The sign at 310 C Street announcing the business's move. Dubliner & Scarlett

310 C Street , behind Burgers and Brew and next to Yoloberry
Mon-Thur: 10:00am - 8:00pm
Fri: 10:00am - 9:00pm
Sat: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Sun: 9:00am - 6:00 pm
(530) 750-CAKE (2253)
August 31, 2009
$3.00 per cupcake, $33 dozen; cash discount: $2.75 per cupcake, $30 per dozen
Payment Methods
Cash, Check, and Credit Card

Let Them Eat Cake! is a cupcake and specialty cake shop in Davis. The bakery uses only the freshest ingredients (no preservatives!).

Let Them Eat Cake! has a rotating menu which you can view from their website. Their menu includes two Vegan cupcakes (on Mondays and Fridays) but more vegan options and gluten free cupcakes are available through special order as well as other gluten free treats most days. For birthdays, parties, weddings and other special occasions, the bakery offers cupcake towers and tiered cakes. They also offer "Party-to-go" packages that let you create your own cupcakes! They provide the cupcakes, sprinkles and frosting (which can be colored upon request) and you can have the fun of decorating (and of course, eating) them! Their basic package ($5.50 per person) includes one cupcake per person while their Cupcake Lover's package ($7.50 per person) includes two cupcakes per person. They also offer gift certificates, so you can help your friends get their cupcake fix without having to guess their favorite flavors!

The shop serves Ritual Roasters and Davis' own Cloud Forest coffee.

The new owners are introducing a cafe menu in September, 2014. Breakfast will include selections like savory tarts, croissant sandwiches such as pesto scrambled egg, tomato, avocado, and mixed greens; cheddar biscuits with apple sausage gravy; and house-made granola with greek yogurt. Lunch will include selections like foccacia with smoked mozzarella and basil; foccacia sandwiches; house-made tamales; and salads.

Also, for those of you who would like a good place to study, work, or just surf the net, Let Them Eat Cake! has free Wifi for its customers.

For approximately the first two years of its life, Let Them Eat Cake was located at 423 L Street, Suite B, later occupied by Stone Soup Catering & To Go. It was founded by Paulette, Chelsea, and Brittany Coffman. New owners took over on March 1, 2014, having acquired the recipes for many of previous owners cupcakes with plans to use others of their own.

Great as special treats to your unsuspecting friends - they'll think you've descended from heaven!


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2009-09-02 08:45:59   Had some cupcakes from them yesterday. YUMMY! My favorite was the daily flavor ...Banana something.. sorry can't remember the cute name but it was a banana cake cupcake with rum infused frosting (very subtle so don't worry you'll get too boozy from the frosting). We tried all the flavors and they were great. Very good texture of the cake and frosting was perfect (not too sweet). They've done a great job renovating their space and it is kind of a fun location tucked away in what is soon to be the Davis Gourmet Ghetto (I am sure it will rival Berkeley's gourmet ghetto). The owners were friendly and energetic and you can tell they real care about what they do. Go check it out! —HeatherMartin

2009-09-08 20:57:24   I like how the their URL can read, "let the meat cake." Meat cakes, yum. Please fix your images on your website! I would like to see the meat cakes. —CoffeeSnobDavis

2009-09-10 16:40:31   Mmmm...the Dubliner...chocolate with guinness. Delicious! This place is adorable, and the two girls there were extremely sweet. Their workspace is pretty open behind the counter, so you can see the baking process while devouring your cupcake and sipping your coffee. GO!!! —AlyssaOlenberg

2009-09-10 20:56:07   Question: Do they deliver or will they send in mail? I have a cousin who might like to have a batch of the Dubliners. They sound fantastic! —jsbmeb

2009-09-12 11:50:50   We heard about this place by word of mouth. Took awhile to find it, the signs helped. Just stopped by last night, I had Scarlett (Red Velvet + cream cheese frosting) and my fiance had the Dubliner. Cupcakes were moist and baked to perfection. Not overly sweet and not piled with a ridiculous amount of frosting that usually plague cupcake places. Great place, I hope they do well. —JenAndWinston

2009-09-15 13:27:29   I think it is great that there is a bakery in town that features vegan cupcakes. I tried to buy one today on a whim and was told I needed to special order or show up on a Monday or Friday. I think that if the business is going to advertise that they offer something then they should make sure they have it available. I would suggest making at least one of your daily cupcakes vegan for customers just dropping by. I definitely went away disappointed but look forward to giving them a second chance. —CarenRoma

2009-09-19 16:15:38   Oh my god these are good cupcakes!!! And I don't even particularly like cupcakes! —lilhaf

2009-09-19 20:17:42   Yum! Their cupcakes are wonderful, so much better than what you get in the supermarket. Great, inventive flavors. —lemurific

2009-09-19 20:41:36   Any chance of importing cake recipes from overseas such as some variety of Kleckselkuchen (German)? Granted, it is no cupcake but the article did mention two-tiered cake. Sounds like a rather innovative store. —RyanMikulovsky

2009-09-20 09:48:08   My best friend and I tried this place the other day and it was fantastic! The owners were super nice and helpful, and the cupcakes were super yummy! I had the cookie dough and she had the apple...she is not a cupcake fan either, and thought it was really good. I hope that they do really well here, despite being off the beaten path...maybe we can convince them to move downtown? I would study there every day! (dangerous, but possibly good for some of the gyms in town...). Tell your friends and stop by!!! —UCDvetstudent

2009-09-27 12:28:05   I just discovered this place yesterday and was SO excited as I LOVE cupcakes. I have to say the cupcakes themselves are delicious but the frosting is mediocre. I had the Scarlet, the chocolate, and vanilla. Like I said, the cake part—very delicious—but they should create a new recipe for frosting...I plan on going back to try the vegan cupcakes. —lgrote

