The Law — the thing we love when it makes our lives easier and the thing we hate as we're being hauled off to jail. It's no surprise Davis has its fair share of laws, as the United States has long been held to be a nation of laws (the "rule of law" meaning that the law is held to apply to everybody, with no one above the law). Need help with the law? See these helpful wiki resources:

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  • I've got a question about purchasing alcohol. If I am over 21 and walk into AM/PM with someone who is 18 years old, the clerk refuses to sell me the alcohol, because he has to card both people. But, if dad walks into the same store with his son, the clerk doesn't have to check the son's ID. Is there some special Davis municipal code? I know they do this to stop the purchase of alcohol for freshman at such, but what's the actual law?
    • Stores have the right to refuse service to anyone. They'd rather tell you to piss off than lose their liquor license over a forty.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a law firm that can create a prenup agreement? Thanks...

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  • Folks: Practicing law without a license is illegal, and while citing general statutes or general legal principles to address a general question may not constitute such practice, I strongly recommend that section be removed due how easily that line may be crossed. -JaimeRaba
    • That would be a great thing to put into the Questions and Answers section, Jamie. I think that referring and recommending attorneys is still legal, yes? —JabberWokky