Liam "Best Political Mind In ASUCD" Burke is a third-year former ASUCD Senator, ASUCD Senate President pro tempore, and 2012-2013 senate table man candy. He was elected in the Fall 2012 ASUCD Election, running as an independent. He is involved in ASUCD, Greek Life, and Army ROTC.

Election Information

Liam Burke is a second year Political Science – Public Service major from the Bay Area. He has served as the Vice Chair of the Academic Affairs Commission, as an intern to ASUCD Senator Patrick Sheehan, and as Chief of Staff to ASUCD Senator Kabir Kapur. He is active in Greek Life.

Candidate Statement

Hey Aggies!

My name is Liam Burke, and I’m a second year Political Science – Public Service major from the Bay Area. I’m running for ASUCD Senate because I want to improve our student government and make it a positive force for all UC Davis students.

Experience: -Academic Affairs Commissioner (’11 – ’12) -Academic Affairs Commission Vice Chair (Winter ’12) -Intern for Senator Patrick Sheehan (Winter ’12) -Chief of Staff for Senator Kabir Kapur (Winter ’12 to present)

I have been involved in ASUCD since my first week as a student at Davis, and have since authored and coauthored legislation, worked with a number of Senators on their platforms and projects, and served on an ASUCD commission. These positions afforded me insight into the functions of our student government, as well as the duties and expectations of an ASUCD Senator, and if elected I would hit the ground running. I love our university and will work hard to make it a better place for every student. Thanks for your consideration!

Platforms MID-QUARTER COURSE EVALUATIONS Though students are able to provide feedback on their professors at the end of every quarter, if evaluations were offered in the middle of the quarter, it would allow time for instructors to adopt the feedback they receive immediately. This would have the benefit of improving the course experience not only for future students, but for the students already enrolled for that quarter.

GREEKS GO GREEN Davis has a proud history of being on the forefront of environmental progress—it’s the Sierra Club’s “Coolest School”—and as a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, I want to bring that spirit to the Greek system. By implementing a program that provides incentives to encourage composting, recycling, and attendance at green events sponsored by campus groups such as ASUCD’s Environmental Policy and Planning Commission (EPPC), our university’s carbon footprint will continue to shrink.