2009-09-28 14:46:54   These are seriously the best cupcakes in the Sac area...I've tried cupcakes from every cupcake bakery around. The flavors are inventive and taste just like they're supposed to, without being over the top. The cake is moist and crumbly, the frosting flavorful and not too sweet. I've had all 3 of the daily flavors but my favorites so far are the Amy Winehouse (chocolate orange), the dark chocolate peanut butter one (June's flavor of the month but the owner made a special batch and I lucked out), the banana split one, the Apple Hill (apple & spice) and the Cookie Monster (cookie dough inside the cake!). I loved the honey cake part of the Doodlebug but the lavender frosting was a bit much for me. I can't wait to try some of the other weekly flavors! I keep missing the S'mores one and the PB&J one. Gotta get in there and feed my cupcake addiction! —davispigeon

2009-09-28 15:53:12   Everyone else seems to love these cupcakes, so I went with high hopes expecting to love them. But I didn't like them much, and neither did any of the people I was with. We tried the vanilla, the banana (had some sort of jam in it?) and chocolate with Guinness in it. I wasn't impressed with the flavors, and they all seemed very sweet. (And I'm not the sort of person who generally thinks things are too sweet). In all honesty, I prefer your average bake sale cupcake or even the cupcakes at the Davis Creamery. Maybe we just didn't try the right flavors? I'm willing to give them another shot — if I like them better a second time, I'll come back and revise my comment. —CovertProfessor

2009-10-01 23:03:32   5 Stars!!!! I don't even really like cake, and I love this shop's cupcakes. The cake actually tastes as described (such as root beer) and the frostings are not too sweet. The Amy Winehouse (chocolate orange) is very good and the S'mores one because the chocolate cake was deep and dark. The June flavor of the month is a peanut butter/chocolate which is a MUST have. Request it and maybe she will add it to the weekly rotation. All this place needs is an ATM/credit card machine and a cooler full of milk. —Lfein

2009-10-03 14:00:40   Ever since I had my first cupcake their a few days ago, I can't stop thinking about going back!! Their cupcakes are delightfully, and perfectly, sweet and creamy! Their location is a bit odd, and bad for foot traffic (as earlier mentioned, it's a bit "ghetto"). I'm hoping they look to do some remodeling or painting on the outside of their building as business picks up (which it will with cupcakes these good!). Will definitely go again, and I have already recommended it to all of my friends! —tuckerm

2009-10-07 23:06:08   I like this place and will continue to support it with my business. Part of that comes from my love of cupcakes, another part of it comes from my appreciation of what this bakery's about. I love the mother-daughters start-up cupcake bakery concept, and I admire the work and creativity that went into the place. However, I really think this place would survive better in a more central downtown location that would draw people in who were just walking by, instead of only attracting customers who know where they're going. That said, I wish them success and I can't wait til I've visited for every day of the week to try all the flavors! So far I've got four days down and two more to go! :) Sometimes they have cookies which are amazing too! I love the scarlett, pineapple express, twilight, and their seasonal flavors have been great (pumpkin, gingerbread..) I also heard something about a chocolate peanut butter one but I never got to try it, hope it'll come back. —SRB

2009-10-13 11:17:09   I came here for the first time yesterday and was very impressed! As a vegan, I had to try their Vegan Chai cupcake and it was AMAZING. Moist, creamy, perfectly spicy and not overly sweet. My friends were very impressed with their non-vegan cupcakes too. I sincerely appreciate any effort at all to provide for different diets, no matter how disastrous the outcome, but Let Them Eat Cake actually makes REALLY GOOD vegan cupcakes. I hope they'll be able to create some more signage directing people toward the shop because it's a tough place to find! If they were located downtown, business would be booming already!! —ChrissyNoble

2009-10-14 15:04:40   I am vegan and also give 5 stars to the vegan chocolate cupcake. However, they either need to lower the price or make the cupcakes BIGGER... am I the only person that thinks $2.75 is an awful lot for a SMALL cupcake? I would love to frequent this store often but sadly cannot afford it except for the occasional treat. —Nancycat

2009-11-01 15:08:27   Awesome stuff, split a "Bannana is good" complete with jelly center and can honestly say it's the best cupcake I have ever The thing they need now is some kind of sign outside so everyone can find them, and maybe borrow some chairs from the place next door for outdoor seating —CraigFergus

2009-11-10 15:58:01   Best. Cupcakes. Ever. My friend and I had the Cheesey Monkey and the Acai Berry muffin. Will update and report on the Amy Winehouse cupcake this —AlvinTsao

2009-11-15 13:14:52   I went there yesterday and location was a bit tricky. But upon finding them, I chose the Scarlett cupcake. It's essentially a Red Velvet cheesecake. First Impression: Looks yummy, Not too big but not small either. Lots of frosting. Smells...weird? It took me a while to pinpoint it but the cream cheese frosting actually smells like REAL cheese, not cream cheese. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing. It definitely doesn't smell like any other cream cheese frosting I've had. Now for the taste test: DELICIOUS! The cake portion and yes, the cream cheese frosting complemented each other very well. It was not overly, artificially sweet like other cupcakes. It was just right. I also tried the cake and the frosting separately. The cake itself was moist, the flavor was so good and not bright red (sometimes red velvet cakes have the appearance of a bloody bright red which is not appealing). The cake color itself was a dark burgundy red. Their cream cheese frosting was so soft, melts in your mouth and seriously not TOO sweet. (#1 reason why I don't like frosting)It was not dry or hard like you would see with other frostings. Personally, it was not too heavy a frosting but I wouldn't mind having it a lighter, whipped frosting.

I can't wait to try the other ones! I hope they are all as good as this one. —KimN.

