first weekend I had him I went to Cayce's class. I was in class for a whole year. Now I have the pleasure of being able to have Thunder with me all the time, as he is very well behaved and properly socialized. Even now, whenever I have a question on what I should after an incident (Thunder is attacked by an off leash dog at the green belt, for example), Cayce is always available for me and Thunder. And I know that Cayce is this generous not only with me, but with all her students. She also trains, for free, foster-dog parents! She is the only dog trainer I recommend to anyone who asks! —NataliaDeebSossa

2013-05-18 15:07:43   Cayce has a magical ability to connect with dogs, and their owners, too! With her vast knowledge and experience, she trains dogs to be happy, well-mannered companions. My dog and I continually strengthen our partnership as we work with Cayce together. And, classes are fun. Everybody wins with Laughing Dogs! —MelindaHillis

2013-05-20 07:47:21   Cayce is all heart! Her classes are like therapy for my dog Bear and me, and our relationship keeps getting better and better! —Lisaboyce

2013-05-21 16:16:23   I have worked with Cayce on my both my dogs. My "big" dog, a mini golden Doodle, was a rescue and we had an issue with him escaping over our fence. Through my work at Cayce's class and through a consultation with her, we have been able to make Bentley be a safe dog. He is now well behaved and very happy in our home. Our little dog, a yorkie-poodle mix, is still working on not barking at other dogs on a leash. The classes are very good and Cayce cares about each and every dog and owner in her classes. Her techniques work and make sense. I would use her over and over.. —SandraMansfield

2013-06-05 22:51:15   I initially contacted Cayce because my dog is reactive and I never thought in a million years that she could participate in a group class, let alone learn commands without trying to bite everyone. Though I wish she could attend class more often, Cayce has given me the confidence to continue working with Lechita (my pup) though she is difficult to handle at times. Lechita has made a lot of progress with Cayce's support!! —MelissaLKnox

2013-06-15 21:16:35   Five weeks ago we adopted a 10 month old Pit Bull/Black Lab mix who is very sweet, but was also very reactive to other dogs. Cayce worked with my husband, son and I to teach our dog in a consistent, positive and clear manner and each week our dog got progressively better. Yesterday morning my husband and I were enjoying a relaxing breakfast date at Café Bernardo with our dog on the other side of the bannister, and up came a large aggressive German Shepherd. Our dog stayed in a relaxed "down stay" the entire time. That was definitely a defining moment for us and we are so proud of our dog and are so grateful to Cayce. —DebbieS

2013-09-29 18:01:15   I am experienced dog owner but found out the hard way that there is no real oversight for dog training businesses. I originally took my puppy to a supposedly "positive only" trainer in Davis who was celebrated in magazines like BARK, the SF newspapers and at UCD, but used techniques that created confusion and increased anxiety in him (and many of the other dogs she "trained") so that he ended up being reactive. Her "solution" was to blame the owner and charge $90 an hour to watch videos of fearful dogs, none of which proved to be helpful. I then tried another local self-promoting trainer who presented herself as a behaviorist and she, like the first one, was only actually effective with push button dogs. She had no real affinity for my dog and was unable to tap into my desire as a committed pet owner to train my dog and learn how to keep him safe and happy so he could be my companion. I was so lucky to find Cayce who immediately understood my dog and what I was going through. She was able to first of all, correctly assess the drives, temperament issues, and early training stressors that were causing my dog's reactivity and secondly give me actual hands on practical methods that worked! Through her tutelage I also learned that as my dog's owner I am the the real expert on him and should never defer to people that are supposedly experts but do not have our best interests at heart. This newfound confidence in my abilities to work with my own dog is such a fantastic part of the gift Cayce offers. She lets every owner know that by coming to training they already have been good owners but should expect much from the training and it should never make things WORSE for the dog. She also loves my dog. She loved him from the get go -and when I saw how kind she was with him compared to the way the other trainers approached him, I almost started crying. He is an amazing dog and so is every dog. And that is what Cayce's class is all about -having our true best friends in our lives so we can hang out together for their still too short but, if we are lucky, very long lives. —lorimaloney

2014-01-29 19:10:56   We have gone to Cayce's classes for three labrador puppies over a span of 15 years. She has helped us get all three dogs on a great path to obedience. Cayce is great at problem solving with the behavioral idiosyncracies of each dog. Her teaching methods are positive and effective. —CathyFarman

2014-02-01 16:02:06   I love Cayce and the whole Laughing Dogs team! Their training classes are always very informative and so much fun! They truly have fostered a supportive network of fellow dog owners and a safer environment for us and our dogs. I recommend Laughing Dogs to anyone who has ever wondered "what is my dog thinking?" Laughing Dogs provides great insight to the canine world and AWESOME support through any training difficulties. Way to go Laughing Dogs! —JacobMontgomery

2014-03-31 17:50:31   Laughing Dogs is a team, and the leader is Cayce. To the extent that our dog, Trim, pays any attention to commands, it's because she trained me to understand how he was relating to me. The classes are a positive environment, but you'll be given things to work on — it's pretty much all play for the dogs, but it requires discipline and focus by the humans. The rewards, however, are huge. I highly recommend classes with Laughing Dogs as a great way to improve your skills as an owner, and to improve your dog's behavior. —DougWalter

