An art student works with clay at TB9 on UC Davis

The MFA Art Studios are for Master of Fine Art students in the Studio Art Program. There are several studios within the building and another 4 located in TB9. These studios are essentially a workspace for MFA art students.

The studios are opposite the of Art Building across Parking Lot 6. There is a short driveway which leads to the door (see photo).

Do not be tempted to park in the driveway, you will get a ticket. The studios are in use nearly 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You may, however, circle for hours and hours if you need to in order to pick somebody up.


The Driveway


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2007-02-26 01:02:05   LOL, the original photo of the art student was 300 pixels, which is why I didn't enlarge it. Sorry. —GreggAlexander