2009-11-23 19:14:26   This place is delicious! Their icing/topping/whatever is on time of the cupcake is delicious and makes the cupcake so much more enjoyable. I'm definitely happy about having a decent cupcake place around! Will come back! —ElizabethLee

2009-11-28 19:43:49   These place smells like wet dog. —DolceVita

2009-12-08 10:34:21   So good. I have had the dubliner and the chocolate chip cookie dough and the happy daze and they were all incredibly good. Please support local businesses! —mmangrum

2009-12-08 17:14:48   This shop is located in an odd place and the entrance was a little confusing to find. I had the Dubliner cupcake upon recommendation and it was orgasmic. Usually I find that cupcakes are too sweet and too dry. The cupcake I had was moist and perfectly flavored. My only complaint is that the cupcake was too small and I didn't have enough money to buy more. From now on, this will be my shop to go to for a little snack, or a celebration cake. Highly recommended. —BenLee

2009-12-17 23:00:29   Anyone have any idea what they do with all the cupcakes they don't sell each day? I was there almost at closing time and they display case was FULL. I hate to imagine them in the garbage? Not to sound ignorant but really have no idea. —SRB

2009-12-18 10:03:28   I asked the exact same question, the owner told me that they donate them (she mentioned the location, but I forget now. I'm a big supporter of this shop, not only is it local and very "mom and pop" there's also professionalism and great service. I have been back 4-5 more times, and plan to come at least twice a month, and have nothing negative to say. —AlvinTsao

2010-01-12 17:20:07   This saddens me to write, as I initially really liked this place. But, after 3 unfortunate visits, I will no longer give them my business. During these last visits, I have never felt more unwelcome. When I entered this small shop, no one greeted me or even said a single word to me, other than what the price was after I picked out my cupcakes. Actually, I really felt that they would rather me not even come in and give them my business. So strange, especially since they are a new small business. And it was the owners who treated me this way. While I would typically chalk this up to an isolated event, this occurred on the last 3 out of the 7 or so times than I have been there. Even my husband was astounded by their poor attitudes. I will stick to my own cupcakes from now on. —lemurific

2010-01-12 17:51:51   Wow, these cupcakes are amazing! I went here this morning and scarfed a Scarlett on the spot. Even though they sell bottled water they were nice enough to give me a cup of tap water. I bought a Dubliner and ate it at home. It was also very tasty, so I went back again and bought another Scarlett! These cupcakes are really tasty. —NickSchmalenberger

2010-01-12 22:19:51   These cupcakes are amazing. They're definitely a guilty pleasure... but the beauty of it is that they're so satisfying that you'll never have to worry about inhaling a dozen of them in one sitting — one or two is plenty! I really hope this place sticks around. —MichellePalmer

2010-01-16 16:24:31   Great cupcakes! I only wish they would offer a better deal when you buy a dozen or more. —Sherri

2010-01-17 14:16:33   Normally we shy away from posting comments, as most posts reflect personal opinions which are as unique as each individual posting them. While one person may say "too much frosting", another may say "perfect balance of frosting to cake", etc. That said, I simply cannot ignore the post made by lemurific who states, "...I have never felt more one greeted me or said a single word to me..." I can say with all confidence that we greet each and every customer, many whom we know by name, and are very friendly to all of those who visit our shop. We are a family business, and strive to treat our customers like friends or family as well. Even during our busiest times, we greet each customer (though perhaps we may let them know that we will be with them in just a moment), often letting them know what our flavor of the month is, or what our Saturday Surprise flavor is. We would NEVER make a customer feel unwelcome (we have even been polite and gracious to loud drunks!). One of my daughters is a bit shy, and not quite as outgoing as the other; she might stand quietly by letting the customer browse our selections, but she is never rude or unwelcoming and has a smile for everyone who comes through the door. I invite you all to stop by and see for yourself; we love what we do, we love sharing our creations with our customers, and most of all we love getting to know all of you! —pcoffman

2010-01-25 16:04:13   Since the owner does not wish to acknowledge that their service is less than perfect, and the fact that I felt so unwelcome on multiple occasions, I will clarify and expand upon my above comment. The last time I came in to the shop was with my husband, about an hour and a half before closing. Again, just to clarify from the owner’s comment, we were not even drunk or obnoxious. We were just a happy couple on their date night who really wanted one of their tasty cupcakes. When we came in, the shop was empty, the owner and her daughters were sitting down on one of their cafe tables, clustered around their laptop. All three of them looked up at us, didn’t say a word, and continued to look at their computer screen. There was no smile, no greeting, and definitely no mention of what the “flavor of the month is, or what our Saturday Surprise flavor is”, there was NOTHING. After some time, the owner sent her daughter to take care of us. She just stood behind the counter, no words were even spoken. After we told her what we wanted, she gave us our cupcakes, told us the total price, and took our money. Perhaps she is shy, as the owner admits. That is good to know, so thanks for the clarification. But, honestly, it was the owner herself that made us feel so unwelcome. When you enter an empty, very small owner’s shop and they never ever say a word to you, don’t crack a smile, and don’t really acknowledge you, how are you supposed to feel? Isn’t it awkward? We felt completely unwelcome and obtrusive. And, this is not the first time that I have felt this way. Comparatively, I get better service at the bakery counters at Safeway and The Nugget. Shouldn’t you expect more and not less from a small business owner? What is much worse is that the owner doesn’t even care to acknowledge that she could possibly be unfriendly or unwelcoming at any point in time. It is as if she is dismissing my comment altogether. An apology would have been better. It is unfortunate because I really enjoy their cupcakes. I WAS a repeat customer. —lemurific

