This page is for discussing the contents of Legal Services.

The alphabetization on portions of this page is getting messy. Any thoughts on alpha by first letter of page (i.e. first name for individuals) vs. alpha by last name? I was going to go ahead and sort by last name. But I was also going to add my name, and that would put me first in the list in a couple of categories. So, to avoid any appearance of impropriety, I figure I should check before doing anything. Alpha by first letter/page name, or by last name? —TomGarberson

  • On other pages, I have always done alpha by last name. It's good of you to ask, but I think you should go ahead. —cp
  • Fully supported: I'd have done the same with zero thought to promotion of whoever happened to fall alphabetically first. It's a reasonable sort method. -jw

Are there particular opinions on page deletions based on geographic location? It frustrates me that there are businesses coming in to advertise themselves and not participate in any other way. Sacramento lawyers: yes or no? Ditto further-out lawyers, such as Folsom, Placerville, Vacaville, or Fairfield. I pulled a bunch of photographers off a while back for geography, and it looks like standardizing format for lawyer pages might be a decent project. ~JT

  • My guideline has always been that if there is a service in Davis that covers the topic, only list Davis businesses. If there's a service that people in Davis need to (or typically do) travel for (from bouldering to brewing supplies), it makes sense to list the nearby places that satisfy that need. If there's a specialist attorney whose service isn't represented in Davis (or the Davis attorney in that specialty is often booked up, sending people to a nearby law practice), and people from Davis go there, then it makes sense to list it here. It's "who provides the services to Davis?" Thus we have the WalMart in Dixon, as people from Davis go there, the county services in Woodland, as people from Davis need to know about those, etc. Remember, we're not promoting, we're documenting what exists. -jw