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330 G Street , Suite F
Sun-Wed: Closed
Thu-Sat: 6pm-2am

Reported by Wendy Weitzel in Davis Comings and Goings column: "An email this morning from Little Prague Bohemian Restaurant, announcing that Sunday will be its last day: Valued patrons: After 22 years in business Little Prague will be closing its doors for the last time this Sunday the 13th of July. This will be our final week serving dinner from 4pm-10pm each evening. We will also be open for lunch at 11:30am-3pm on Thursday and Friday as well as brunch on Saturday andSunday 7am-3pm. Friday night will also be the farewell performance of long time live act Riggity Jig. Our bar will also be open Friday and Saturday night from 6pm. We will have $4 beers until the taps run dry and $4 dollar spirits until we run out. Please show your support and share one last meal with our family. We have truly enjoyed being a part of so many first dates, proposals, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, family gathering, and unique occasions allowing people to come together at our tables. We appreciate you all and are happy to have invited you through our doors and served you within these walls. Well wishes, Eva and Vaclav"

An extension of the Little Prague Restaurant and occupying the space formerly holding the Salvation Army, Little Prague Bar is a larger bar in the Davis area. They took over the spot in the summer of 2006 and have continued to grow as a bar in the community since then. They have an extensive drink selection and many different European Brews on Tap as well as others like Guinness, Red Tail and Sierra Nevada.

Effective April 1st, 2012: The only Ids accepted will be Passports, State ID cards (3 month limit on out-of State IDs since it is a legal requirement to obtain a California ID within this time frame.), and International Visas (no more international Driver's licenses, International Student Id cards or any other forms of ID will be accepted). Interim Driver's Licenses will be accepted with verifiable picture ID. No large Bags, Oversized purses or backpacks after 9pm.

Staff members include: Bartenders: Mike, Martha, and Justin. From time-to-time, Kylie will come help out as well. <3 Barbacks: Patrick and Scott Security: AK, Lj, and Brenden Although the staff has changes over the past several years and there are a few new faces.

The establishment is owned by a Czech couple who moved to the U.S. during the Communist Era in Eastern Europe. Vaclav, the 'c' pronounced 'ts' sound, and his wife Eva have been a local restaurant of Davis for over 20 years now. Numerous patrons have reported his rude, aggressive behavior towards them. See comments below.

They have many different events including: Karaoke, Industry Night, Open Mic, and GREAT dance music by various DJs. We are always looking for more ways to please the guests and community, so please consult with an owner or bar manager of any suggestions you may have!

They have some pretty tasty bar food and can serve anything from the restaurant until 9:30pm as well. Every Wednesday is $1.00 beer night and they have many other drink specials also. For those who are celebrating their birthdays, Little Prague Bar will serve a free birthday shot only after drinks have also been purchased for your party.

Want to avoid trouble while eating and/or drinking here? Check out the Bar Taboos page before entering.

It should also be noted that, while they do charge a minimum on credit card orders of $10, it is generally lower than any other bar in town. Be sure to close your open tab prior to being asked to leave or else you will be charged a 20% fee for not doing so.

They also have an ATM which does charge a fee for some cards if you wish to avoid the minimum order. Other than that bring cash and, like any other establishment, remember to tip for your service.


Happy hour is a daily event that begins at 4pm and ends at varying hours depending on the day. The Happy hour at Little Prague includes- $3.50 Pints, $3.50 well drinks and half off appetizers.

  • Monday nights KARAOKE w/ DJ EASY @ 9pm Happy Hour 6pm-8pm
  • Tuesday nights: Industry night All bar and restaurant employees will get discounted drinks. (Best way to prove that is to bring in a pay stub no older than 2 weeks) Happy Hour 6pm- 8pm
  • Wednesday nights: Dollar Beer Night! No more DJ on Wednesdays. Still great music and some new ideas that will be put into play soon. Daytime Happy Hour 6pm-8pm or later.
  • Thursday nights: DJ Nabore spins from 10:00pm-Close Happy Hour 4pm- 5:30pm
  • Friday nights: DJ Nabore spins from 10:00pm-Close Happy hour 4pm-5:30pm
  • Saturday Nights: "RECESS" EDM Bar Night with Rich Resey ( ) and Thick Nasti Beatz ( ThickNastiBeatz ) Electronic Dance Music and mainstream remixes all night starting @ 9:30 pm
  • Sundays - Happy hour 4pm- 5:30pm or later.