2010-01-26 23:04:28   Once again I find myself pondering whether or not to reply to a post. On one hand, it would seem wise to simply "let sleeping dogs lie", but on the other it seems wiser to defend our reputation and our business philosophy of providing the best possible customer service while making the best cupcakes and cakes imaginable! To that end, I will once again address "lemurific". Her first post troubled me deeply, and I spent much time wracking my brain trying desperately to recall any instance when I would have ignored a customer or been less than friendly under any circumstances. Then I read the most recent post by "lemurific" and it all became clear. She is not complaining that I did something wrong, she is complaining that I simply did nothing. She states that, when the bakery was empty we were using our laptop computer; we do in fact use a laptop to order supplies, correspond with customers, keep the books, and plan cake designs for upcoming orders. She goes further to state that she was not greeted, which is a point that I still contest, and that I "sent my daughter to take care of her". She makes the point that the owner of a small business did not help her personally, and this seems to be the focus of her discontent. Ironically, an owner did in fact help her; both of my daughters are equally invested owners in our business. So, when "lemurific" visited, although one or two of the owners were perhaps taking advantage of a quiet moment to tend to other bakery business, another owner gave her full attention to taking care of a customer. While many business owners will delegate such duties to an employee when they are otherwise engaged, at our bakery you can always count on an owner serving you. If some of us are busy baking, decorating cakes, or tending to other bakery duties which prevent us from interacting with our customers directly, the others step in and provide customer service. The mere fact that some of us might be otherwise engaged in various duties does not equate to poor customer service, rudeness, or ignoring customers; it simply means that we are focusing on other tasks and our customers are being cared for by another one of us. However, in spite of these facts, the bottom line is that the customer is always right - regardless of what they are saying. That is the basic foundation of good customer service, and one we live by. At the end of the day, I know that I pour my heart and soul into our bakery six days a week. I know that my daughters do the same, all while being full time students. I know that we strive to provide excellent customer service, and truly love getting to know each of our customers (many of you are more like family!). Sadly, I also know that "lemurific" believes that she was treated poorly and that is what matters. So, if you are listening "lemurific" I offer you my sincerest apology. I hope that you will someday visit the bakery again, and discover that we truly do strive to provide the best experience possible for all of our customers. —pcoffman

2010-01-28 17:38:18   I finally got the chance to visit this place today and I must say in response to the posts above that the owner was very friendly. I was by myself and she made an effort to strike up a conversation with me and was happy to tell me about the business including their suprise flavors, how their menu rotated daily, their facebook page etc. She was exceptionally nice. Also, I have tried cupcakes from many, many places and I must say that this was the best cupcake that I've ever had. They even top sprinkles. They're rather smaller than most other places and I actually like that, but feel like perhaps the price should reflect that a little. Nevertheless I will definitely be back on a very regular basis! One other request - post the menu online. Perhaps I'm just missing it somewhere? —5thAve

2010-02-04 16:19:24   I was stoked to check out this little shop. Delicious! It's smaller than the usual cupcake (but u're not missing out)... perfect richness, size, and flavor! I had the Bollywood (chai cake and chai cream cheese frosting). I'm excited to try all the other flavors! O and leasing a place downtown is way too expensive, so I don't expect them to move! Go support their business by word of mouth!! —SaThai

2010-03-06 18:58:38   I came here with my mother and father and we all shared a Cookie Monster and another one whose name escapes me, but it featured a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, with chopped bacon placed on top. I'm no expert on cupcakes, but they were some of the best I've ever had. Both were extremely sweet. The Cookie Monster was very buttery, with some cookie doughy stuff inside that made it very tasty.

What really impressed me though, was the choco-bacon one. I bit into this cupcake, and was overwhelmed by sugary chocolate... just as I was about to dismiss it as "too sweet," the bacon cut into the sugar and chocolate and added some much needed saltiness. Cupcakes are generally a rather simple experience, but this one really blew my mind. The girls here aren't just working with a flavor, they're working with a slightly longer food experience in the shape of an innocent cupcake. It was great.

At $2.75 per cupcake, I'm not exactly going to return everyday... but as a nice treat or gift to someone special, I will keep this place in mind. —BrandonWong

2010-04-21 19:19:16   I've always wondered about this place. I stopped by today about 3o min before closing time, and unfortunately, they were pretty much sold out of all of their cupcakes. I did manage to snag the second to last chocolate/bacon cupcake (which was DELICIOUS)! Their cupcakes are average size cupcakes, and I felt that they were fairly priced considering how yummy the cupcake was. I will definitely visit again! —AndreaG

2010-04-29 15:18:29   Got a giant chocolate chip cookie and a red velvet cupcake. An orgasm inside of my mouth —Ldish949

2010-05-13 11:16:29   Finally tried this place. Ended up getting (4) instead of 1 cupcake because I couldn't decide. Woofed down (2) immediately, it's so good and worth the splurge! Also great as special treats to your unsuspecting friends for coffee meet-ups —LeeY

2010-05-21 12:27:01   This place rocks! I love the s'mores cupcakes (available only on Mondays—bummer). The vanilla and chocolate frostings are great, but I'm not a huge fan of the cream cheese frosting—a little bitter for me. The cake is super moist and the cupcakes are reasonably priced. At this point, I've tried nearly every flavor but I always come back for the Illegally Blond (vanilla cake w/ vanilla frosting), and the S'mores, I think it's called the happy camper or something similar. —ces139

2010-05-23 14:05:41   Their cupcakes are very good (the use of butter instead of shortening is really noticeable). There's definite room for improvement with regard to stocking the shop though — I've come by on two separate occasions to find the shop closed due to heavy sales that day. Please bake more cupcakes than you need and sell the surplus the next day at cost (or discounted to some degree) so the store can keep regular hours. —cfb

2010-06-07 00:32:08   in love with this cupcake place! It's hidden but definitely stop by, worth the money also. if it's your first time, try the dubliner or one of their many other flavors of the day the girls behind the counter are always very friendly, i come in every now and then and will continue to! —melamazing

2010-07-20 20:26:23   Tried the Dubliner. No Guiness flavor at all, but it was an excellcent chocolate cupcake. —jsbmeb

2010-07-21 20:39:56   The pineapple express and the blueberry cupcake were delicious. I let my mom take a small bite and after a second, she took another huge bite. She left me with only half. =( —KRSanta88

2010-09-23 10:12:08   I am not a cupcake fan and I scoff at the recent cupcake craze. However, these are some DAMN GOOD cupcakes, very rich and very tasty. Always fresh with some very interesting and flavorful taste combinations. The chocolate chip cookies are also very good. Awesome coffee, a very good light roast with smooth flavor. One of the best date places in town. —DagonJones

