For bicycles, go here, for everything else, continue...

If you have lost or found an item, (after doing the things below), list it here. You should also make tags/stickers reading "Reward for Return email: xxxxx phone xxxx" and place them on all your valuables, ESPECIALLY those things you carry with you or move around alot. Many, possibly most, people are honest and ethical and will return your item to you -for free- if you just make it reasonably possible for them to do so. Make a list of your items with descriptions, serial numbers, and photographs -that way you'll have something to go on when they disappear. Make a photocopy of the items in your wallet and your key ring. That way you'll know what you lost/who to contact and can also remember what keys went where. Don't carry around more than you reasonably use. Make backups and spares, keep them in a safe at home.

Lost items in Davis

  • Do you know where you lost it? If so, go there and look for it. Write a note "Lost xxx. Email xxx" and affix it there. Retrace your steps. What is the nearest place someone might have returned it to? Go there and ask if it's been turned in. Leave a contact for them in case it gets turned in. If it was lost in the Memorial Union, see the MU Information Center Desk or call at 530-752-2222. If it's very valuable, call the Davis Police Department ((530)747-5400 ext. 4 or (530) 747-5441) and leave a message. If on campus, visit the UC Davis Police Department, they have a lost-and-found. If not located at any of those locations, there are more Lost and Founds in the ARC and in Unitrans in South Hall. UCDPD also has a relationship with a commercial website that operates a lost and found website.
  • If it's a lost pet there's a page for that.
  • If you lost something in the campus computer lab you can check with the CRC to see if the item is in the computer lab lost and found bin. After a week the lost items in the bin is turned over to the Academic Technology Services Client Services Desk in 1440 Surge II.
  • If you lost something of value in a classroom or lecture hall, it will be left in the classroom, usually in a container of some kind in the front of the room. If the item is above a certain value (laptops, phones, small children), it will be sent immediately to the UC Davis Police Department's lost-and-found.
  • Sometimes, people place classified ads in The California Aggie.
  • Make a post on UCDavis Livejournal
  • Put up fliers.
  • Post on Craigslist and/or the Davis Enterprise.

Found items in Davis

  • Do the above in reverse. Leave a tag at the location saying "Found item, turned in to MU Information Desk" (for example). Turn it in to the info desk, or police department, or such. Sometimes it's actually better to leave the item where it was to give the owner a chance to return and collect it.

You can put down your name and leave your number at the both the UCDPD office and the MU Info Desk, but there is little else you can do except hope a Good Samaritan turns it in while you wait. The majority of people are ethical and will return valuable lost items if they can. It's only a tiny number of individuals who do all the damage in society.

Make sure you have contact information on the items you carry, so if something is lost someone is able to return it to you. If there's no such info, they have little hope of returning it no matter how much they want to. I put my email and phone number on such items (i.e. cell phone). Larger supermarkets have plastic key ring tags which will allow them to get lost keys back to you, assuming you give accurate contact information.

Found items on Campus

Lost Items in Davis

11/12/15 - Lost a set of keys - house keys and a kryptonite black bike key. There's a keychain with a leather pink fish and another keychain with a strip of leather with a Hawaiian name on it. There's also a turtle etched onto the leather strip. If you know where it is, please email or call/text 858-395-3539! Thank you.

05/18/15 - Lost my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the Silo upstairs, Silo restroom, or Rosseler around 3pm. REWARD. I can identify it as mine by knowing the phone number, unlock code, etc. email please! Thank you

04/25/2015- Lost my keys downtown. Three house keys, a bike key, and a Honda key on a white final fantasy lanyard. Fell out of my pocket somewhere near Between Whole Foods and Delta of Venus. Please call ASAP if found! 619 793-9424

03/19/2015 - REWARD!! Lost silver MacBookPro.  I left it on my car and drove off. Ugh. Maybe fell off the car somewhere on Sycamore or Andersen north of Covell in North Davis. Please call or text if found 415-505-0494.  Thank you.

02/21/2015 - Missing debit card! I may have dropped it yesterday morning along the sidewalk near Safeway and Rite Aid in Oakshade Town Center in South Davis after I went shopping at Rite Aids. If you happen to have found it, please contact me immediately at

01/09/2015 - Lost white/gold iPhone 5s in Downtown Davis.  It had a pink/purple case, but may be out of the case now.  It was dead when I lost it, so FindMyiPhone isn't working.  $100 reward, no questions asked!  The phone is disabled through Verizon, so it can't be sold. Thanks!  Call/text/email 916-337-4133,

I lost my black Iphone5 with a crack on the top right of the screen while riding my bike on 11/22 at night somewhere between n street and anderson and covell. If found please contact me at: Reward for returned phone!


