First floor east side Memorial Union
Monday-Saturday 7AM-5PM
Web site

The Memorial Union Information Center serves the students, faculty, campus visitors, students from abroad, as well as the general public with their everyday information needs. The Information Center, "info center", "people with the stapler", is staffed by students, who are eager to answer your daily inquiries.

In addition to answering day to day questions and providing campus, bike and bus maps, The Memorial Union Information Center makes reservations for tables in the front of the MU and Silo, as well as display case reservations for registered student organizations and campus departments registered.

The Lost & Found for the MU is located at the Information Center. During the Info Center’s open hours, Mon-Sat 7am-5pm, they will accept all lost items.

The Memorial Union Information Center provides concise, comprehensive information in a professional yet friendly way. Team members lead the way in customer service and strive to serve the community in this important way; they bring the light of information into the dark homes of the unknowing.


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