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Lucas Taber

Lucas Taber is from a family that has made its mark on Davis and Yolo County as a whole. Lucas himself has carried on that tradition through his numerous exploits, adventures, escapades, dalliances and legendary feats of derring-do. His former home on Schmeiser Avenue was the launching pad for several events steeped in South Davis Lore, such as:

  • Office Furniture Olympics (of which he was the originator, founder and Grand Marshall)

  • The Murder Burger Burger Grab

  • Exploding Porta-Pottie Debacle

  • the Rainbow Head Afro Mall Run

  • the Holiday Cinema Box-Spring Matress Hullabulloo

  • the Flowers/Doringer B-B Gun Donnybrook

  • the El Macero Commando Gambit

  • the Truck Surfing Lunacy

  • the Adams Street Portable Christmas Tree Caper

One of the more notables of these was the Taber Train Miracle. This same home's backyard is the location of the revered Keever shrine, The Gazebo.

Mr. Taber was a contributing reporter and editor for the Davis High School student newspaper, The Hub from 1991-1993.

Along with AdamFlowers, Lucas was a statistician for the Davis High School Varsity Girls Volleyball Team under coach Jennifer Terra for the 1992 season.

Lucas is a graduate of the Davis High School Class of 1993, a charter member of Keever, co-founder of Geniuses @ Work and a former member of the influential Davis band Abdominizer.

He now lives in San Diego, CA with his wife Jobie Taber. They are expecting a baby daughter in March, 2007.