11/13/2014: I lost my keys downtown on the night of the 13th. There are several regular keys, a car remote/key, and a bike key attached to a thick Giants lanyard. Please call 530-383-4137 if you found it...! I will pay a reward. Thanks so much.

9/10/2014 I lost my black American Eagle wallet on East 8th towards West 8th a week ago and was hoping someone might have picked it up. It had all my important cards. Will give $50 reward if returned. Contact Max at 5035450355. Thanks again.

09/09/2014: I lost my MP3 near the department of chemistry, perhaps when riding bike. It looks like an earphone, and the type is SONY NWZ-W202, white. It was powered off when I dropped it. Anyone found it please contact 530-574-8259 or Thank you very much.

08/22/2014: I lost my Android Galaxy S4 on the bike ride to work from east davis to campus. It is in a grey otter box. If you found it in a bike lane or by the curb please send me an email at I will furnish a reward of a well cooked meal or something comparable.

07/30/14: Reward for finder of lost keys. They fell out of my pocket while biking to the store. 3 keys on a key ring: 2 Honda keys and 1 key shaped like a guitar. On a long blue lanyard. Please call Steve 530-902-2013. Thanks.

07/18/2013: I lost my keys while out in downtown last night. Somewhere in the area of University of Beer, G St Wunderbar, and/or Tres Hermanas. It's a scion key, 3 door keys, and two gym cards. If you find them please call me at and I will pay a reward.

** UPDATE ** Someone found my keys and brought them to my gym! I love Davis!

06/04/2014 I had a pair of baseball caps and lost one of them last week, in the morning of June 4th, 2014, probably at DMV, Davis or on the bus line A. The lost baseball cap is a white U.S. POLO ASSN, with red design. I do not have a picture of the lost hat, but the one I still have looks exactly the same as the missing cap, except it has black design on it. If someone finds a hat that looks like the one in the picture and in white/red color, please call me at 530-574-7638 or email me at I will offer a reward for its safe return. Thank you.

06/03/2014 Lost a key ring holding 2 bike keys, a green key fob that says "Newman Center", a house key and a garage door remote, somewhere along 10th street between B and D, 9th Street between D and F, F Street between 9th and 4th, or 4th Street between F and the Davis Lumber yard area east of the railroad. If found please e-mail: or call 530.753.6802. Thanks!

05/27/2014 Lost my iphone 5S(silver) in a green case. I may have lost it in the second floor ladies bathroom at Wellman hall. Please let me know and email me at -> Thank you!!!!!

05/24/2014 Lost my Cellphone in Verona park, at around 23:00. It is a white i phone 4s with light purple case. Please call me at 530-300-0279 or email me at Thank you!!!!

4/10/2014 Lost my purse in the downtown area last night. It is a LARGE, maroon purse that has a clutch inside of it with my I.D, cards, etc inside. Please, if you happened to find it let me know! Offering a reward if found!. I will forever be grateful. My name is Lauren James and you can reach me at (530)219-2802

3/22/2014 This is a long shot but i lost a ring in the davis area around 2003. Its silver and has 2 lapis lazuli crosses on it. The edges kinda curve outward. Offering a reward if found. John —

john.bow33 at

3/21/14 Lost flash drive; black / gray ; not connected to any other keychain or lanyard. I can describe it further if needed. Please email me at Thank you!

3/15/14 Lost set of keys in sci lec, but no one has turned them in. attached to gold chain that says class of 2012. Please email at or text me at 925-286-0027. Thank you!

3/7/2014 Lost a set of keys on a small silver carabiner with a Minecraft sword charm attached. Lost around the Crepeville area downtown. Please email me at or call me at 916-671-6141 if found! Thank you!

3/7/2014 Lost my brown wallet in front of house @ 2318 Oakenshield Road Lots all my id cards. please email me at Thank you.

