Davis is and has been host to a number of monarchs, mostly declared by particluar groups or self-declared.

Party King

The Party King of Davis is one of the most widely accepted monarchs in Davis. The title is held by the host who gives the best parties in all the Dominion of Davis.

  • Joshua Heller, nominated 2006.
  • Rob Roy, the first Party King, he held this title from 2003 through 2005.

ASUCD Monarchs or Officers Who Are Also Monarchs

  • RobRoy - former Party King of Davis, abdicated.
  • Tiqula Bledsoe - "Black Caeser of Davis," among other megalomaniacal titles - all self given, recounted by self to Aggie
  • Vicki Swett - "Queen of ASUCD" - self declared, supported by certain favourite politicians. Assumption of title considered by many to be in very poor taste considering the widespread belief that she was chronically overstepping her authority as ASUCD Advisor.
  • The honourary title of "President of the ASUCD Bar Association" (for a week) has been offered to the author of the best amicus curiae opinion in an ASUCD Court case, so far it has not been awarded.
  • PaulHarms - "The IAC Pope" - self declared - Former Chair of the ASUCD Internal Affairs Commission, with a papal Mitre and papal robe to prove it. ("Don't be surprised if he tells you to kiss his pope-ring.") - deposed in Spring 2006 after an unusually short reign (replaced as IAC chair).
  • PaulHarms - "The SGAO Pope" - self declared - with a papal Mitre and papal robe to prove it, etc.

California Aggie Monarchs

  • Jonas Mari-Jonas is known to many Aggie employees as "King Jonas" and has held the title for three years. He is called so for his extraordinary layout talent and journalistic as well as personal integrity. The King has an inverted Burger King crown emblazoned with his moniker, and there is talk that his highness will soon receive a cape from a fellow Aggie employee as a gag gift.

Daviswiki Monarchs

Residence Hall Monarchs


While these titles are all essentially spurious, please do not create a title specifically to put it on this page. Note that all the current listings are either a title given by winning a public contest or at least generally known, purportedly accepted by a number of their "subjects," in infamously bad taste, or a combination.