Lee Weissmann was an ASUCD Senator from Fall 2001-Fall 2002. He was a creator and leader on the UNITE slate. He was the creator of AggieTV, the secretary of the Jewish Student Union from 2001-2002, the creator and publisher of Jewish Quarterly and the Greek Times. He was influential in the move to D-I sports. He is an alleged member of Sword and Sandals.

He graduated in 2003 and worked in Internet Sales at University Honda selling cars which was a springboard to his career as the national sales leader at cars.com and the youngest person to ever be an Automotive Sales Manager for cars.com and LATimes in the modern history of the company.


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2005-04-02 19:26:44   I was involved in the D-I situation, and I met Lee in that capacity, and I must say— I was always impressed that even well-after that time, he always remembered my name. For some reason, that really impressed me about him. —JaimeRaba