02/23/2014 Lost my Fitbit Force (Black wristband looks like a watch). There are three possible locations that I might have lost it. 1) La playa Park (near Alhambra Drive) 2) 8th street, near grocery outlet, dollar tree store, international market 3) Near Atrium apartments, complex number 100. Please contact me if you have found it. It really meant a lot to me. There will definitely be a reward for it. Thanks

11/16/2013 Lost pencil case, i lost my pencil case in giedt hall, it's a black pencil case with a XO cartoon logo. (if you dont know it, it looks like a penguin with a funny head). it contains a couples of pencils and a stapler, and some stuffs more. most of them made by MUJI, a japan brand so u can see many of them label in Japanese. contact me if you find it, email or call/text me 925 681 8749 (Bryce), I had this pencil case for more than 10 years, it meant a lot to me. i will appreciate if you have notice something like that and contact me. thank you so much!

11/16/2013 LOST IPHONE 5! My phone disappeared last night (Friday November 15th) somewhere in Downtown Davis, near Deveres. It is a black iPhone 5 with a black and gold floral case. If you find it, please email me at I know it's a long shot, but it was my birthday when I lost it, and the weekend has taken a frustrating turn. Thanks so much!

10/27/2013 Lost a pair of Dark blue w/ brown Ray Ban prescription glasses. Not sure when exactly they were lost (maybe Wellman or Coho) but I've been looking for a few days now. I've been sitting in front of class since I noticed that they were missing... Please contact me at if found. Thanks.

10/26/2013 Lost wedding and engagement rings in Labor and Delivery at UC Davis Medical Center - huge sentimental value, and I am devastated. REWARD OFFERED! If you find them, please contact me at or call me 617 360 1150. Thank you so much.

10/22/2013 REWARD!! Lost a white necklace and a pearl pendant in math building or on the way from math building to Atrium Apartments or somewhere else. Maybe they were not together, because it was very easy for the pendant to drop from the necklace. They are extremely important to me. They were my mother's, and she was dead 6 years ago. If you found them, please email me or call me 530-219-6550. Thank you very much.

10/4/2013 Lost colorful Strada purse on Unitrans. I can't remember if it was the J or W line, but it was on one of those buses. If you found it, please email me immediately at Inside are very important items.

8/21/2013 Lost Dior sunglasses, Brown. I left them in the private restroom in the Student Community Center. If you have found them, I would really appreciate emailing me at It was a gift from my mother and it means a lot to me. Thank you.

8/19/2013 Lost Oakley sunglasses around the Arboretum, Whole foods, Plutos Cafe, Trader Joes or various other places in between. Please email me at if you found it. This was my small graduation gift from my uncle.

8/7/13 LOST A GoPro in a brown patterned pouch/bag at Walnut Park in South Davis, either across from Brisa Villas on Lillard Drive OR the entrance from Sorrento/Brisa on Barony St. Could also be somewhere within the Sorrento Apartments complex. There are 4-5 videos on the memory card (I can describe the contents to you if you're able to view them). Reward if found, please contact 949.468.8383 or email; I'd REALLY appreciate it as this was a goodbye gift from friends. Thank you.

7/6/13 LOST A Brown Wallet. Only two cards inside. -$50 REWARD- Last place known to have was at F Street in Davis downtown. May have fallen out during bicycle ride home (The Atrium Apartment). If found please contact 530.574.2158 or THANK YOU!

6/5/13 LOST A PINK CARD HOLDER with my ID and laundry card inside. lost it on the way from tercero to soc sci 1100. If found please email THANKYOU! 5/10/13 LOST set of motorcycle keys with remote along Loyola - Pole Line - Research Park Drive. If found please call 916-690-1754. Thanks! 4/26/13 LOST IPOD TOUCH 4th Gen. ( with otterbox casing) Last place seen was Roessler 66. IF found please call 510-386-0073 or email THANK YOU. 4/24/13 LOST BLACK WALLET-$$$ REWARD- Last place known to have was at the Pink Berry/Whole Foods Quad. May have fallen out during bicycle ride home. If found please call 530.302.7588. 4/20/13 LOST GRAY/SILVER NIKE GLASSES CASE with prescription eyeglasses inside, on Picnic Day, likely on Unitrans. If found, please contact me I can give details about them. Thank you! 4/13/13 LOST Set of Keys. I must have dropped them somewhere in/near the Science Laboratory Building on Campus. They have a pink/purple Carabiner and a set of colorful keys. If found, please contact me at and I'll be happy to give you a reward! Thanks. 4/10/13—lost my wallet. I lost in somewhere in Davis, probably in west Davis. It is black with an orange zipper. It has all of my IDs and some dog tags inside. I will give a cash reward if found. If found, please email 4/8/13 — Lost my iPhone 5. It must have fallen out while I was biking from Cuarto across Russell. It has a filthy screen protector and an Otterbox Case. Email if found. Thanks. 3/21/2013 - Lost my Passport near Our House(or even at the very place). I am a foreign student, I REALLY need it. If found email 3/21/2013 - Dropped my cell phone on Unitrans (Route P from Memorial Union) at noon yesterday; Unitrans doesn't have the phone so I'm hoping someone might have found it. I'm a grad student — I can't afford a new phone! Take pity. Besides, it's clunky, slow, and has terrible battery life. email kreddy at ucdavis dot edu.

