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Mobile Grooming Salon
By Appointment Only
(530) 400-7568

Linda's Pet Grooming is a state of the art mobile dog and cat grooming service featuring scissor finishing.

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*For other pet services and supplies see Pet Stores, groomers, or Dogs for dog-specific listings.


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2009-05-18 16:43:32   She's very fast and relatively competent. She gets the dog's fur softer than anyone else. But her personal skills are somewhat lacking and she didn't get along with our dog very well, either. She also didn't take direction very well, culminating in a goofy haircut for our dog and the end of the relationship. —CovertProfessor

  • You got rid of your dog just because of a goofy haircut? That relationship was clearly never meant to be.

2010-06-24 14:58:26   Last Friday, Linda's polluting pet grooming trailer, parked in front of Hacienda Park, spewed exhaust on to the playground for over an hour. With three kids under the age of two, I asked if she planned to be there long as we would have left. But she said, no, so we decided to wait it out. After another twenty minutes I asked again and she proceeded to ignore me. This woman is extremely rude, appears to have no regard for young children and her trailer is stinking up Davis. Rather than a "no burn ban" maybe we should have a guideline for how long you can run your engine in front of a playground. I can't even imagine how she treats animals. I recommend taking your business elsewhere. —SuzanneNitzkin

2010-08-10 22:40:42   Normally, I try to park in front of my client's house. The client that I was working for that day was across the street from that playground. There was no parking available there and as the dog was large and elderly, I chose the closest spot I could find. I did not consider the playground at all. I run a generator for electricity, that was the engine that she was complaining about. It burns about a gallon of gas every 3 hours, which is not much at all. I was about 50' from the playground and the generator exhausts on the street side. I keep it serviced so that it runs cleanly. When she approached me I admit that I was taken by surprise. I had never had anyone complain of breathing carbon monoxide before. From where I was, I could not see that I was causing a problem with carbon monoxide. Unfortunately, I got defensive. So for that I apologize. I do have dozens of happy repeat customers who know I take good care of their pets. Most of my business is long term repeat customers. I do not know who CovertProfessor is so I cannot comment on the goofy haircut their dog got. Sometimes people want something out of the ordinary and have a difficult time explaining what they want. I do my best to understand them. There's a groomer for everyone so I am happy they found someone who could help them. —LindaNichols

2010-08-11 15:29:41   Linda is a sweet, kind-hearted woman who loves your dogs and will work very hard to give your dog the cut they deserve. She made my dog, Mouse, a sheltie, look so beautiful just the other day. Mouse gets groomed once a month and she loves to see Linda every time. In response to SuzanneNitzkin's comment, I really wonder if she is also worried about the children's exposure to bisphenol A and other chemicals that often come from plastics. Obviously, I do not know which playground she is referring to, but alot of playgrounds in Davis are made of plastic. In short, too many things nowadays are harmful to us and almost everything causes cancer. Putting up a fuss about burning a gallon of gas every 3 hours is hardly something to worry about when cars drive around that playground spewing out much more harmful gases, etc. etc. Linda is wonderful! —SwedenRocks

2010-10-20 21:28:45   Linda does the best grooming of dogs of anyone I've used in 50+ years. Her grooming trailer is immaculate, she is very calm with the dogs, and you can see that they are comfortable as they are being groomed. If you want part of the dog longer or shorter, she is very open to the request and does the coiffeur just as you like. I don't know about the person who complained about her trailer, but I work outside when she is grooming, and there is NO pollution or even smell that emanates from the trailer. I recommend her the highest! Great work Linda!!! —KristinePeterson

2014-08-18 07:30:51   Linda has been my mobile pet groomer for 9 years now. Yep nine years, my oldest poodle is the age of 9, and we started using Linda's services when our dog was 6 months old. Linda is the best groomer for poodles. I have two miniature poodles that always look and act the best when she is done. I also enjoy that Linda has access to my house key, she comes when I am at work and when I get home I arrive to two beautiful groomed poodles. Linda is always friendly and surely shows she likes what she does. I feel good knowing that my poodles are taken care of so well inside of Linda's trailer....she has all that is needed to groom. The trailer is equipped with air conditioning and even a radio :), she even has doggy treats on hand. We love Linda's Grooming and highly recommend her.