Princess Tiger Lily, but most commonly called "Lily" or "Lilah"
Brown tabby cat
July 4th, 2004
Lily is extremely loveable and independent. As a kitten, she liked to sit on Stephanie's shoulder and travel around the house that way. Now that she's grown up, she prefers to walk on her own feet and doesn't altogether appreciate being held. However, that doesn't stop her from jumping up in your lap constantly to beg for pets!

The part I like best about cats is their independence— if you leave home for a few days, they can kill a bird to eat, and they aren't as emotionally needy as dogs (nor do they slobber!) Having grown up being tortured by Stephanie's youngest sister, Lily is extremely tolerant of people and their antics. She's been dressed up, put in boxes, and had her fur pulled constantly. All in all, she's a very awesome friend :)