Cover Charge

Cover charge on special events. Occasionally the entrance fee is redeemable for drinks inside the establishment . Little Prague was one of a growing number of bars in town that charged a cover fee for entrance. The cover charge policy has since been altered, now only charging cover for special events and fundraisers for various UCD groups.

You can easily avoid cover charge at any bar in Davis by simply going early (prior to 10:00pm) and grabbing a cheap beer along with your stamps/wristbands.

The cover charge may be higher if it is a special event, or may be replaced entirely for donations to other entities such as the Law School's various fundraisers and other types of events.

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2011-03-03 16:20:12   At one point in time, Little Prague wouldn't give free glasses of water at night. Is that still the policy? —TomGarberson

  • has not been the policy for as long as I have worked there (Since Mar 2010), and stopped being an issue long before that. They have a water cooler for all those who need an immediate water fix, but if you ask any of the barstaff (depending on how busy they are) for a cup of H2O they will gladly hand you one, with or without ice. If I am working, I will grab a glass for any who ask and bring it to you if at all able to.

2011-05-01 01:23:28   Only place I go now. Great bartenders who get to know the regulars and take care of them = amazing in my book. Bruce, Wes and Han all make little prague the place I enjoy most :-) —OliviaY

2011-05-25 16:15:12   Go here on Saturdays! They have a new DJ who not only plays good music, but actually takes requests. The drinks are good, the atmosphere is great, and with the addition of the good dance music, Prague is the SPOT in Davis on Saturdays. I haven't experienced any of the "issues" others have commented on. All in all a really fun place to drink/hang out. —JuanaBNDavis

2011-06-15 01:27:51

My husband and I became regulars at Little Prague about two months ago, almost instantly after moving to Davis in April 2011. The patio is gorgeous and we enjoyed the food, which isn't as great as I've had in the Czech Republic but decent for 'small college town' America. We also went to the bar often after dinner for a beer or a glass of scotch. For the most part, the staff is very nice and attempts to be helpful. The owner, on occasion, seemed rude to the staff, but I never needed to interact with him so I didn't realize the extent to which he despises his customers, or perhaps only his customers of color. There are cultural issues in the Czech republic relative to the treatment of people of color these issues traveling to the United States with the immigrants though, is unacceptable in the public sphere.

On the particular night in question, my husband, a friend and I went to the bar, we ordered a beer and a glass of wine and paid for them. We decided to order another round, and my husband went to the bar and ordered a beer and left the tab open this time. Since we frequent the bar often (about once a week or more) the staff knows us well, my husband routinely leaves the tab open and I order on his tab or close it as necessary. After my husband finished his beer, I went in to order another beer and close the tab. The bartender I was ordering with was busy and I would have preferred to wait for her, because the owner seems so contemptuous. Unfortunately the owner spotted me at the bar and engaged me in conversation, he started starring at me and said, "Well are you going to order something”. His tone was dismissive and aggressive at the same time, and he was looking at the men at the bar instead of looking at me while he spoke, trying to engage them in what was becoming a confrontation, rather than a conversation. I attempted to pronounce the name of the Czech beer, which may not have been perfect. Of course the owner himself has a horrendous accent while speaking English, but that isn’t something we penalize people for in the free world. I told him I had a tab open and spelled the last name instead of pronouncing it, because it is a foreign name and he would not be able to understand. He became irate yet again and said, "I don't know you." I elicited the help of the bartender, whose attention I had attracted by this point, including the attention of much of those seated at the bar, who found my husband's credit card. The owner then looked at the ID and the card and said, “this isn't you, you can't sign for this man” (I had told him I'd like to close the tab and leave and did not want the beer). I then went to the patio and fetched my husband to sign for his card. My husband was told he had not spent enough money to close this tab. My husband offered to let them charge the requisite $10 on the card as he just wanted to leave the place at that point, but was told he must make another purchase. Luckily, I produced a $10 bill and was able to recover our credit card and ID and escape the dastardly place.

