Lex and Loki

Lex Luthor and Loki
Felis domesticus. No particular breed, but are considered brown mackeral tabbies.
Anna Jones and Anthony Valenzuela
Both are very sweet to their favorite humans, but hide from strangers. Loki is appropriately named.

Lex Luthor and Loki share an apartment with Anna Jones and Anthony Valenzuela.Lex, looking all cute Their favorite things to do, in order of preference are:

  • Eat
  • Sit at an open window
  • Take catnaps
  • Play with small pieces of plastic or hair ties
  • Cuddle with their humans
  • Chase each other
  • Cuddle with and clean each other

They hide when someone knocks on the front door, or when Anthony pulls the vacuum cleaner out. Loki prefers to sit in Anna's lap, or on the desk in front of her while she's studying or sitting at the computer. He also likes to cuddle against Anna's tummy under the covers at night, or against Anna or Anthony's tummy if one of them is lying on the couch. Lex gets excited at night when someone heads in the direction of the bed. He races ahead of them and leaps onto the bed to commence with the nightly ritual of attack-the-hands-under-the-blankets, followed by a scratch behind the ears and under the chin.

Lex and Loki were litter mates, born to a feral mother and presumably feral father(s). They were rescued at approximately 8 weeks of age by Anna's sister, Amy, who raised them and turned them into the sweet kitties they are today. Loki and Lex are codependent, and freak out when one can't find the other one. They are frequently seen sleeping together, and cleaning each other. Sleeping Loki They have several nicknames that are used for either, or both:

  • Little Bastard
  • Fluffy Butt
  • Fatty McFatterson
  • Smelly Cat
  • Baby
  • Chubby Boy
  • Whiny
  • Monkey
  • Stinky McSmelly

Lex is also sometimes called Lexipoo.


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2007-10-31 14:57:24   Your cats are adorable and it is great that you rescued them from the life of being feral. —FeralFeline