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Lily's Day Care is a family-run, state-licensed childcare service. Lily's Day Care has years of experience in natural parenting, and is familiar with cloth diapering and breastmilk. Lily's provides kindergarten preparation for preschoolers and a variety of activities for children, from infants up through school age children. With a focus on diversity and exposure to other cultures, Lily's offers a nurturing environment for the children of our community.

Philosophy Lily's Day Care uses the innovative teaching techniques of the Montessori school system and the Reggio Emilia Approach. Unlike traditional teaching methods, where each subject is rigidly separated and students conform to the lesson plan of the teacher, these methods focus attention where it belongs – on the student. The teaching style at Lily's is a blend of social development, imagination, and creativity - your child's interests direct the teaching, and one subject leads easily into another. A child might experience the beauty of nature, learn the names of plants and animals, be introduced to the circle of life, and get healthy exercise, all while playing in the expansive backyard available at Lily's. In summertime, kids learn first hand the science and fun of vegetable gardening. Art, English, science, and P.E. all follow naturally from the experience, rather than learning being dictated by and limited to a single subject alone.

Cultural Awareness Lily's Day Care understands the importance of introducing children to other cultures, and makes diversity the goal whenever possible. The children are given a wide variety of music to listen to on a daily basis, from classics such as Mozart and Bach to African and Spanish songs. The children learn to appreciate the different styles of the world while developing an appreciation for music of all types. In addition, Lily's Day Care can offer your child exposure to Spanish, as the owner is a fluent Spanish and English speaker. It is well-documented that exposure to two or more languages is extremely beneficial to a child – Lily's is able to give your child that extra benefit.

Activities Children at Lily's Day Care have a wide range of opportunities for play and learning. There is a regular storytime, as well as a constant supply of music from all over the world. Younger children have ample exposure to language, both English and Spanish, and the backyard, with playset and beautiful landscaping, is available for all. Care is available both before and after school, and school pick-up and drop-off can be arranged.


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2010-01-28 07:57:45   I was quite apprehensive about going back to work when my son was only 4 months old, but having him in Lily’s care has completely alleviated my worry. Lily provides a warm, caring environment, as well as being immaculately clean, and my son is now 16 months and thriving. It was a blessing to find Lily! —KristinS

2013-11-07 22:30:40   My daughter began attending daycare with Lily two afternoons a week when she was 18 months old. She quickly felt comfortable and talked excitedly about her experiences after each session. Lily is warm, caring and very obviously emotionally invests in the life of each child in her care. My daughter was exposed to Spanish and English at daycare and has begun naming objects in Spanish and following directions in Spanish quite well which has been a wonderful added bonus. The environment has always appeared very clean and is conducive to hands-on play and learning. We are moving out of state or I certainly would have looked forward to my daughter's continued participation in Lily's daycare setting. —KatieColvin

2013-11-23 19:31:02   I have had Lily watch my kids from infancy until grade school. She is extremely conscientious and maintains a super clean home. I was really happy with the bilingual environment. Also, Lily makes an effort to entertain children with toys and books as opposed to some day care providers who put children in front of the TV. I would recommend her care without reservation. —Sarakurzenhauser

2013-11-25 12:43:14   Lily has been taking care of our daughter since we started her in day care when she was 6 months old, and we could not be more thrilled. As her program description and other reviewers have noted, she has many wonderful and engaging activities for the children, provides a bilingual environment, her home is lovely and clean, and the children are always beaming when we pick up or drop off. But more than that, Lily and her family have provided a loving, nurturing home for the children, and we consider them an extension of our family. I have never felt a moment's worry about leaving our daughter with Lily and would recommend her without hesitation. —AnnWillis

2014-06-06 12:43:35   I wholeheartedly recommend Lily's Daycare for all of the same reasons as the other comments. My daughter LOVES Lily and going to her daycare. She has a wonderful time with the other children. At 15 months, she often doesn't want to leave when I come to pick her up! —MonicaKeane

2014-08-27 13:55:13   Lily (and her absolutely wonderful family) started watching our boy at only three months, and from the very beginning, Lily proved to be one of the most sensitive, caring, considerate, and responsive people we have ever met. She is like a second mom to us and our son, and we truly could not imagine using ANYBODY else. Every day we pick him up, Lily let's us know how he did and how he's progressing. She is a fantastic teacher (both Spanish and English) and even a better friend. Even more importantly, our son is absolutely ecstatic every morning we pull up by her house (which by the way is absolutely immaculate)! I would highly recommend using Lily! —AnthonySamson

2014-12-17 11:58:51   Lily is wonderful! Our son has thrived with her and her family for more than 2 years. The children at Lily's all seem to form strong bonds with one another, and of course with Lily herself, who is incredibly warm and loving. It's very much a family atmosphere, where the older kids help watch out for the little ones, and there is singing and dancing and outside playtime. We love that he's learning Spanish, but that is a bonus; the real reason we love Lily's is the excellent care and loving environment. And as mentioned many times, her house is immaculate!


