====Lost cat. Went missing Fri. Feb 3rd 2023. She is a 13 year old Maine coon named Bella .we just moved to davis in the area of Mace Ranch and Verona Terrace off Alhambra. Owner my name is Melissa 9169684701. She is chipped and may come to her name. Thank you =====*** Losing a pet is a horrible thing. This page is meant to help people get a start on finding their beloved pet! Or, if you've found someone else's pet, you can post here to try to reach an owner. Please remember to add dates to postings.

Due to the number of missing pets, those who have been missing for one year or longer may be moved to the Lost Pets Archive page.

In addition, it helps to be proactive! Don't let your pet outside unsupervised in the first place (especially rabbits, with the heat and predators and read here why you shouldn't let your cat outside). Whether they are indoor or outdoor, you should have your pet implanted with a small microchip. Although you cannot track a missing pet with a microchip, a person will likely contact a local animal humane society, shelter, animal hospital, etc., and one of the first things they will do is scan the animal to see if there's a microchip implanted, which will have all the relevant information to return your pet to you! This costs only $45 (plus an office visit) at the VMTH, and can be done by most veterinarians, and is highly recommended! Some people with indoor cats keep a breakaway collar on them just in case they slip out. It helps to engrave "indoor cat" along with contact information so whoever finds them knows they are lost rather than just wandering.

(scroll down for instructions on adding a pet)

Found an Animal?

The Yolo County Animal Shelter provides care lost animals within the county.

Adding a Lost/Found Pet Listing to DavisWiki

You'll need to login, add your listing by editing the page, then preview and save your edit.

  1. New to DavisWiki? To add a listing you'll need to sign up for a username. It's quick and easy...click on the new user link at the top of the page.

  2. After you login, click on Edit.

  3. Locate the =List of lost or found pets= heading in the editor window. There are some instructions there. In a nutshell:

  4. Add your listing below the heading. It's easiest to simply copy and edit one of the examples, or follow these steps:

    • Add a title for your listing by placing double "equals" signs on either side. Examples:

       ==LOST DOG: mm/dd/yy. "Snoopy". Beagle. White with black ears and black nose.== 

       ==FOUND CAT: mm/dd/yy. All black with white paws== 

    • Add an image if possible. Look at the examples for how to place the images so they look nice. See Help with Images for more info. Examples:

       [[Image(snoopy1jpg, thumbnail, 400, left)]] 

       [[Image(blackcatfound_jan7_2013.jpg, thumbnail, 400, left)]] 

    • Add information about the pet below the image (or title if no image): a detailed description, where and when last seen (or found), your contact info, etc.

    • Add separator lines, one line of four equal signs "====" and one line of four minus signs "----". This keeps your entry visually separated from the next one.

  5. When your pet makes it home, be sure to come back and remove the listing or move it to Success Stories page!

What Else You Can Do

When you first lose (or find) a pet, here are some practical first steps you should take:

  1. Visit the Yolo County Animal Shelter (where your pet will likely end up if it is taken to the police, or if somebody finds it) in Woodland at 2640 E. Gibson Rd. It is open Tuesday-Friday from 10am-1pm and 2-6pm, and open Saturdays from 10am-1pm and 2-4pm. They are closed Sundays and open for limited services (no adoptions) on Monday from 1-5PM. A shelter employee will have you file a lost report on your pet and walk you through the shelter to see if your pet is there. You may also file a lost-report at this location, please bring a printed photo if you can. Your lost report will be on file with the SPCA office there, and will be checked with every animal brought into the shelter. They will also scan animals to check for microchips, so knowing your pet's microchip number is handy, in addition to having the registration information up to date..

  2. Call the Yolo County SPCA at 530-662-8858 and provide a detailed description of your pet. If you have digital photos of your pet, you can email these to a SPCA representative to ycasrescue@hotmail.com

  3. Post fliers within at least 3-block radius from your home or last seen location and talk to your neighbors directly.

  4. Call the Davis Police Department at their non-emergency number (530)747-5400 (The people who found our dog called the Police Department).

  5. In addition to the Davis Wiki, post lost and found animals in the local facebook group. Members include YSPCA and UCD VMTH as well as several area vets and animal shelter employees. Please join this group and check it often so that it can be an effective community resource. You can also post ads in Craig's List, Davis Enterprise, Petfinder and Pet Harbor.

  6. Post a flier at Petco's bulletin board and other pet stores, along with coffee shops and stories where people visit often (libraries, Target, schools, etc).

  7. If you lost a cat, realize that the cat may be hiding during the day due to all the commotion and dogs being walked outside. Go out at night when it is quiet and call your cat's name. You may find that the cat has been hiding in the neighborhood nearby. They often don't go very far. There are excellent cat-finding tips for a variety of cat personalities at Cat's In The Bag.

