The Love Lab is a mobile cart stocked with free safer sex products for students of UC Davis. The Love Lab travels around campus with the Health Education and Promotion volunteers. Every time you visit the Love Lab you can get two packets of water-based lubricant, ten free external condoms, flavored dental dams, internal condoms, non-latex condoms and pamphlets for free.

For a list of condom prices, Emergency Contraception availability, at-home HIV test kits, and more, check out the Sexual Health Resources Map.

Where Can You Find the Love Lab?

It is located in the Student Health and Wellness Center located on La Rue, across from the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC). The Love Lab is located inside Health Education and Promotion on the third floor. It is available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm and Wednesday from 9:00am to 4:30pm. The Love Lab also visits the ARC Lobby every Thursday from 6:30-8:30pm, unless it is raining. Come visit to check out all our products and get a product demonstration from one of our volunteers (and an opportunity to win a t-shirt)!


The Love Lab carries all of the following products.


Crown Skin Less Skin - Thin and ultra sensitive. "The closest thing to nothing at all." Lubricated, Latex, Non-contoured.


Fantasy Assorted Flavors - Lightly flavored with six stimulating flavors: vanilla, strawberry, mint, grape, chocolate and banana. Lubricated, Latex, Flavored.


Impulse Bare Pleasure - A ribbed and studded condom for heightened sensation. Slight rose tint. Lubricated, Latex, Ribbed and Studded.


Kimono Thin - Extra sensitive, strong, reliable and 20% thinner than competitors' standard condoms. Distinguished, Japanese made, the original Kimono lubricated condom. Lubricated, Latex, Form-fitting, reservoir tip.


LifeStyles Snugger Fit - Shaped for more contact and feeling. Designed to hug better so it feels better. Lubricated, Latex, Fitted Shape.


Trustex Aggie Spirit - Show your Aggie Spirit with these blue and gold condoms. Lubricated, Latex.


Trustex Assorted Colors - Bright and vibrant condoms that come in a variety of colors. Lubricated, Latex.


Trustex Extra Large - One of the most sensitive extra large condoms manufactured. Ideal for those who prefer a roomier condom. Lubricated, Latex, Larger Size.


Trustex Mint - Extra minty flavor for a fresh experience for both partners. Non-lubricated, Latex, Flared tip. Intended for oral sex.


Trustex Ribbed & Studded - Ribbed and studded texture provides the ultimate experience for both partners. Lubricated, Latex, Ribbed and Studded.


LifeStyles Skyn - A a non-latex, polyisoprene condom. The newest latex alternative on the market. Available Upon Request. Lubricated, polyisoprine


FC2 Internal Condom - Designed for as a pleasurable alternative contraceptive to the external condom. Also reduces the risk of STI transmission, including HIV. Can be used for vaginal or anal sex.  Lubricated, Nitrile (conducts heat well).


Flavored Latex Dental Dams - Lightly flavored and scented. Silky thin 6"X8" latex sheet specially designed for use as a barrier while performing oral sex. Available Upon Request. Non-lubricated, Latex


ID Glide Lubricant - Ultra long lasting. Non-staining, odorless, clear formula. Water based, will not harm latex. Extensively tested for safety. Silky smooth. Doctor recommended brand. Does not contain nonoxynol-9. Two Per Person

Watch It, Teach It, Win It!

Stop by the Love Lab to Watch it, Teach it, and Win it! Watch any one of the three demonstrations (external condom, internal condom, or dental dam), teach it back to a Love Lab volunteer, and you’ll be one step closer to winning a T-shirt or other prize (while supplies last). Complete all three and visit Health Education and Promotion on the 3rd floor of the Student Health and Wellness Center to pick up your prize. On your next visit to the Love Lab talk to a volunteer for more details!