For bicycles, go here, for everything else, continue...

If you have lost or found an item, (after doing the things below), list it here. You should also make tags/stickers reading "Reward for Return email: xxxxx phone xxxx" and place them on all your valuables, ESPECIALLY those things you carry with you or move around alot. Many, possibly most, people are honest and ethical and will return your item to you -for free- if you just make it reasonably possible for them to do so. Make a list of your items with descriptions, serial numbers, and photographs -that way you'll have something to go on when they disappear. Make a photocopy of the items in your wallet and your key ring. That way you'll know what you lost/who to contact and can also remember what keys went where. Don't carry around more than you reasonably use. Make backups and spares, keep them in a safe at home.

Lost items in Davis?

  • Do you know where you lost it? If so, go there and look for it. Write a note "Lost xxx. Email xxx" and affix it there. Retrace your steps. What is the nearest place someone might have returned it to? Go there and ask if it's been turned in. Leave a contact for them in case it gets turned in. If it was lost in the Memorial Union, see the MU Information Center Desk or call at 530-752-2222. If it's very valuable, call the Davis Police Department ((530)747-5400 ext. 4 or (530) 747-5441) and leave a message. If on campus, visit the UC Davis Police Department, they have a lost-and-found. If not located at any of those locations, there are more Lost and Founds in the ARC and in Unitrans in South Hall. UCDPD also has a relationship with a commercial website that operates a lost and found website.
  • If it's a lost pet there's a page for that.
  • If you lost something in the campus computer lab you can check with the CRC to see if the item is in the computer lab lost and found bin. After a week the lost items in the bin is turned over to the Academic Technology Services Client Services Desk in 1440 Surge II.
  • If you lost something of value in a classroom or lecture hall, it will be left in the classroom, usually in a container of some kind in the front of the room. If the item is above a certain value (laptops, phones, small children), it will be sent immediately to the UC Davis Police Department's lost-and-found.
  • Sometimes, people place classified ads in The California Aggie.
  • Make a post on UCDavis Livejournal
  • Put up fliers.
  • Post on Craigslist and/or the Davis Enterprise.

Found items in Davis?

  • Do the above in reverse. Leave a tag at the location saying "Found item, turned in to MU Information Desk" (for example). Turn it in to the info desk, or police department, or such. Sometimes it's actually better to leave the item where it was to give the owner a chance to return and collect it.

You can put down your name and leave your number at the both the UCDPD office and the MU Info Desk, but there is little else you can do except hope a Good Samaritan turns it in while you wait. The majority of people are ethical and will return valuable lost items if they can. It's only a tiny number of individuals who do all the damage in society.

Make sure you have contact information on the items you carry, so if something is lost someone is able to return it to you. If there's no such info, they have little hope of returning it no matter how much they want to. I put my email and phone number on such items (i.e. cell phone). Larger supermarkets have plastic key ring tags which will allow them to get lost keys back to you, assuming you give accurate contact information.

Found items on Campus?

List of Items Lost in Davis

9/27/2016- Lost a set of keys. It has a tube of pink pepper spray, house keys, a mail key, an m&m charm and a double diamond charm, and a bike key. Probably lost it in the Death Star but could be anywhere between the Death Star and library. If found, please call or text 7072460271. Thank you!

9/14/16- lost black leather wallet with remington shot gun firing rim on front. Likely lost in or around the safeway on pole line rd. Has drivers lic. And schoolsfirst debit card inside. Please call if found at 9494495291 thank you

4/18/16- Lost rosegold wedding ring (womans) most likely lost at UCD on picnic day- please call or text 530.402.3422! there is a reward

3/18/16-Lost my wallet possibly on the bus or at South Coho if found please email it would be greatly appreciated! Description: small, black.

3/4/16- Lost my wallet while biking between Storer Hall and The Art Building around 6:30pm. If found, please email $100 reward, no question asked! THANK YOU!!

11/12/15 - Lost a set of keys - house keys and a kryptonite black bike key. There's a keychain with a leather pink fish and another keychain with a strip of leather with a Hawaiian name on it. There's also a turtle etched onto the leather strip. If you know where it is, please email or call/text 858-395-3539! Thank you.

05/18/15 - Lost my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the Silo upstairs, Silo restroom, or Rosseler around 3pm. REWARD. I can identify it as mine by knowing the phone number, unlock code, etc. email please! Thank you

04/25/2015- Lost my keys downtown. Three house keys, a bike key, and a Honda key on a white final fantasy lanyard. Fell out of my pocket somewhere near Between Whole Foods and Delta of Venus. Please call ASAP if found! 619 793-9424

03/19/2015 - REWARD!! Lost silver MacBookPro.  I left it on my car and drove off. Ugh. Maybe fell off the car somewhere on Sycamore or Andersen north of Covell in North Davis. Please call or text if found 415-505-0494.  Thank you.

02/21/2015 - Missing debit card! I may have dropped it yesterday morning along the sidewalk near Safeway and Rite Aid in Oakshade Town Center in South Davis after I went shopping at Rite Aids. If you happen to have found it, please contact me immediately at

01/09/2015 - Lost white/gold iPhone 5s in Downtown Davis.  It had a pink/purple case, but may be out of the case now.  It was dead when I lost it, so FindMyiPhone isn't working.  $100 reward, no questions asked!  The phone is disabled through Verizon, so it can't be sold. Thanks!  Call/text/email 916-337-4133,

List of Items Found

10/2/15: Found Kryptonite lock key on bike path by Student Housing yesterday around 2:30pm. Email to claim.

4/17/2015: Found an iPhone in a black case, on the soccer field in Community Park. I turned it in to the Davis P.D.