  8. Call all of the veterinary clinics in Davis- people bring and report found animals often.

  9. If you FOUND a pet, take it to a veterinarian to get it scanned for a microchip. File a found report with Animal Control. Post in the local facebook group.

10. If you can't care for it, take it to the Yolo County Animal Shelter or post in the local facebook group to see if anybody can foster for the time being. 11. Do not take healthy cats off the street and bring them to the shelter. There is NO way to tell if the cat you are looking at is an indoor/outdoor cat or a lost cat however it is impossible for a cat to get home from the inside of a shelter. Shelters only have to keep a cat for 72 hours before it can be euthanized.... thousands of cats are killed in this manner of someone thinking they are being helpful. When you see a cat you have never seen before in your neighborhood OR see a cat in an odd area (public spaces, near stores....) but is otherwise healthy take a photo of it and post it to the facebook group as an FYI just in case someone IS missing their cat. If the cat is looking sick or is injured you can bring it to the VMTH as a good Samaritan drop off or call animal control to be advised.

GOOD LUCK everyone, and don't give up!!!


==LOST CAT: 08/26/2021. Hi there, our wonderful old cat got out last night and we can't find him. He's quite old, and has some health issues so he looks skinny. His name is Catkin, and he has 26 toes, 7 on the front paws and 6 on the back. He is super sweet and just loves people. He doesn't have a collar on, but he is microchipped. This photo was from a few years ago, and he was much healthier and had more weight to him then. He is a bit lean, but we love him. If you've seen him please send me a message at (541)543-4066, thank you!  - Jason   ==


**UPDATE. - Kitten has been found on  9/8, thank you all for your help in bringing him home**




Turnip, 1 yr old male cat, missing since 8/17/21; Last seen near Barcelona and Anderson

Very friendly, responds to treats; No collar, microchip number is 991003911213573

Please call Erin at (206) 465-9467 if you find him or have information on his whereabouts . All local vets and shelters have been notified.

Erin (206) 465-9467/eagibsonkato@gmail.com



==LOST CAT: 10/18/2019. Tuffy is a beautiful gray cat taken from our rural home and brought to Davis, where he supposedly escaped.  He is a smaller medium build with yellow eyes and a very affectionate personality.   He loves to talk and he loves people.  He could be in the area of Covell Park on El Cajon Ave, or in the South Davis area in the Mace/Montgomery Area.  We hope we find our beloved cat soon. ==







==LOST CAT: 01/25/2018. Dahei is a 15 years old tuxedo cat, about 14 lbs when lost. He was last seen on J st, between 8th St and Covell St. ==


Please call 530-574-8838 if you found him. He is friendly but a little shy. He is elderly so he sleeps and eats small amounts of food frequently. We've had him since he was a baby, we miss him very much.




==LOST CAT: 01/13/2018. Oliver Martin is 8 months old, about 7.5lbs and a very light blonde tabby== 

He's friendly though perhaps scared but could hopefully be lured with string or a soft, friendly voice. We can be reached at 530-601-7590 (alternate numbers on flier).


==LOST Black and White BUNNY RABBIT Monday November 20, 2017==

Please call/text 530-902-7907 if found or any information. Missing from residence on Drexel Dr., east Davis.


 ==Found cat: 01 November 2017.  Long haired calico (orange/black, white belly).  Seville at Mace Ranch==

Very friendly kitty.  They've been begging for food and attention at our house for a couple of days now, hoping they have a family and have just gotten a little lost.  We can be reached at 509 998 5005.



 ==Found dog: 6/27/17 around 10:15am.  White and gray pit. Village Homes/Arlington Blvd.==

As I was biking along Arlington, a dog -- white and gray pit or pit mix, photo below -- came out of the Village Homes walkway gate between Quakenshield and Shasta and then crossed Arlington. He was very friendly, and another neighbor and I managed to get him on the leash that I had in my bike trailer; he had a choke collar but no tags. A fire truck happened to drive by, so they jumped out to help and took the dog with them back to the fire station (I presume the station at Lake & Arlington) and said that their next step would be to call animal control. Therefore, if this is your dog, please get in contact with the Lake & Arlington fire station or animal control. I hope that he finds his owner soon!



LOST CAT - SARATOGA WEST APT AND GLACIER POINT APT AREA, LAST SEEN AT 6/17/2017 4AM. HER NAME IS BiBi. grey with black dot her tail is short. It got cut off before i adopted her.

Please call (415) 205-9045 if seen. 

She is really shy, two years old.






