Little I, or Little International Stock Show, is an annual livestock show put on by UCD students. Since 2008 it has been run by the Young Cattlemen's Association, after Block and Bridle folded. Originally it was created to train and prepare students to show University livestock at the International Stock Show in Chicago, but today the purpose has changed. Little I is a program to teach any interested students how to train, fit and show the species of their choice. The only requirement is that the student has NO experience showing the species they choose. Currently, hogs, goats, sheep, horses, dairy heifers and beef heifers are shown at Little I.

Signups start late September and end in early October. Student species coordinators start teaching participants about the animals a few weeks later. Depending on how the coordinators run things, participants can usually come work with their animal as often as they wish, often with one-on-one instruction.

The show is traditionally on the Saturday before Thanksgiving at the Cole Facility and is open to the public. Participants first show against other students in their species. An important thing to remember about Little I is that it is a showmanship competition, so the animals themselves are not judged, but the student's skill in presenting the animal in a good light. Judges will also ask questions about the individual animal or the species. The top two showmen in each species class progresses to the second round, called Round Robin. After an hour lunch break in which winners try to glean information, all twelve of them have to show EVERY species. The participant who shows all species the best wins the entire show. However, prizes are given to all participants.

Little I 2009 will be Saturday, November 21st. The informational/signup meeting will be October 7th at 6 pm in ASTF 500.