These are reviews of Le Tournesol Apartments from 2005 to 2008. For more recent information, read the main entry.

2005-09-07 17:31:15   This place is pretty nice, for an older complex. It's quite affordable but the bedrooms are a bit small. The sunrooms are lovely. Parking is a big problem here, as the spaces are striped so small that my VW Beetle wouldn't fit in them (!!), so people park every other spot and waste a lot of space. —JoannaHeiple

2007-05-15 11:30:02   When we first moved here it was a pretty nice place to be. Now not so much. We've had lots of things break, the laundry facilities are WAY outdated (there are only 4 washers & 5 dryers for the entire complex - when they are even working). The parking is LITTLE to be desired, considering there are many 3 bd units w/multiple residents there's not enough parking to accomadate everyone. We've had to park on the street and even over at the next complex across the street. The parking lot's painted stripes have worn away so aparently w/out those little lines no one knows how to park straight. The mgmt (as sweet as she seems) will tell you what you want to hear. Don't do anything or agree to anything until she writes it down!! The trees ooze some sort of sap. For the price I would expect an exercise room. On the upside, the grounds have been kept nice. We've never had any issues w/vandelism or crime. The mail is delivered early in the day & they have those little boxes for when you get a pkg. —PinkLadie

  • Parking lot repaved and lined in 2008 and laundry Room renovation in 2010 ..S.V Manager —ashleyinthemist

2007-11-20 14:48:54   I really enjoy living here. It is quiet, pretty and I have all "GOOD" things to say about the manager and maintenance guy. They are really nice.My apartment is brand new (remodeled this year)I am so glad I signed a lease here. —mysticalone

2007-12-10 00:22:34   I have to say, I love Le Tournesol. We've been here for two years and it's great! Management is very nice and always considerate. The Apartment looks amazing after the remodel. We would stay, but my roommate is getting married and I needed to find a smaller apartment. —CassieH

2008-02-06 12:46:26   I live at Le Tournesol. In Fall of 05 there was a change of management as well as maintenance. You may have noticed some of the comments here are rather old.I have to say the complex is very quiet,pretty, and the complex is small and the neighborhood is safe. People are very friendly. The parking lot will be repaved and lined this summer. The manager and maintenance staff really care about the property. Please stop by and see for yourself. Sherri Vivas (Le Tournesol Manager) —Sherri

The best thing about Le Tournesol is the management. Sherri is extremely, extremely nice. She's always very friendly and was very fair and helfpul any time anything came up.

The units themselves are fair. Before both upstairs bedrooms had AC the heat up there was unbearable, but that shouldn't be an issue any more. It's kind of ridiculous and a waste of space to have a wood-burning stove in a Davis apartment, too. Overall it's a pretty good place. —AlexPerkins

2008-07-10 20:36:27   I have only good things to say about Le Tournesol. The manager is very nice, the maintenance is very prompt and always gets the job done. It is very quiet and has a lot of trees that keeps it cool during the summer. It is a mile or so from campus and Safeway which is very convenient. I never hear my neighbors because of the fact that they are town homes. There is a pool and Spa and it's always in good shape. I would stay longer but I graduated this year. I highly recommend Le Tournesol. —JohnnyAustin

2008-07-10 21:00:06   I moved into Le Tournesol about the same time Sherri became manager and she is absolutely amazing! From what I hear about the old manager I'm glad I didn't come sooner. I've never been hesitant to talk to Sherri or come to her with my needs, as well as Steve, the maintenance guy. The complex offers a quiet, peaceful environment and is in a great location next to the U Mall and the UCD campus. One of my favorite things about this little town home community is that its conveniently located as well conveniently low key unlike most places located so close to campus. I'm so sad to be moving out and leave such an amazing place, but I know whoever is to replace me will be extremely happy, especially with all the great remodels! =] —Missyhob

2008-07-19 20:55:38   Just so you know, "Missyhob" is my girlfriend and we both commented on my computer.

2008-09-22 16:56:21   Hi this is Sherri the manager of Le Tournesol.

Just an update. We will be repaving and lining the parking lot on Wed. the 24th of Sept. 08. We are now at the end of the 3 year renovation project.

The complex has undergone some major changes. Please feel free to stop by and take a look! I also want to thank all of my residents for making my job such a pleasure. Good luck to all of you this year. —sherrilynn5