****LOST CAT - MACE RANCH AREA 12/30/2016 - Skittles. Please call (916)207-7729 if seen. She has tags and a teal collar and is extremely friendly!



                                                                                        ==LOST CAT==

Please call (530) 761-1129

"Goo," a white, flame point Siamese cat. All white with faint orange markings. Blue eyes, freckles on nose. Large build, ~13 lbs. Neutered.

No collar, chipped.  Lost on 10/14/16 in Mace Ranch. 

Please call if seen. Any information will help. Thank you!





== Found Black Cat with Green Eyes, 7/25/16 Between the Davis Library and Tennis Courts==

The cat is all black, except for a small white tuft underneath its stomach between its hind legs. 

Call (707) 227-8217, ask for Sam









BELLA, 17 weeks

Teacup Maltipoo (Maltese/ Poodle Mix)

<5 lbs

Tan colored


Call 530-601-1278

Lost ~10 pm June 27th near 731 Anderson Rd, Davis, CA (Behind shopping center with Trader Joes and Forever 21) 

She is not yet spayed and does not have a microchip. 

No collar/tag. 

She had her appointment for spay surgery and microchip placement the very next day. I had given her a bath so she would be clean for her surgery. Which is why she is not wearing her collar/tag. 

Please, please, please call if found. Willing to pay reward.



== LOST CAT: 06/08/2016 "Jinx", brown male neutered tabby ==

TL;DR -- PDF of our flyer: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B6LJvOj7KC-ccm1mWkxNMGdqNmM

Jinx is 16 years old (looks and acts much younger), bottle+hand raised **indoor** cat with regularly trimmed claws. He's extremely sweet, obsessed with cat treats, but can by shy around anyone but mom and dad. He will often, but not always, call back to his name. His meow tends to be gentle and "squeaky".

All photos from the last two weeks


Jinx was last seen on the evening of Tuesday, 6/7 and probably escaped the afternoon of Wednesday, 6/8, while his mom and dad were on a business trip. He was lost at the intersection of Arthur St. and Colusa Ave.

He is microchipped and was lost wearing a purple reflective breakaway collar with his name and contact phone.

Album of recent pictures: https://goo.gl/photos/Z3MrDv69LR8KLW5A8

If you find him, please call or text! 

Donnelly: 407.267.2993 | donwest@ucdavis.edu | @catscausetypos (twitter)

Philip: 510.859.3142 | pkahn@berkeley.edu | @tigerhawkvok (twitter) | +PhilipKahn (Google+)





LOST 4/15/16 -- BLACK CAT, male neutered. His name is Morgan, is 4 year old and is very social. He has "12-039" tattooed in his ears, and he carries a collar with name tag.

He was lost on 4/15/16 in Bella Casa apartment complex, by the Covell Green belt in North Davis. If you find Morgan, please call me at (530) 718-8370. Thank you!

Winston (1).jpg


LOST 4/6/16 Please keep a look out for my kitty little girl. she is 3 years old with all white paws "white socks", a white face and neck. and black striped tail like the cheshire cat in alice in wonderland. She is Spayed and has black white and brown markings. She also has a really big green eyes and a pink nose. She was lost on 4/6/16 at 4:30 am in the cranbrook apartments off covell and j win davis. Please call me if you see her. Kim 707 208 2222


Spayed female, about 14-15 years old. Partly feral; normally avoids people. Last seen in vicinity of M/N Streets, Davis, on the morning of Tuesday, July 7. Contact Steve at edberg@edberg-online.com or 530-848-9204 (text message ok)



FOUND RABBIT: 2015-05-02

Found near Willowcreek Parkon corner of Washoe St and Hoopa Place in South East Davis. All black with one white paw, the rabbit seems very tame. Contact Keith 530 564 1180.

Update 2015-05-08 : since last Saturday we have tried to find the rabbit's owner without success. If nobody wants to adopt this cute and affectionate bunny, we will unfortunately have to take it to the animal shelter.



FOUND DOG: 4/24/15  Found this morning at 8:30am walking along L street near 2nd stree. Dog had been following a pedestrian walking from an area near Konditorei bakery. Black and white corgi with tan along face. Neutered male, no collar or tags, no evidence of previous wear from collar. Contact: Stephanie @ 408 506 5223




LOST DOG: 03/26/15 Lost late at night. "Rosie". Australian Shepherd. Brown with white and tan markings on face and legs.

Rosie is the pet of Whitney Engler who is one of the deceased from the recent west Davis shooting on Glacier and Denali streets. Rosie is afraid of men, but should come to women. She responds to "here" better than "come". Please call the Yolo County Animal Services 530-662-8858 or 530-574-7970 if you find her. Thank you.




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