2010-09-24 19:35:51   Stopped by a few days earlier to check out the place. Came back today and bought "Twilight" (corn cupcake with cream cheese frosting) with a coupon from one of those coupon books they keep giving away on campus. It was delicious-very fresh tasting, and the cupcake was not so overly sweet that I went into a sugar coma after comsumption. The cream cheese was very cheesy tasting unlike more conventional cream cheese frosting at somewhere like a Safeway Bakery or in a container in the baking isle. I will be back. "Scarlett" seems to be a popular flavor as they were all sold out around 4pm. —heatherbreen

2010-09-28 20:43:06   I know the owners don't want it posted, but I sure miss the menu being here. —EmilyH

2010-10-02 22:30:52   Best cupcakes eva. —ErikJerkish

2010-10-04 22:04:38   It's a bummer that vegan cupcakes aren't available every day. I've gone twice and both times they did not have them. I should have read the website before going, but I assumed they would have at least one vegan flavor available since it is Davis. —EricaMacGregor

2010-10-22 17:06:51   In a word, AMAZING! These women know how to make a truly exceptional cupcake. I have frequented this cupcake shop for about a year now and keep discovering new and delicious flavors! I love love love their vegan chocolate cupcake and today I tried the root beer cupcake and the special when in rome cupcake. Both of these cupcakes were incredibly good! The women that own the shop are sweet and always super friendly. There frosting is tasty without being too sweet. I have not had a cupcake here that I didn't love! Keep it up ladies! I look forward to my cupcakes every week! So yum yum yummy! —DavisBirthDoula

2010-12-04 17:29:53   Bummed they don't have GF cupcakes, other than by special order. I assume to make a special order I have to by a bunch and not just a few...anyone know? I tasted some frosting from my husband's cupcake and it was tasty, not too sweet. But alas, I was really bummed to walk out cupcakeless. —AmLin

2010-12-30 14:07:28   To the owner of "Let them Eat Cake", don't dwell for one minute on the (VERY sparse) negative feedback on this page! I have been to your shop many times since you opened and have experienced nothing but warm welcomes from you and your lovely daughters. Your cupcakes are simply sublime and I wish you the best of luck!

Oh, and your lovely daughters clearly get their looks from you. That goes without saying :-) —AdamV

2011-02-17 17:43:09   honey cupcake with lavendar frosting...oh my god, yum. best cupcake ever. truly. —LaylaMaria

2011-04-20 08:00:19   The dubliner is amazing, and it doesn't taste like beer, it just does something very unique to the flavor. Just like my pancakes (aka crepes) where I use 50-50 milk and dark beer, where people don't go "it tastes like beer" but "wow, how do you make it taste like that???". The merlot cake is also divine. And it is a nice place to enter, they treat you like family.


2011-05-14 00:11:42   I often read comments on Davis Wiki to get a general expectation. However, reading this page does not sum up my disappointment with Let Them Eat Cake. A friend of mine, and recent graduate of UC Davis, placed an order of 12 cupcakes to be delivered to my apartment for my birthday. She scheduled the drop off for 1pm, however, when placing the order, she was asked for an alternative drop off time. My friend, hard pressed, said 6pm would be okay - but she expected the delivery to take place at 1pm (her REQUESTED delivery time). Around 6, I received a phone call and still no cupcakes have shown up....until 6:48. The delivery guy said he got lost in the apartment complex - which can be understandable - but 48 minutes worth?? I don't think so. Not only was my friend's, a paying customer, requested delivery time ignored - it was almost one HOUR later than the alternative delivery time! Now, I don't know if the shop was busy, if they had some sort of problem they needed to deal with, or what - but if you give the customer an option about when they want them delivered and request an alternative in case of some problem...shouldn't either one ATLEAST be met? The dozen cupcakes looked really nice and I was really looking forward to taking a bite into one! My friend couldn't remember what flavors she ordered so I looked online to find some sort of menu...which there is none (and I can respect the owner's decision to keep their work private) so it was a blind taste test. However - two of the cupcakes were vegan due to my boyfriend having a severe dairy allergy. But the vegan cupcakes were not marked and out of a dozen cupcakes and no menu - how can you be sure? This isn't something you can just play around with! Quite a disappointment!! Since I have only recently received my delivery, I tasted two of the cupcakes. The first one had a cinnamon-like frosting and the other was a traditional red velvet. The cinnamon was really interesting and unique but the red velvet left much to be desired. Their frosting was just so-so and the cupcake did not taste like anything at all. I'm trying to mark this disappointing discovery to just being full - but I have had cupcakes professionally done and these make it to the bottom of my list. Very disappointing to both myself, my cupcake-hungry boyfriend, and my friend who ordered the dozen for me. Overall - I sadly regret that my friend even placed an order through this business. I love to support local businesses in Davis but this one was just a disappointment.

It seems there are quite a few customers that enjoy the cupcakes though - so it may just be my personal taste...but their delivery service and cupcake packaging (in regards to the unmarked vegan cupcakes) were just ridiculous. —tracyc

2011-05-26 17:42:18   Even though $2.75 for a cupcake is pretty expensive, this place is still great and worth coming to in order to satisfy the sweet tooth. The Dubliner is easily my favorite cupcake. While I haven't tried all of the flavors yet, I doubt that any of them would come close to the Dubliner, although the Blonde cupcake is pretty yummy as well. I ordered a birthday cake from them about 18 months ago, and although I thought the cake was fine, the owners said they messed it up a little so they threw in like 6 extra cupcakes. Yay. They have friendly service and I shall continue to be a patron so long as I have money in my wallet. —BenLee

