MoobileNet was the UC Davis wireless network (RIP Sweet Cow, Spring 2015), and has since been replaced by eduroam. The network was used by campus students, faculty and staff, as long as you had a UC Davis Kerberos login (the thing you use for email and MyUCDavis). For more information (like how to set up your PC/Mac to use the network and how to connect), go to their website at

MoobileNet was phased out with Moobilenetx replacing it, but Moobilenetx was deprecated around 2017 (info available here), and replaced by eduroam.

There were two wireless networks on campus - moobilenet and moobilenetx.

Moobilenetx used secure WPA-Enterprise (as opposed to WPA-PSK) encryption so all of your data was transmitted and received over an encrypted connection. This used to work with a special applet where you had to first log in to moobilenet and then have it transfer you over to moobilenetx. Then there was a transition and (or was it always?) you just needed your Kerberos login and WPA-Enterprise provides encryption keys without your manual intervention. These keys could be regularly changed without your knowledge which adds an extra level of security to your communications! That said,

You should always use moobilenetx for your security!

(As of 2022 you should use eduroam, but moobilenet/moobilenetx does not exist)

Another added bonus is that your Kerberos credentials can be remembered by your OS and so you can have near flawless transitions between wireless access points and have Internet connectivity as fast as your equipment can manage.

Here are quick links to get you setup with moobilenetx:

Alternatively, to connect to the unsecured wireless network moobilenet, you could in the past:

Step 1: Choose moobilenet from available wireless networks.

Step 2: Open your web browser and login with your UC Davis LoginID and kerberos password.

Step 3: Start browsing the web! But do keep in mind your connection can be easily snooped; don't access mail if your password isn't transmitted with encryption and don't use programs like AOL Instant Messenger. You may be surprised that your password to access mail on many POP servers may be in cleartext; and so too are mail that you receive. Most modern IMAP servers require encryption for identification and/or general connectivity; check to be sure. Someone can easily snoop on all your non-https web traffic. Things like online banking are usually https so they're generally secure — but if you see any warning messages don't use the site.

Shields Library is not known to have adequate bandwidth for the hundreds of people in the vicinity that, during the day, simultaneously connect to MOObileNet.

See also: info from

And, for the Campus Wireless Policy, rules and regulations see:

MOObilenet accessible areas of campus

See WiFi Hot Spots for a list of these hot spots or look on the map below:

(This map last updated October, 2008.)


In the spring of 2011 the campus joined the eduroam group which lets visitors from other member campuses use wireless at UC Davis, and UC Davis folks can in turn use wireless on other member campuses.


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2007-04-24 18:01:45   Many of the wireless spots dont really get a good enough signal to actually get on (specifically the one located on the border of hutchinson/storer. —MattHh

2007-06-11 00:11:53   Anyone want to wardrive the campus to get a dynamic map of signal strengths. I've really had hit or miss luck in some places like the domes which this map claims to cover. —AlexMandel

2009-05-15 12:22:25   What kind of speed does MOObilenet provide? I know the campus computers are blazingly fast, but I would be surprised if even full 802.11g WiFi speeds were available on the wireless. I suspect that it's heavily throttled, but I've not seen evidence one way or the other for that. —RobertM525

2010-01-04 14:53:31   Unfortunately, coverage of both networks is still not complete, and there are places where moobilenet is available but moobilenetx isn't. —CovertProfessor

2010-01-14 10:28:43   Suddenly I'm getting really good signals in Olson 241 (it has been impossible this quarter until now). Maybe it's environmental but I sure do like using my laptop's keyboard over old iMac keyboards (such high relief, wrist killing buttons!). Here's hoping coverage is continuous over the quarter. —RyanMikulovsky

2010-01-29 11:34:31   For anyone else who's been frustrated, I was finally able to get my (T-mobile) Blackberry to connect. Type: PEAP. CA Certificate: Equifax Secure Certificate. Inner link security: AUTO. Token: None selected. Everything else blank. —BrianNeal

2011-02-28 13:02:48   Does anyone else feel like moobilenet is incredibly unreliable? It usually takes me at least 5 minutes to connect and then it will often cut out and come back in. —RajanSingh

2011-05-09 16:49:00   Has moobilenetx stopped working for anyone else? I think it was like 2009 since the last time I used it. —MattCorey

2012-03-09 12:35:40   Moobilenet connectivity has been terrible lately (I'm actually posting this from my phone, hah). It seems extremely bad in the silo and the MU, particulary during peak hours. I'm no networking whiz, but it seems that the hardware is unable to keep up with the sudden influx of wireless devices. Even when I manage to connect on moobilenet or moobilenetx, I am often met with huge pings (on the order of 2k ms) or extreme packet loss. —AbbYu

2012-03-09 19:00:35   I've had problems with it lately too. In some areas, the wifi routers are getting overwhelmed with too many devices wanting to connect, although I suspect there are other problems too - such as the authentication server. I actually talked to IET about this. They said that it's up to the department (such as Campus Unions or the ARC) to request and pay for additional base stations if they want them. The problem with this is that the department that pays for the device is not the same as the user of the device, so they don't have much incentive to order better hardware.

I frequently am unable to connect with my own devices, and when I am, the connection often drops in a few seconds.

Oddly, I'm also sometimes unable to connect in areas with lightly used networks, such as around buildings where most people connect via ethernet. —IDoNotExist

2012-03-09 19:46:43   I haven't had trouble at the MU, but I've had trouble near the Silo. —CovertProfessor

2012-06-11 21:14:09   Does anyone know how to connect an xbox 360 to the moobilenet network? I've tried setting my login info and password but it still won't let me! —GabrielMunoz

  • Try connecting to moobilenetX instead, since moobilenet requires the popup authentication. —tyang

2015-05-07 17:34:13   MOObilenet has been retired as of this week. MoobilenetX is set to retire, replaced by ucd-guest for non-affiliates, and eduroam for campus affiliates. —CarlosBarahona