It really saddens me, but I will not return to this establishment again, nether will my husband who is faculty at UC Davis and he won't be holding any outings with his colleagues at this establishment. Little Prague offers mediocre food with a side of terrible service and occasionally a little bit of old fashioned Eastern European fascism circa 1933. There are plenty of fine establishments to choose form in this town, I am sad that we've spent so much of our hard earned money at this particular one. —ZeeZee

2011-06-18 03:29:37   The two previous comments are about a sad situation among many. Is the owner sexist and racist or an equal opportunity disher of beration and obnoxiousness? —BruceHansen

2011-07-24 19:20:51   I had a somewhat irritating visit here this afternoon. A friend and I stopped in before a movie, since we arrived downtown 45 minutes early. It was around 3:15, and there was only one other person at the bar. The bartender greeted us, then took an order from the other patron. Then she came and went from the bar at least 3 times, each time telling us, "sorry, be right with you." It was 8-10 minutes before she actually took our order. She then poured our beers, and got a good 2.5" of head on my Sierra Nevada. At least she didn't serve it that way; instead, she said it'd be a few minutes, since there was a lot of foam on it. Rather than pour off the head and fill up the glass, she waited a good 3-4 minutes for half an inch or so of foam to disappear, then topped it off, pouring off a little bit of the foam. I don't mind an imperfect pour, but come on. If you're charging $4.50 for a pint of Sierra (which is $2.99 for an imperial pint, i.e. 20-oz glass, at The Davis Beer Shoppe), you can afford to pour off the 1/8 oz. you'll lose in head from a bad pour, rather than making the customer wait for it to fizzle off.

Despite getting there when the place was all but empty 40 minutes before our movie started, we had to hurry a bit to finish our drinks and head over to catch the show. That's just bad service.

(On a side note, the bartender was friendly enough when we weren't being ignored) —TomGarberson

2011-08-18 00:26:46   This is seriously one of the most disappointing bars in Davis. The bar service is always awful - it takes way too long to order a drink, and the bartenders never pay attention to the order of people who have been waiting. It makes it hard to come and enjoy the bar, since the outdoor seating is really great and there's always randomly awesome dancing. —ChristyMarsden

2011-10-19 16:18:28   dollar pint


2012-04-27 23:18:57   As of last month, I am never going back to this establishment. There are two reasons.

One -the owner is a complete creep. The couple of times that I went there before my last visit, he would gawk and drool over all the hot girls and guys in our group. While it's clear that he's married, he certainly doesn't act like it when he's out groping his way through the hot college students that he hires as staff. I think it's only a matter of time before someone sues him for harassment - and I wouldn't be surprised if it was a client and not a staff.

Two - he or his wife kick people out of the place, even after they've ordered food and drinks, if the customers haven't ordered enough food. Here's what happened on my last visit - knowing that the bar is almost always completely empty, I had suggested to my study group that we meet there for our meeting. Once there, half the people ordered drinks, and a couple more ordered nibbles. Being students, not everyone ordered both a drink and an appetizer. While we talked about our work, it became obvious that the owners' wife was glaring at us and at the bartender. After a while the bartender came over and apologized saying 'the boss needs everyone to order an appetizer and a drink, or I'm going to have to ask you all to leave.' Seriously? The place was empty. We were sitting in the window making the place look lively and inviting, and she's dictating what it is that we need to order? So we asked if we could just finish our orders before leaving, and the old lady said 'NO! Order or get out.' So we left our table half finished. On the way out I went to boss lady and I said 'You do realize that this is a small town, and even if it wasn't a small town, you do realize that people talk about things like this.' She just frowned as said 'You can only stay if you pay' To which I replied 'So you'd rather have an EMPTY bar, without ANY customers, instead of having a dozen people with half of them paying for your food and drinks?'