2011-05-31 18:34:08   Had some cupcakes from them a couple of weeks ago. I got the Scarlett and Dubliner, the Scarlett was amazing! The cake is so moist and the cream cheese frosting is to die for. The Dubliner however, I didnt care much for. I could taste the beer in it, and I just didnt care for it. Not the less, a great place to get cupcakes. You will love it! —CheyenneMaine

2011-06-03 17:10:20   Mediocre cupcakes, terrible service. I'll agree with the poster who said "I've never felt so unwelcome at a business." When I walked in, there were three individuals behind the counter, no one stirred upon noticing a customer had entred. When went up to the counter and made eye contact with one person, she reluctantly walked over to wash her hands. As I was walking out someone mumbled "have a nice day" which may win the least sincere greeting award. I also asked for a bag since it was raining outside, my request was declined. I can only assume this place is popular because there's no competition for a cupcake place in town. Their version of red velvet cupcake (scarlet) was OK. The frosting tasted like straight cream cheese, the cake was unremarkable but satisfactory. —ZeeZee

2011-06-09 17:35:12   The new shop looks very sketchy to me and it is located at the side of a building. I was very scared of entering the cupcake shop but seeing how it was the only one in Davis with good reviews I went in anyways. I didn't really get a welcoming feeling when I went in, the atmosphere was not very warming or welcoming. The room was dim with light grayish-blue and tinted lighting; it was like being in a horror movie. However, I was greeted with a welcome. The selection of cupcakes looked almost all the same except for the colors, but I thought to myself, "hey it's not only about presentation if it tastes good right?" So I bought a Dubliner cupcake... which disappointed me, the frosting was good but the cake was very bland and almost too mushy in my mouth as I chewed. The texture of the cupcake completely threw me off. Maybe next time if I ever go back there, I'll try something different.


2011-06-10 15:21:11   Finally had a chance to get over and treat my family to cupcakes, only to find the place closed this afternoon for a private party. That was a huge bummer! A business should be open during normal hours, or somehow able to accommodate customers. There was no indication when the store would open again, just the shades drawn and a note that said "private party". Good cupcakes, sure, but seriously lacking in professionalism today! —ElisaAllechant

I am terribly sorry about the confusion about our hours that day. We had put up a sign saying "Private Event" to indicate that we had closed in order for everyone at LTEC to attend my graduation (as a family owned and operated business, we had no one to run the shop while my mom, Paulette, and sister, Chelsea, attended my graduation from UCD). We realize that this sign was confusing, and although we had prepared by putting up a notice on our website, Facebook, and in the shop itself, we should have put up a clearer sign. We hope you visit us again soon - we are open 7 days a week now, with the hours updated here on Wiki.

Sincerely, Brittany

2011-07-11 14:06:25   I think I can say I was the first to taste the Sunday special flavours (as a customer) and in one blow they knocked my favourite Dubliner down to 3rd place, with the new RAVEN and POG being no 1 and 2, respectively :) I actually uttered "wow" when I took my first bites and having a nice cup of coffee. The worst about this place is that they open up so late, so I can't have my morning coffee there every day as I go to work.. well.. maybe it's good for my health :) I've just noticed people complain about the service and I think that it has that "familiar" ("know who you are") atmosphere that I always miss when I shop in Denmark. The new place does feel incomplete, and it is, but so far with teh direction they are heading, it looks awesome. Maybe switch out the flourescent light tubes with nice beautiful warm lights to match the ancient decorations? —MichaelNielsen

2011-07-31 23:33:47   I've enjoyed the couple of cupcakes I've had, and I think the new C Street location is adorable. I appreciate the quiet politeness of the girl(s) who've served me; I'm not looking for any kind of extravagant sell or hand-holding when I walk into a cupcake shop. Pleased also about the WiFi/tables at the new place.

Recently I had my mother in town to help me out after an injury. I was stoked to take her for some fun foods in town, but despite the NOW OPEN sign we found the bakery closed on our first visit, in the middle of the day, during business hours, with no explanation. It was a little disappointing, and if a shop is going to close during business hours, whether for family matters or having sold out, a clear notice on the door helps maintain customer trust.

I'm totally curious about how the Amy Winehouse cupcake sales have fared. —Willikers

2011-09-19 17:53:14   For what everyone's saying about the customer service, I'd say the workers and owner are a little bit spacey but they aren't being deliberately mean. Not every shop has to be in-your-face bubbly like In-n-Out or something.

I've had good experiences with them the couple times I went there and the Rosemary's Baby cupcake is soooo good! No one should be afraid to buy it... It's 20x better than the Dubliner or the Scarlett! —sundeimasu

2011-10-09 13:21:43   Yes, this is a superior bakery but I have to state up front that at the old "Let Them Eat Cake" location I too felt at times the customer service left much to be desired. Trying to strike up a conversation about flavours and special orders after making a purchase once was like pulling teeth, so I discontinued trying to park near their odd location. After a break, I've been to the new location numerous times now (much, much nicer space) and the owner still has not said "hello" and acknowledged me if she is upfront-NOT ONCE. I've shopped at stores where even rude cranky owner will still say "hello"! It is an acknowledgement of thanks and gratitude even if they are knackered and busy. However the man at the counter is very kind. This is a tough economy and I am all about supporting local businesses so while I do not expect coddling and fawning I do want to feel a sense of community. At this point I'm there because the product is so superior. As for the product? I don't think they make one bad cupcake. They could lay off the icing in the sugar just a tad and still keep the icing delicious but that criticism is minor; they really know how to make a cupcake which is moist, filling and flavourful. I will continue to support this local Davis business and hope that the owners simply learn to be more effusive-even when busy. —MaryCarroll

2011-11-12 21:53:59   Ok cupcakes, the pumpkin one is good. But I expect my chocolate cupcake to actually taste like chocolate. Especially for their prices. Sugar Daddy's is better, and has more variety. Guy behind the counter was a little creepy. probably wont be coming here again. —AlexandraS

