667 Main Street, Woodland
Sun-Thu 11:00AM-9:30PM
Fri-Sat 11:00AM-10:00PM
Payment Method
Cash, Check, Major Credit Cards

Ludy's is a Barbeque restaurant and catering service located in Woodland. Live music is played on Friday and Saturday nights. Walk up to the cashier and order your food first before you go grab a table. Or you can order food to go.

Ludy's offers different types of ribs (pork, beef, baby back) and barbeque chicken. Meals are served with steak fries, cornbread with butter and coleslaw, beans or potato salad. On Friday and Saturday nights only, Ludy's offers Prime Rib. Don't forget to grab a bib before you begin eating!

Due to the large dining/patio area and the restaurant's ability to cook food for thousands of people, UCD Greeks charter buses from STS very often throughout the year to eat here.

The front of the restaurant has a ceiling painted with the general motif of "flying pigs". The rear of the restaurant exits onto Dead Cat Alley and is a nice enclosed patio with large fireplace and a small stream winding between the tables. Two small bridges connect the areas.

Most BBQ places give you toothpicks when you leave. Here, they have these cool little packets of dental floss. Patrons wash their hands in the "wash trough." Pipes hanging from the ceiling have holes that water comes through when the patron steps on a peddle on the floor and the water falls into the "wash trough."

Ludy's claims to cater anywhere in California for parties of various sizes.


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2006-03-16 13:29:42   Oh Ludy's is so yummy.. It even smells wonderful outside behind the restaurant —JulienBiewerElstob

2006-03-16 14:48:34   I can't argue with the taste, but the food's too rich for my digestive system. I suggest splitting a plate with someone until you know your limitations (: —GrumpyoldGeek

2006-03-16 17:22:21   While the food is a bit pricey, you get what you paid for. For example for 13.99 you can get 3 pork ribs and 1/4 of a chicken with cornbread and beans. The ribs are good and tasty. I want to come back and try the rest of the menu to see how good the sandwich and burgers taste. —SimonFung

2006-10-02 16:10:02   The Food is good and there is a lot of it. The service is excellent. Not a place for ambiance though. —AaronDarling

2007-03-03 11:50:03   Ludy's is fantastic. Everything I have ever had here has been great. I am very fond of the Barbara Burger. It takes them a while to get the food made, so if you're ordering to go, it's better to call ahead. —AlexPomeranz

2007-04-05 23:22:45   we had to get rid of the wash troughs to expand our walk-in fridge. most customers are upset when they see the wash troughs are gone. —CorinneEpley

2007-07-02 18:36:32   It's true - portions here are big. I had one of their specials that day, which was the Pulled BBQ Pork Sandwich. It was delicious, and the barbeque sauce had a hint of sweetness. Their "tators," which are basically seasoned thick-cut fries, are tasty. It wasn't busy at all, so there was plenty of seating inside. I'm guessing not a lot of UCD students come here to eat, since they the cashier lady expressed her amazement by how young we were. However, that will not stop me from returning back to this place. Recommended. —at86

2007-07-02 20:19:25   This place is disgusting. In fact, it's one of the most disgusting places to eat in Yolo County. Their food is dirty, microwaved and not anything like real barbeque, at all. Don't eat here unless you like dirty kitchens and hair in your food type of dining. —JoshFernandez

2007-10-28 15:08:52   I love their beef ribs, actually I have yet to find a dish that I did not like. Oh the chili is a good thing to fill you up. —DonGibson

2008-01-27 11:34:13   Went here last night with my fiance, and the place was great! There was live folk music performed by the Putah Creek Crawdads, the Val burger was delicious, and the steak sandwich was really good as well. I liked their spicy barbecue sauce better heated and served at the restauarant than the one available bottled at Nugget. Their fries were good and actually tasted like fresh-cut potatoes, and the servers were friendly with their service being fairly fast. I would definitely go there again...looking forward to trying other items on their menu. Any recommendations?? —RMM

2008-07-04 14:43:14   As much as I despise a certain manager that works here, I can attest that they don't use microwaves and their food is really bbq'd. They use rubs, smoke the ribs, and grill them slathered in sauce. I used to work here and saw every step (though my memory is a bit fuzzy as I'm trying to forget this utterly useless time in my life). But the food is good...not good for you, but definitely tasty. —SunjeetBaadkar

2011-10-20 21:17:05   THIS PLACE IS SOMETHING ELSE WAITED ONE HOUR FOR DINNER WHEN IT CAME IT WAS COLD BBQ DINNER. Need to find better service. —Theangrydiner