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The page is getting long and crowded. I thought it might be a good idea to move out the success stories, which I did: Lost Pets/Success Stories. What about the found and lost listings? A lot of these seem to be made by accounts with only one or two posts, it's unlikely for example, that they'd come back to update if someone picks up a found pet or if their lost pet is returned. Would moving the "Found" pets to Lost Pets/Found Pets (lol) be a good idea to help with page organization? Searching for Lost Pets does bring up the /Success stories. And any ideas on how to prune, keep the list reasonable? -ES

I like success on another page. I say keep found here. Maybe make a general "probably gone" or "long time" subpage for pruning from both? —


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2009-06-21 10:29:21   It is a very long page. We could either create archive pages (one for lost pets, one for found pets?) for pets lost longer than one year, or could simply state on the page that listings older than one year may/will be removed. —DukeMcAdow

  • Suggestion approved. Make it so. —The Management

2010-08-16 18:37:27   My kitty " Bruno" has been missing since aug16 th. He is a flame tip Siamese ( white with Orange Siamese markings) he has ice blue eyes and is approx.3 years old. He is microchipped... But I have moved. We live near Shasta and desoto in west Davis. He loves 1/2 and 1/2 if you see him. Please call me at707 761 6127. Thanks —Loriwaustin

2010-10-19 21:53:45   Pls tell me how to save my addition to the "lost pets" section — thank you. —KathleenTurney

If you just type it up here and ask, somebody will transfer it over for you. Just give a link to a photo if you can. If you want to try to do it yourself, simply go to the Lost Pets page and click the "Edit" icon next to the title (in the light blue bar). The wiki is a community of people working together, so just ask for help and you should get help quickly. —Evan 'JabberWokky' Edwards

2010-12-14 21:02:24   FYI I resized pics here because some were simply GIGANTIC. IMHO We ought to have pic size standards for this page. —PeterBoulay

2011-02-26 14:44:02   If these were structured as two separate pages that consisted of bulleted entries containing the photo and text then it would be possible to have them included into other pages with the fortune macro. The same format could hold true for the bicycle recovery page as well. The main issue I'm guessing is that it would be much harder to get people to use the right format. I'm sort of envisioning a "Keep your eyes open page" that could pull random items from lost items, lost bikes, lost pets, etc. and bring them together as a either as an offshoot of the front page, or in some other fashion. —JasonAller

2011-02-26 16:40:36   I feel that people who don't normally post to Daviswiki may post on this page, which could explain the large images - and the possible mismanagement of image sizes could be to a lack of wiki knowledge. I think that if you resize them, that's a good service you provide Peter :D

This page does need to be fixed up though. Sorry I'm not up to the task :/ —ChristyMarsden How about a separate page: one for lost DOGS one for lost CATS and other critters? This would help reduce the clutter and make it easier to search for lost animals.

2012-06-01 21:21:12   Move to end discussion with no further action unless any interested parties have further input. —jefftolentino

2012-06-01 21:22:21   Someone needs to fix this page. It's a mess. It needs regular maintenance. —CovertProfessor

Is the dog Dahiana still lost? I don't think so*, but then why are there still flyers all over the place near Research Park in Davis? I don't think that is such a nice thing to let them hanging there, putting people on the wrong foot; still kindly and worriedly looking for this dog. They should be removed by owner!

* Considering this: - posted on Friday, July 26! -

"changes Lost Petslast modified at 02:41 PM Image Dahiana.jpg deleted. gcoville Dahiana is reunited with her owner. Quite the tale on the fb lost pets page. gcoville"


2013-11-16 21:51:49   The best current place to confer with people who have lost or have found animals is a Facebook Group called PETS LOST AND FOUND: DAVIS CA. Please join and help, more eyes mean more recovered loves. —AlexPearson

2014-08-01 16:36:05   Wow, what an amazing cat that is: "Kimo". Bengal cat with brown leopard coat... Never seen anycat like it, beautiful. This cat must be an eye-catcher, hope he will be found soon... —ConstantiaOomen

2014-08-01 17:22:49   Great, he's found again (Kimo). Truly extraordinary.... ("leopard coat") —ConstantiaOomen

2014-10-03 07:29:30   how do i communicate with the folks commenting on the feral cats? i want to invite you to the facebook page: Yolo County Community Cats? Please and thank you! Laura Reyes,