2011-11-21 14:28:37   I am a HUGE dessert fan and I've tried many cupcakes, but this place is my absolute FAVORITE! I made a wiki just to comment this place. The texture is moist/light & the frosting is amazing. I believe I've almost tried their whole menu and I'm so glad they have frequent customer cards now. My favorite cupcake is the French Toast one! I LOVE this place and when I get married I definitely know I'm ordering from here! ;) —sanonymous

2012-01-06 15:33:18   They're a bit too expensive. I do love a moist cupcake, but I'm not sure if they're worth the price. —OliviaGlass

2012-01-31 16:28:43   I went here yesterday with a housemate and ended up getting so many cupcakes. One of my housemates really loves the Scarlett. She says it's the best red velvet she's had and she's quite picky with her sweets. I really liked the S'mores cupcake. I will be returning soon to try other flavors! —ElaineJeu

2012-02-29 21:46:31   Started visiting this place at the old "ghetto" (not at all ghetto, dear Davisites...) location as soon as I spied it on a walk one day. Loved it from the start! REAL cream cheese frosting that is actually creamy instead of gaggingly sweet (see: grocery store cupcakes). I have yet to get through all the flavors but I really enjoy Apple Hill and Cookie Monster (Saturday flavors), and a special vanilla one with blackberry frosting they had the other day. Their cupcakes make my day. They're always moist yet crumbly with just the right amount of sweetness. As for the customer service, I have to agree on one level with some of the negative comments here. The part I don't agree with is where it will keep me away. I understand that people are different and not everyone is the outgoing or bubbly personality type. This isn't a popularity contest; it's a cupcake bakery. And their cupcakes are WORTH IT. Sometimes, I have gone away feeling a bit peeved at how much the person working there that day brushed me off like an annoyance, but as soon as I take a bite of the cupcake it all melts away. I'm not saying this should be ignored, though. If they want to make it in a place like Davis, they're going to have to pick up some slack on the customer service front. It's not everyone who works there, but one or possibly two people in particular I think. And it's not outright rudeness, it's an under-the-surface "hurry up, I have other things to do" kind of attitude. I can handle it. The rest of Davis, perhaps not. Please take some constructive criticism, LTEC, if there are those among the family who prefer not to deal with customers, don't make them. Put the ones up front to whom a friendly demeanor comes more easily. Otherwise you're going to have more butt-hurt customers who are probably being overly sensitive, but are valuable clientele nonetheless. That said... BOTTOM LINE: AMAZING CUPCAKES. —gurglemeow

  • Upon being informed that the citizens of France had no bread to eat, Marie Antoinette, Queen-consort of Louis XVI of France, exclaimed: "let them eat cake", or "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche."

2012-03-11 17:18:33   Adorable location, great coffee, lovely cupcakes! I will be returning many times over. —BombayCollins

2012-03-21 20:15:39   I've been here several times now. I have to say the cupcakes are only worth it when I have a Groupon or some other such discount. Otherwise, they are way overpriced. For example, I got "luck o' the Irish" today and it just tasted like a vanilla cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Why did I pay $2.75 for something I could make at home, when I came for something unique? I actually thought they mixed up which flavor was what, but the guy working there said he mixed the frosting himself. I couldn't taste even a hint of Bailey's, though.

On another note, apparently they have had a frequent buyer stamp card for almost two years. Today was the FIRST time I have ever been offered one - I didn't even know they existed. This is pretty annoying because I would have earned a free cupcake or two by now. Maybe the women who work there never offered the card because they're trying to save money, or maybe it's just another symptom of the way they treat customers (I would classify their behavior as aloof/brusque, rather than intentionally rude- but I have witnessed this from them on each visit, like several others on this page). Either way, the owner and her daughters could take a lesson from the friendly guy who was working today. —MeggoWaffle

2012-04-03 16:52:59   Since my last comment I've been in about 6 times and the guy and girl who have been working there most frequently have been super nice and friendly. :) —gurglemeow

2012-05-03 14:36:58   Just stopped in to the best cupcake place in Davis and had to hurry home and write a review for them. I have to say, their customer service is top notch. That in itself will cause you to be a returning customer. The cupcakes here are soooo light and fluffy it's like eating a cloud :) I tried their chocolate chip cookies and I swear they are AH-MAZING! soft, yet not gooey and taste as if they just came out of the oven. I went today because it is a co-worker of mines birthday and she loves their Mocha/Espresso cupcake, but unfortunately I had forgotten they have a daily menu and today is not the day for her cupcake. The guy at the counter said if I had a few minutes he would whip up a comparable one for her. NOW, THAT IS CUSTOMER SERVICE! She couldn't even tell the difference! I loved their cupcakes before, but after today and the wonderful experience I will certainly be a loyal customer :) Thank you to the wonderful staff for making my co-workers birthday that much more amazing. —hazeleyes16

2012-06-14 13:31:49   This has become a regular stop for my fiance and I as part of our weekend outings. He loves the Dubliner and sticks with it (I'll admit, it is delicious), whereas I'm still working my way through their other flavors. Thus far, I've been pleased with every cupcake and the service has always been friendly, though they could stand to put a bell outside just in case the person working there is in the kitchen. At $2.75, I think they're a reasonably-priced treat given the quality of the food. —AbbYu