So instead we now go to Delta, or Luigi's to meet and we are welcomed with open arms.

In short, creepy, lecherous and sexually confused owner and mean wife make this place #1 on our local no go list. —ChuckFrank

2012-07-23 17:54:35   - Banned from Little Prague because "I" stole a cake from a bar? -

Last weekend, in high spirits and high expectations, I visited Little Prague with my boyfriend and my friends for a drink. While on the dance floor, my boyfriend and I unexpectedly got tapped on the shoulder by the manager and were told to follow him. Confused, I thought perhaps he just wanted to check our id's, so I willingly followed him to his office, not really thinking anything of it. He told us to sit down. Without any introduction or explanation of what was going on, he and one of his employees stated, "I know that we served you Wednesday night." He continued to point to his computer at an extremely blurry still-photo from a surveillance camera and said, "This is you." Absolutely DUMBFOUNDED, I told the manager and the employee that I was confused and that they have obviously been mistaken because I never visited Little Prague on Wednesday. Specifically and honestly, I told them that I was at home that night watching Netflix (Breaking Bad to be specific) and that my boyfriend was in Fairfield at the time. Additionally, my boyfriend pointed out that it's impossible to discern even the faintest characteristics of the "people" on the photo, not to mention that I do not bring a purse to a bar (I have a phone with a slot for credit cards and my license) and that the height difference between the two individuals wasn't even close to our height relationship. The manager and the employee did not even respond to these statements. They repeatedly claimed that we were apparently those people on the photo. Now that the situation has become even more ridiculous at this point and they are continuing to detain us in the room, we ask what in fact are you accusing us of? The manager said, "You stole a cake." Now, to be honest, I almost laughed, because the notion that I stole a CAKE from a BAR on a night that I wasn't even out of my house is absurd. And the fact that he wouldn't even give me the decency or the respect to hear me out, made it even more ridiculous. It gets worse. He told me and my boyfriend that we were banned forever from the bar and that he was calling the cops immediately. Now that I feel completely violated at this point, I tell him to check my credit card records. I swear to you, the manager responded with, "What good would that do?" My boyfriend answered as any individual would with common sense, and he said, "It would prove if we bought alcohol here and what time we would have been here." The employee informed us that he couldn't remember if I paid in cash or credit card. Naturally, we responded with the likes of, "How is it possible that you vividly remember, at 110% capacity, that we were here specifically and that YOU served US for HOURS, but you can't remember if I used cash or credit card?" It only seems reasonable that such a notorious cake thief would have made an impression upon the bartender as to what method of payment they used- for hours. With this in mind, the employee had nothing to say, and we were told to leave the room and sit at the table. When we asked for our licenses back, the manager refused. We told him we would call the cops and he said they were already on their way. Shortly thereafter, we were kicked out of the bar and were told that we were banned forever - for allegedly stealing a cake. At this point I am legitimately crying outside and distressed because 1) the manager at Little Prague ruined my night, and the night of my friends, by making a scene out of something so petty and ridiculous 2) he called the COPS on a situation that was completely a waste of time for the authorities 3) he falsely accused me and made me feel like a criminal for something I didn't even do 4) he treated me with complete disrespect and without the decency to even listen to my completely rational explanations, nor did he even consider, for an instant, that he might have been mistaken. This is a man who is so prideful, so opinionated, and so unreasonably spiteful that he can't see through the tearful eyes of a woman who is telling the simple truth. In fact, at seeing his true character, I almost believe that he was deliberately provoking me- deliberately making me so angry- so that I WOULD do something wrong, so that I would fulfill his expectations because he couldn't bear to accept the fact that he was mistaken and that he should apologize.