3/13/2013 - Lost my purse either on the Unitrans or possibly around the Anderson Plaza area at approximately 2:37pm. It is a multi-colored Strada purse. Inside, there is my cell phone, pens, index cards, my California state ID, student ID, and my bank card. Contact me at

3/11/2013 - Lost my backpack at the Silo outdoor patio, at approximately 12:30 PM. It is green with silver accents, and has a hole in the top-front of the backpack. Inside, there's a camel pack tucked in it, along with a book on Discrete Mathematics, a notebook, and a blue book labeled "UWP 101-9 Journal." Contact me at

2/14/2013- Lost keys, somewhere between Plant Environmental Sciences (PES) and the Domes, going between the Tri-Coops and the ARC Parking lot. There were many campus keys, as wells as for a saturn, bike, blue carabiner, flashlight, swiss army knife. Please email me at

2/1/2013 - Lost my keys in the wee hours of the morning. Would really appreciate getting them back. They're on a UCD lanyard, with a green bottle opener on the key chain. Email me at

1/20/2013 - Lost ~2am January 20th - Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 smart phone. It is white, bigger than an iPhone, has NOKIA and AT&T at the top of the screen on the front. I lost it downtown somewhere or along Olive Dr (maybe University of Beer, Tres Hermanas, Jack in the Box, or somewhere in between or along Olive Drive. Might have also been left in a cab). Please text/call me at 414-916-1036 or email at

1/3/2013 - REWARD!!! Long shot, But....I lost a wallet given to me for christmas a week ago on campus. It is a white wallet with a pattern of rainbow jellyfish with heart shaped eyes (bungalow 360 brand.) I walked from Storer to the CoHo and back, and a few hours later (still in storer) I realized it was missing. I have checked the CoHo lost and found, talked to the people in the storer office, and reported it to the police, but it is VERY important to me that I get it back as it was a really precious present. I am willing to give the cost of the wallet, which was $20. If you have it or know where I can get it, email me at

11/9/2012 - I lost a white Tommy Hilfiger wallet while biking, somewhere on the South Davis Bike Path between Allegre Apartments and D Street, or along E street from 1st to 3rd. I was biking from Allegre Apartments to the corner of E street and 3rd when I saw the wallet was no longer in my sweatshirt pocket—must have fallen out somewhere along the way. I've looked, but I haven't found it. Please, if anyone finds a white wallet with "Anthony Armendariz" California ID card in it, PLEASE call/text me at (650)644-5483 or email me at

10/10/2012 lost keys on blue carabiner key ring on B or C st. between 3rd and 8th. about 8-10 keys plus car key, please help! Mike at (530)341-3411.

10/10/2012 walking from chem 194 to SCC down california ave., brand new apple iphone headphones fell off my book bag. i know they are only headphones but please return! 925.470.6191 /

10/6/2012 LOST! Soccer Referee bag. Left at Davinci HS soccer field on 9/29/2012. Large black duffle bag, contains numerous referee shirts + flags + other items. Please call 530 401-6923.

7/20/2012 LOST! Dark grey Benchmade pocket knife, probably dropped along Russell Rd. bike path west of Rt. 113. Please call or text 530-902-4138.

7/10/2012: REWARD!!!!My wedding/engagement ring was stolen from Natural Nail and spa (235 F street) on July 10. Please return if found this is very sentimental and I'm just just sickened with the loss. please contact SybilHansen if found 916-212-9454 , please contact SybilHansen if found 916-212-9454

Found items

4/17/2015: Found an iPhone in a black case, on the soccer field in Community Park. I turned it in to the Davis P.D.

10/2/15: Found Kryptonite lock key on bike path by Student Housing yesterday around 2:30pm. Email to claim.

Found 10/23/14: Camera bag with memory sticks and camera charger, near Holmes Jr. High. 530-574-3488,

5/3/14 Found: small pendant. Likely lost near Varsity Theater or Starbucks near highway 113. Email description to: