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Lyle Najita
October 2003
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History of Lyle's Practice

I got interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine when I took my first massage course offered through the American Judo & Jujitsu Federation. In a fit of sanity, I quit my research job and enrolled at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I graduated in 2003, passed the California State Acupuncture licensing exam and started my practice here in Davis. The bulk of my practice is helping people with stress reduction and recovery from injuries. Reasonable rates, student discounts available. Unfortunately, I do not deal directly with insurance companies or with the workman's compensation system, but I'm very willing to help you get reimbursement.


I perform acupuncture using only single-use, sterile, disposable needles. My belief is that there should be some sensation but there should not be so much sensation that the individual cannot relax. For that reason I keep a variety of needles on hand. For pain issues, I will often use electrostimulation in combination with the acupuncture to enhance the effect of the treatment. For some conditions, moxibustion or the burning of mugwort ("Artemisia vulgaris") can be very helpful, especially for "cold" conditions. For those individuals who are not comfortable with needles, other treatments like, Tui Na or Chinese Medical Massage, Danzan Ryu Seifukujitsu Institute Restorative Bodywork or cupping may be employed. I may also recommend certain foods that may help my patients get their health back in balance. If need be, I may also recommend herbal supplements. These may take the form of herb tea pills, freeze-dried powders or even raw herbs to be cooked into a tea.


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