Yolo County
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 74010, Davis, CA 95617
Executive Director
Laurie Coldwell
July 2010

Laurie's House is an innovative, sustainable, community-based foundation offering multi-faceted social services & educational programs. We cultivate independence and self-reliance in children and their families.

Having received its non-profit status from the State of California in July 2010, Laurie's House is in the early stages of organizing its services to support local young women and their families.

Committed to family wholeness, Laurie's House plans to provide practical support, life skills, counseling, housing and a birthing center. Additionally, young mothers will receive support to allow them to complete their high school or post-secondary degrees. Assistance will include helping to care for their children up to the age of 3. With a focus on sustainability on all levels, Laurie's House will incorporate organic gardening into it's life skills program, from raising and caring produce to marketing and sales. Participation will be reward-based.

Laurie's House is modeled after the Harlem Children's Zone (HCZ), which supports the whole family. The HCZ's urban model will be adapted for the urban/rural communities Yolo and surrounding counties.