2012-09-29 19:11:36   I've had cupcakes here for a while and liked them. My husband liked the frosting most of all- he thought the cake was good (but not great.) I decided to go big for my friend's birthday and instead of making a cake, or buying at Nugget which I usually do (if buying), I ordered chocolate espresso from Let Them Eat Cake. Unfortunately we were all disappointed because it was a very thick, dense cake, with just the smallest layer of frosting. I know people have different ideas of cake- this review is simply to tell people that (1) if you're a 'small amount of frosting person' then this is the place for you, but if (2) you're a 'lots of frosting' person, then you may be quite disappointed. It was very strange- of 5 women there, not ONE finished their piece of chocolate cake. I've never seen that before in my life... I'm just glad I figured this out before I put in an order for our anniversary cake (our anniversary is next week), as my husband would have been annoyed, and I would have been supremely annoyed to spend twice the cost of a Nugget cake... As a side note, there were two glitches with the ordering process. First, I went in to order, and a guy working there asked me when I wanted it. When I told him it was for a Saturday (2 weeks away), so I'd it pick it up on Friday, he told me this was impossible because the baker was making wedding cakes (or cake) that day and couldn't do more. Okaay. Fair enough. So I asked him if I could pick it up on Thursday, one day EARLIER. He told me NO, I couldn't order it for Thursday, if the cake was for Saturday. I was confused... Whaaat? He said something about health code problems, possibly, if I got a cake on Thursday night, for Saturday. This was weird- I said I'd put the cake in the fridge. He said NO. I said, 'so, you're not going to let me order a cake for Thursday OR Friday?' He said NO. Luckily I remembered then that my friend switched the night to Friday (due to some childcare conflict) and WHEW! He allowed me to put in an order. Except he didn't want to take the order, he said to email them the order. 2nd slight weirdness was that I emailed the order and included a simple decoration message, and didn't get a confirmation for about 4 days. I wasn't sure they got my order because it took a while, but I figured they were obviously busy. I then replied to that message about doing some additional special birthday decoration, but this time I didn't hear back at all. And when I picked up the cake it was the first message. So, I would have preferred to do my order in person, so I could get acknowledgement in a timely manner, and have verbal discussion. I honestly wasn't 100% sure there would be a cake waiting for me when I went in, and prepared for a back-up trip to Nugget... —DeniseJF

2012-10-18 21:07:04   I don't like eating cupcakes often because I think they're too sweet (gasp!) but I tried their blueberry white chocolate scone and it is HEAVENLY. Seriously the best scone I've ever had and can't wait to go get another one. They're really big and have a nice crisp on the top and corners, but it's still soft inside. Tart and sweet and soooo good with tea. I'm a fan! —ghwl

2012-11-16 12:30:33   These are some of the best cupcakes I've ever had. My personal favorites are the Brazilian Bombshell (Tuesdays; acai berry, tastes similar to blueberry, VERY yummy), Happy Days (I think? Rootbeer cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting; you can taste the effervescence!; Fridays), and the all-mighty Pumpkin King cupcake (October seasonal flavor). Now let me tell you... my boyfriend isn't very fond of cupcakes (he's not a sweets guy) but he LOVES the Pumpkin King cupcakes. They are his favorite cupcakes EVER. Super moist because of the pumpkin, fluffy, not too sweet but just sweet enough. I could eat those all day. Breakfast, dessert, snack, whatever. When my boyfriend was still living in Davis and I first started going there, we were there about once a week or so to buy cupcakes, then we got too lazy because I moved to West Davis. I try to stop in when I can, and I go out of my way for sure for the aforementioned Pumpkin King cupcakes. (Seriously. If you haven't tried them yet, you better go in next October.)

They also now accept credit cards! :D Makes me happy because I always am sad when I couldn't go because I didn't happen to have cash or my checkbook on hand.

I don't know about the bad service; every time I've gone there it's been good. Not like out-of-their-way-to-be-ridiculously-cheery good, but definitely not rude by any means. —kimmisan

2012-12-02 12:55:07   I have always enjoyed their cupcakes so I decided to order a birthday cake for my boyfriend. When the baker called me to go over my order my only request was for the cake to be super chocolatey and fudgy anything else was fair game since they were the pros. The cake turned out great! Super moist and my chocolate loving BF loved it. —JenniferH

2013-01-04 18:17:57   cute place, cute story, probably the best cupcakes in town. Sometimes dry at the end of the day but when they're good they're delish. The 'Amy Winehouse', if/when you can get it, is amazing. —PhoebeAyers

2013-02-01 15:23:13   I've been eager to taste their cupcakes for a while now. I tried 2 different flavors and they were both delicious. The staff was courteous and helpful. I'll definitely come back. —Trena

2013-10-22 16:38:04   Let Them Eat Cake - Central location, cute French-themed interior, and most importantly delicious, moist cupcakes. Yes, at $2.75 per cupcake, they are a little pricy but well worth it. They carry Mighty Leaf tea and now that they have a running coffee machine, you can enjoy delicious cappuccinos and lattes. Regarding the customer service, I agree that it sometimes leaves to be desired. The daughters and the young man are helpful and quite welcoming, however the mother and the current female employee are not friendly. I have never had a smile or a greeting from the mother, even though I am a faithful customer. And the current female employee is barely polite. Even though this shop gets a lot of customers, I'm wondering why the inside is pretty much always empty. They have wi-fi, are centrally located in a college town and yet customers seems to come in and out, not stay and hang out. Dommage! —SophiaBrattain

2013-11-08 14:54:55   I love this place. They have the BEST coffee in town. I like the atmosphere, I have had interactions with all employees and they are all very nice. Quiet, considerate, and sincere is how I would describe their service which is exactly how I want it. I get annoyed by overly perky and boisterous customer service, it just seems fake. —DagonJones

2014-06-26 11:37:50   I hadn't been in to this place since they moved downtown, but I love the location! Super cute! The cupcakes are so good and you can definitely tell that they are homemade and preservative free. The frosting is outstanding. The creamery's cupcakes are massive and the frosting sometimes paste-like. The frosting at LTEC is light and fluffy and lovely! If the owners were interested, I think this could be a great daily breakfast/lunch place. The interiors are so cute and welcoming and there is so much seating! I would love to come in on an afternoon to enjoy a sandwich and iced tea with a mini cupcake for dessert. Just a suggestion! —ArianeMetz

2015-09-25 14:02:16   Best place to study in town. Good size tables, small crowds, and tasty coffee! It's hard to resist their desserts, very tasty! —tknelson

2015-11-18 11:10:45   Good buttermilk biscuit breakfast sandwiches! Also a nice place to relax. —bunsey