2015-04-10 14:23:26   Our family LOVES Lily. She is everything we were looking for in someone to watch our son who was only 4 months old when he started daycare. She is responsible, kind, loving, nurturing, thoughtful, organized and has a ton of experience working with kids and babies. My son, who is now 11 months old, is always excited to see Lily and often sad to leave at the end of the day. My husband and I feel very fortunate to have found Lily! —EmilyMonley


2016-04-22 16:58:25   We found Lily though this very site and based on the reviews decided to contact her. My daughter started with Lily at 3 months old for full-time care (M-F). I can't express how wonderful of an experience we have had with Lily. My daughter literally looks up at the door every morning waiting for Lily to open it, and when she does, my daughter has the biggest smile on her face. Over the time we have been with Lily, my daughter continues to grown and learn every week. It is clear to me that my daughter is well attended to by Lily and enjoys the social and educational aspects of being in Lily's care. Lily won me over when my husband and I first interviewed with her, her house is very clean, she keeps the children on a routine and incorporates crafts and culture into their daily routines. I can say that without any hesitation, I would highly recommend Lily. She has become more than a provider of childcare for me, she has become family. —Sharon_FN

2017-05-04 14:21:54   Only the highest of recommendations for Lily. She has been watching our son since he was about 10 months old, and he LOVES her (and her family)! Lily is kind, accommodating to your needs and wishes, knowledgeable, warm, and eternally caring and patient. We have a very active almost 2-year-old now and she keeps up with him - always keeping him engaged, playing and learning all day long while maintaining a spotlessly clean house (how does she do it?) We are constantly surprised by the new words he is coming home with now and the sheer joy and happiness he expresses at Lily's house. He is never tired or cranky at the end of the day, just happy. As Davis implants, we wanted to find a loving and nurturing place for our son when we sent him to day care - a place that could stand in for the extended family he does not have close by. That is exactly what Lily is to us - just like family. Picking out a daycare for your child is such difficult decision, but Lily has just wiped away that stress for me - I know he is well taken care of with Lily. —KacieFritz

2017-08-31 00:28:36   My twins have been going to Lily's for the past 2 years. They started there at just 4 months old. I was nervous about leaving my young twins while I returned to work, especially because there were two of them. Lily did such a wonderful job caring for them, that soon I was reassured that they were in a very safe, attentive, and loving home. They love Lily and her husband Juan, and Lily and Juan treat them and love them like family. The twins now understand Spanish well, and I learn Spanish words from them now. We love Lily's daycare and give it our highest recommendations! —TamaraM

2017-09-19 16:45:24   Our daughter spent her weekdays in Lily's wonderful care from ages 1-2. Her home daycare is wonderfully clean, safe, and stimulating for the kids and Lily LOVES them. I felt like we were leaving our girl with a trusted friend or relative. We recommend her to anyone seeking high quality, warm, loving care. Thank you, Lily! —aprommer

2018-01-11 11:16:05   We cannot recommend Lily and her family enough! Our son attended Lily's Day Care five days a week since he was nine months old and we always felt he was in a safe, nurturing , and loving environment. Lily's energy and positive attitude enabled her to get the most out of our son. We also witnessed the positive impact of being exposed to Spanish and English with our son quickly identifying both words, songs, and phrases in both languages. Lily is also a very strong communicator, informing us what was and was not working in terms of sleeping and eating, which made life at home a little easier. However, and most importantly our son always had a smile on his face when he saw Lily, which is the strongest recommendation of all. Thank-you Lily! - Daniel —daniel.g.judd

2018-06-21 22:55:04   Our son has been going to Ms. Lily's since he was four months old. He loves Ms. Lily! Every morning at drop off, he has a huge smile on his face. And when we pick him up, he's clearly had a wonderful day. Ms. Lily is loving and enthusiastic. We were so fortunate to find someone we could trust to care for our child. —AngeloDeSantis

