Location(s) per Residence Hall Area
Segundo - Ye Olde Segundo Dining Commons
Tercero - Tercero Dining Commons
Cuarto - Oxford Circle - in the center of Emerson Hall
Cuarto - Castilian - above the Castilian Dining Commons
Advertised Hours
Monday-Thursday 8am-11pm
Friday 8am-5pm
Saturday 12pm-5pm
Sunday 12pm-11pm

Note: Real hours are 15 minutes shorter, as you can only use the lab until closing time if you're already there. Printer may be shut off 15 minutes early as well.

Segundo - 752-4274
Tercero - 752-0800
Emerson - 752-6880
Castilian - 754-8780

The Learning Resource Centers (LRCs) mainly exist as computer labs for those in the dorms. They are stocked with PCs with the Windows operating system, Microsoft Office, the Encarta reference library, and other such Davis Computer Lab fixtures - such as scanner access and Matlab. The LRCs are frequented by those without computers, and those who wish to gain access to their free printing allotment of 150 pages per quarter. This limit is not one which they wish to enforce too heavily, but seemingly just to prevent a few people from printing 'excessive' amounts of pages. The staff do not seem to so much as bat an eyelash at those who print slightly more than the limit, and are supposably willing to grant those who request them more pages.

They normally require users to swipe in before use of their computers - seemingly not to keep track of printing allotments as is rumored, but seemingly is to keep those not from the dorms from having use of them.

Additionally, the LRCs advertise assistance in the use of the Degree Navigator, SISWEB, MyUCDavis, and MELVYL.

Cuarto has two Learning Resource Centers (Emerson and Castilian) seemingly in order to save denizens of Cuarto Castilian Hall/Oxford Circle the long treks that would be required of them to make it to the area LRC should there only be one in one part of Cuarto, and to make sure that they would be used by the maximum number of people possible - something that would not be likely to happen should a large cluster of students feel that their closest one would be too far away to easily reach.

Based upon their webpage's seemingly out of date information, the Segundo LRC seems to have been in its present location since when Ye Olde Segundo Dining Commons was -the- Segundo Dining Commons.


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2007-01-21 12:50:21   Another thing that the Learning Resource Center offers to Resident Advisors is lending out technical equipment such as speakers, projectors, tv's, and vcr's! it's a really great resource for us... i'm not sure if they offer it to residents though... —CalvinCheng

2007-01-21 12:55:06   There is a LRC at DHS, its on the east side of the main quad. They have a full inclusion there as well —StevenDaubert