Der meese of JabberWokky and SarahHillard.

She is very very small (even for a mouse) and enjoys burrowing, especially under sunflowers. In fact, she lives under a dried sunflower from the Farmers Market.

Little Girl
JabberWokky and SarahHillard
Active and curious - an explorer

Technically, she is named phi, but she is never called that. She is in the line of mice such as i, pi and e (who was better known as "Little Bean"). Her companion is New Bean.

Their roommate has dubbed her "the Poop Machine" due to her ability to excrete more mass than she has every two nanoseconds. It is quite a feat of quantum physics.

20gm. every 2 nanoseconds equals 10,000,000,000gm./sec. or 10,000 metric tons every second. That is astounding.SteveDavison

She is small, figure 15 grams, that would be 7500 metric tons/sec. That is about right. —SarahHillard