2014-08-23 00:29:14   Taking my Mini Australian Shepherd puppy Bowie to Cayce’s classes has been a 100% fantastic decision. Cayce uses a positive reinforcement approach where the lessons appear as games to the dog. So Bowie loves doing training with me, and it is the opposite of a chore to practice at home! I feel so much more confident and less stressed about being able to communicate with Bowie. I also have a border collie cross cattle dog Loki(who I never did any formal training with) and now I am really feeling the consequences. He is a sweet dog but only listens when he wants to, which has caused a lot of stress. I have watched countless hours of The Dog Whisperer, and while it was informative it had barely no effect because its hard to know where to start. And after just one lesson with Cayce I was on the way to leash training with Bowie. Having one dog with no training made me realise just how stressful it is when your dog doesn’t understand what is asked, or doesn’t want to listen. I used to sound like a tape recorder that kept repeating the word ‘No.’ I will be signing him up for the reactive dog class soon. Two thumbs up from me! —EileenSimoni

2014-08-23 10:34:56   Oh, Laughing dogs! We absolutely adore Cayce Wallace and we are so grateful we met her about 3 years ago! I have worked with Cayce with two dogs who were both reactive due to bad experiences and the results I got with both dogs were amazing after training with Cayce. The FIRST experience was with our own dog, Bo. We adopted Bo from a local rescue group that pulled our dog from the Sacramento City Shelter. Bo was full of injuries on all 4 limbs and his ears were chewed up when we got him from the shelter. We don't know what really happened to him, but we for sure know that something truly traumatic happen involving other dogs due to his severe injuries. When our dog was a puppy he seemed friendly and happy around other dogs and we didn't have the experience and knowledge to know that actually Bo was fearful of dogs and uncomfortable around them. We tried a couple of other trainers before meeting Cayce and by then our dog had already several bad experiences with off leash dogs rushing up at him and trying to fight with him during our walks (BO was only 1 year old then). Due to such bad experiences, on top of his traumatic past, Bo developed severe anxiety especially when seeing dogs off leash, which made him lunged and wanting to go after the dog aggressively. Thanks to Cayce's help our boy is now a well mannered dog. She thought us how to work with him and teach him through positive methods and consistency how to be his guidance and build his trust again. I am happy to say that our boy made AMAZING progress. We came a long way since we first met Cayce and we are now able to drop in emergency downs when we see dogs off leash playing at the local fields and just pass by them nicely. We are gonna sign up to take the Canine Good Citizen test soon. That's how well mannered our dog is now! The SECOND experience I had with Cayce was with a foster dog that I was helping out. This sweet pit bull type dog named Daisy had also a bad experience involving another dog. When she was in her previous foster home Daisy got in a bad fight with the foster parent's dog. Since that experience she became dog and leash reactive. The first class we took with Cayce, Daisy dog was lunging aggressively to other dogs and she was not trusting me that I was gonna keep her safe. Cayce taught me that Daisy was just an insecure dog when around other dogs. After a couple of classes and through Cayce's suggestions, sweet Daisy was able to relax around other dogs and sit nicely next to other dogs and now she can go for walks downtown and even when she sees other dogs she very well mannered. What I love mostly about Cayce is that she truly LOVES animals and their people. And dog owners and their dog can feel that! My dog absolutely adores Cayce! She is one of the most kindhearted and generous person I have ever met and she is devoted to her clients. She truly cares to make sure dog owners will keep their dogs safe for the rest of their lives. She teaches her clients through positive motivation and though play, but I love that she also teaches her clients how to use their body, energy and to find their voice to communicate with their dogs. I always recommend Cayce to anyone who is interested in improving their relationship with their dog and make them well mannered companions. She is truly a blessing for this community! —Lorellagino

2014-08-24 12:22:37   I started taking my rescue puppy to Cayce's puppy class a few days after I adopted her. She is extremely social and Cayce's class has been great!!! She is listening to me, already house-trained at 4 months, and knows simple commands. She is going to be a fantastic adult dog, in many parts thanks to the early, positive training we are receiving. My puppy loves the class!!!! For her (and for me), it is just a fun time, but we are both learning a lot.


2014-08-24 15:11:02   Let me start by saying that Cayce is an outstanding trainer and teacher. She is an expert in dog and human behavior and she helps each dog/owner pair based on their unique needs. We got Ranger last November as a puppy (we had never had a puppy before, always rescue dogs before him) assuming that he would be friendly to everyone because of his breed (lab/golden mix) and the fact that we were raising him from a puppy in our dog-friendly home. When he started displaying the aggressive behavior we were stressed and really did not know what to do. We called Cayce and she came to our house for a private lesson to help diagnose and solve the problem. As it turned out, we were doing many things that were contributing to the poor behavior and Cayce worked with us to come up with an action plan before she left that day. What a relief to have a plan! We started Ranger in the puppy and big dog class and now we are in the reactive dog class. Ranger and I now practice every day and we look forward to the weekly classes where we see the other awesome dogs and owners. I was concerned when he started displaying undesirable behavior and the classes and daily practice have shifted that concern to excitement and hope as I see him grow with each training session/walk and class. Cayce's expertise, sense of humor and constant support and dedication make her classes fun and impactful. —PatrickMcGrew

2015-06-23 01:45:53   Still happy with the results all these years later! It has been many years since we worked with Cayce with our recently rescued three-year-old poodle mix. He's 11 now, and he has been a great joy all these years. But when we were clueless new dog owners, Cayce was so helpful, knowledgeable, and patient. Strongly recommend! —DataNotGuesswork