Obviously, since I am banned for "stealing a cake," I will never return to Little Prague. However, many of the people who witnessed this night have been left with bitter distaste at the way this "business" acts and how it treats its honest paying customers, and they have likewise vowed to never go back. Now, this is just my individual story and I am not preaching to people to them them not to visit this establishment. But by taking into consideration my story and coupling it with the widespread negative reviews of this place on Daviswiki, it goes without saying that there is something disturbingly wrong with this place. —CakeThief

While awful for you, this is one of the more comical Vaclav stories. The guy is an egomaniacal tyrant, though some people have slightly nicer ways of saying the same thing about him. I remember when he put those cameras in years ago, it was like he was just hungry for the conflict. I think in some ways he's responsible for his own problems; he wanted a cool hot spot, and with that comes more people, and maybe even a cake thief here and there. And frankly, if you're going to steal something here, it's got to be the cakes. The princess cake is amazing. Either way, sorry this happened to you. I'm no law person, but check out this info on shopkeeper's privilege. Seems like he wasn't really keen on any actual investigating, just being a total ass, but welcome to Little Prague! —DavidBenjamin

  • @ CakeThief, how crazy that this happened to you! Did the police actually show up? I have never been a super fan of Little Prauge, but now I don't think I will give them my business at all, even if they do serve Black Lion Beer. — jsbmeb

2012-07-25 17:10:03   @ jsbmeb, Yes a cop did in fact show up; however, he did not take any of my information or even address any issues with any of us. I actually had to approach him in order to initiate a conversation. Obviously, he thought the entire situation was ridiculous and a waste of his time, and he was just responded to a call and making sure things were under control...which they were, I guess you could say, except for the manager being crazy. —CakeThief

2013-03-04 18:16:59   I have been a regular customer of this establishment for about a year now and have to say that I rather enjoy the atmosphere. The night scene throughout the week has a lot of different styles of music flowing. There is even live Jazz is the restaurant next door on Saturdays from 6-10pm. If you are a fan of Jazz, this is the place to go in Davis. All three gentlemen are amazing to converse with about a vast myriad of topics. If your cup of tea is more in tune with a club scene, there are live DJs Wednesday through Saturday. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, a local group of talented audiophiles put on RECESS, an Electronic Dance Music themed night. On Thursdays and Fridays there are differing styles each week, usually top forty mixed with R&B and a sprinkling of different themes (more detail to be added later). While the owner tends to come off as aggressive, I think people just need to realize that he simply has a different style than most Americans. I have seen his interactions with customers and must say that he has been learning how to interact better with the customers he serves. The main people he seems to have issues with are those who have disrespected either the establishment, his staff, or himself. I have yet to see him go out of his way to give people a hard time. He simply reacts to how people approach him. The staff at the bar is spectacular. They are personable and professional, as well as a fun-loving group.

All-in-all: A great night scene with the biggest dance floor in Davis, even without opening up the restaurant bar. One of the best bar staff in town. Certainly one of the most diverse collection of musical styles of ANY of the bars. Don't forget to order some Devil's Toast at the bar. Hands down, one of the best munchies at a Davis bar. —P.Red

2013-08-24 07:53:18   I never make it here when I'm on a bar crawl since it's just far away enough and quiet enough I am never tempted. I did go for karaoke night once, which was fun but pretty dead (not surprising considering it's on Monday nights)... I've been only one other time, and the bartenders are always really nice (for my birthday, one made a specialty raspberry drink that was amazing) and really great at what they do. I've never eaten here. All in all, not too bad of a place. —HannahToru

2013-10-14 21:08:19   I was DD a couple weeks ago and brought some people here. When they said "last call" they also closed the bathroom. Security wouldn't let me or anybody in my group use the bathroom, even though it was still 10 min before closing. Then one of the bouncers made some rude comments toward my GF.

When I found the supervisor, he was obviously wasted, and kicked us out when I tried to complain.

I used to go here all the time, but never again. —hobobot