2018-11-09 22:11:26   We count ourselves lucky that Lily had an opening at her daycare just as we moved to Davis from the East Coast. We were a little apprehensive about starting our daughter at new daycare in a new town, but Lily made us feel comfortable with her warm and welcoming demeanor. It's obvious that Lily really cares about the kids: it's not just a job for her, She talks to them a lot in Spanish and our daughter (who started with Lily when she was just under a year) came home with lots of new words everyday. Even though the children are of different ages, it's clear that they are all friends and that Lily encourages them to interact with and care for each other. Her home is lovely and clean, and her family is wonderful, too. —jaaj

2019-06-13 16:10:39   We moved to Davis about 1 year ago and were lucky enough to find Lily's daycare. Our daughter is now almost 2 years old and absolutely loves Ms. Lily. The home environment appears very safe and pleasant. Our daughter even knows some Spanish now, which I pick up in her words when she speaks to us, even though we don't speak spanish in our household. Ms. Lily is extremely caring and is almost like a mother to our little girl. I would trust any of my children with Ms. Lily, in fact, we asked Ms. Lily's daughter to babysit for our older child and our little girl on multiple occasions, and will continue to do so in the future. If you are considering having Ms. Lily care for your little ones, I wholeheartedly believe you are making a wise choice in using her daycare! —Rockytop00

2019-11-08 16:12:12   My son has attended Lily's daycare full-time since he was 10 months old, and he's now just over 3. We're so grateful to Lily and Juan for their seemingly endless positive energy, patience, and thoughtfulness in caring for him. Not only has our son learned Spanish, he has also learned important social skills like sharing, waiting your turn, calming down, and observing others' feelings. Though he refuses to nap at home, he still naps obediently at Lily's and has clearly benefited from the way they structure the day. Lily regularly shares photos of him having fun and is always full of stories about funny things he said or did. She is also easy to reach during the day and communicates any scheduling changes far in advance. She has also been enormously helpful in the potty training department, and our son is now diaper-free except for sleeping time. She and Juan seem to know just when to introduce new challenges (like counting and recognizing letters). We're switching to a preschool closer to our house, but we will really miss this wonderful little place. —lindsayk

2021-03-22 11:22:45   Our son has been coming to Lily's since he was 3.5 months old. From the beginning, Lily has always made us like family, and we could tell that our son was well taken care of. He's 1.5 now and doesn't even look back to say goodbye, instead running into Lily's house with excitement. Lily provides many opportunities for play and learning and our son frequently comes home with new skills, words and mumbled baby stories. We appreciate that he eats well, sleeps well and is spoken to in Spanish as often as possible here. We love Lily's daycare! —BledoFam

2022-09-16 21:38:25   Our son started at Lily’s daycare as a 6-month old baby in 2021. Now at 20-months, he is a sweet, funny, well-adjusted little guy–babbling up a storm in English and Spanish, singing his ABCs, and “El Viejo MacDonald”. We can’t take any credit for it. Lily creates a positive, caring, loving environment and the little ones simply thrive. Each day is structured around familiar routines–story time, sharing circle, music, dance, sports, etc. that help ensure our son plays, naps and eats well. The indoor space and backyard is also absolutely gorgeous and immaculately clean. He is so happy to arrive each day that it makes saying goodbye easy. After spending time at birthday parties with other children who attend Lily’s, it is clear that our son is not an exception. The older kids are sweet and gentle with the little ones, and the littles delight in watching the older ones play. We were initially very nervous about starting childcare and chose Lily’s because of the small child-to-adult ratio and warm family-like feel. We appreciate the benefits of a mixed ages daycare/preschool, especially when directed by such a capable, compassionate provider. We are thankful everyday that Lily is a part of our life. —MarianE

2022-12-20 21:29:47   Ms. Lily is simply the best. Our two-year-old daughter started going to Ms. Lily’s daycare when she was 6 months old and has loved it ever since. We knew immediately that Ms. Lily was special from her calm demeanor and by how immaculate and organized she keeps the environment for the children in her care. Our daughter always has a smile on her face when we drop her off and can’t wait to spend time with Lily for the day. What’s also great is that our daughter plays and interacts with the older toddlers, which means she picks up important social and communication skills from them and from Ms. Lily. We are to lucky to have found Ms. Lily and will miss her dearly when we move away. —davideliseachimore

2023-02-04 22:35:15   We have been at Lily’s since my eldest was 5 months old. She has been a loving, warm, fun filled home for my two boys. Not only are the kids happy to see her everyday but they come back to us each evening excitedly showing off the things they have learned. Lily has created a beautiful community off children and their families. My eldest continued in her care until Kindergarten and was more than well prepared in Spanish and in English. We are so lucky to have found Lily and cannot recommend her enough. —dju