MUGA says Stare

MUGA [Short for Memorial Union Games Area] Aka His Earness / Mr. Lucky
Rabbit/Flemish Giant
The back yard of the Daubert residence is the closest thing to the owner, however he was cared for by the Sr Dauberts.
He was 12 years old, StevenDaubert caught him in 2000 when he was ~6
Super friendly, loved to chill and occasionally do cute rabbit stuff

He weights in @ 11.2 lb.

He was caught in 2000 just down the street from the chancellors residence on College Parkway. He was feral having escaped from the big white house next to the car barriers where he was slated to be Python grubs. Animal control wouldn't come and pick him up unless he was caught and the nice elderly asian lady with whom MUGA [at this time even though it was unknown he was called Thumper] had taken up residence was unable to catch him. StevenDaubert was rollerblading to the MU to play some arcade games and stopped to watch a crew cut down a rather large tree, Daub spent about 15 minutes thinking it was shame to cut down such a nice tree when he turned around and noticed him. After asking the owner of the house if she knew her rabbit was out she gave the above explanation about animal control. Daub spent about 10 minutes calmly walking after MUGA and figuring out what routes he took then boxed him in behind a storage shed. Later he was taken home to North Davis where he has resided ever since. Being un neutered it's amazing that he has only escaped twice, both times he went to a nearby residence and dinned on the produce that was growing before returing. MUGA will let people approach / pick him up, however when offered food he will only go as far as his front legs will allow him to strech. He has a handmade dinner every night that accompanies him to his cage so he can be protected from the large rats and possums that prowl at night. He weighs in around 10 lbs, and all veternarians who have seen him have marveled at a) how big he is and b) how calm he is

As of 2/4/07 MUGA passed away in the morning. He was chipper on the 3rd despite being limited in mobility. I scratched him down and he showed signs of enjoyment, and I also gave him a whole brocolli leaf which he wolfed down. My parents brought him inside around 8 ish like they do every night before putting him in his cage, and he seemed chipper but he was dead in the morning. I'm at work so I'm trying to mantain my composure, but the day has been rough. —StevenDaubert