221 G Street #208
Mon-Fri 10am-2pm, 3pm-5pm

Also known as "The Russian Lady," Mahin's Alterations is best for your "adventurous" tailoring needs, like making a pair of pants one to two sizes larger, in the waist, seat and leg. Mahin is Persian from Iran and speaks Farsi.


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2007-06-01 17:00:13   Whether she is referred to as the Russian Lady, she is Persian from Iran and speaks Farsi. She is an amazing seamstress and very quick. She can work wonders in a matter of minutes. I am a regular with her and I am so pleased with all she does. Not only is she downtown but she's so reasonable too. What more could you ask for? She makes me feel comfortable in my clothes! —NasMo

2007-06-02 01:31:18   She altered my prom dress a couple years back, and we went back when my sisters' wedding gown and my bridesmaids dress needed hemming. You can definitely trust this woman with a sewing machine, and her prices are quite good, like NasMo wrote. Plus she's friendly. —MaryLieth

2007-09-21 17:08:43   I brought her a formal bridesmaid dress 1 size too large to hem and alter the neckline. She did a good job on the hem, but it cost me $50 for the full skirt. The neckline was terrible and her hand sewing was shameful. I didn't even realize how bad it was until I had to undo it all and do it myself. If I would have looked more closely at her work, I would have asked for her to redo it or not charge me for the neckline ($15). In all, I think she is probably talented, but I think she has so much business that she doesn't have enough time or even needs to do a better job. She had a zillion bridesmaid dresses and uniforms in her office. I would go to her for hemming, but definately nothing else. I will try Hans next time. —lemurific

2007-11-04 10:12:58   As a long time customer of Mahin’s I was disturbed by what you have written. I must ask if you could do it yourself and $50 to high a price, why did you take it to be altered? If you had enough time to do it your self why not return it to her and ask her to redo it? And I am not sure what a zillion is but if you mean she has a four foot rack in the corner with cloth hanging on it I would agree. In the future I would advise you to develop some social skills so that next time you encounter an issue you can contact that individual and resolve it like an adult as oppose to going online and slandering some one behind there back. —sometime

  • sometime, I have no idea what is wrong with you. I am just reporting my experience with her. I was happy with the hem job and reported the price I paid for it. I had to redo the halter neckline, b/c the seams where much higher than my bust. I waited to get my friends' opinion, and all they all agreed that it looked wrong. Once I took a look at her hand sewing at the neckline, I was shocked! I can't believe that someone as skilled as she must be, would put out a product like that. I have very minor sewing skills, but I was able to alter her alterations and handsew it better than her. That being said, I would not have trusted myself to do the original alterations. I would have gone back to her, if I was in the same state once I noticed the poor sew job. The point is, it should have been sewn well the first time. Had I fastened the halter myself in the store, I would have seen this and said something. As far as what a zillion means - I would say she had at least 15 bridesmaid dress and about 20 uniforms. Her racks were overflowing with clothes, which made my dress become a wrinkled mess. That is my honest opinion. I would go to her for a hem, nothing else. —lemurific
  • Perhaps you should know the definition of slander before you accuse me of it.—lemurific

2007-11-29 21:45:29   I take my wife's clothes to Mahin all the time. She always does a wonderful job. Most of the time she is very busy, but always takes the time to have a quick chat. She has even hemmed and added patches to my son's karate uniform while we waited. Totally recommended. I've gone to Han's in the past, but Mahin is the best. —Aaron.Curtin

2007-12-04 17:44:17   Mahin beautifully altered the neckline of my Signature bridal gown on short notice almost six years ago and she's been altering my clothes (and my mother's) every since. As a petite woman (5 ft, size 0/2) alterations are often necessary. I find her prices reasonable for this area and she does a great job, whether it's shortening my dress slacks and designer jeans or tailoring my shirts and blouses. She is a kind, compassionate woman who trust her completely.

"Lemuric"'s comments seem suspicious. Mahin has always insisted that I try everything on before leaving. It's a nuisance, but she wants to be sure that I am happy with her work. If lemuric wasn't willing to do that, then she has no right to complain after the fact. If there was a problem, Mahin would have addressed it then. To not give someone the chance to address your concerns and, then, bash her work, seems very inconsiderate. For this reason, I am posting both here and on yelp.

As for the price, whether the bridesmaids in lemuric's posting got a good deal because they all went to the same place or there is more competition (near the garment district, perhaps?) doesn't matter. Mahin's pricing is reasonable for this area. Maybe we should follow the words of Thumper's father in Bambi "If you can't say anything nice, don't say nuthin' at all!".

For me, I'll stay with the kindest, most dependable seamstress that we're lucky to have downtown!


2007-12-10 15:47:47   I've taken her suits and pants for the past few years and have always been happy with her service. —AndrewBianchi

2008-01-25 09:53:33   Ugh! I am not sure what makes my comment suspicious. I am giving you my honest perspective. What is the purpose of the wiki, if you aren't free to share all your dealings with these places whether they are positive or negative. I just so happened to have a negative experience with Mahin. Maybe she was too busy - I don't know since I have never been back to her. It is good that other people have had other positive experiences with her and it is clearly apparent that she has long time loyal customers. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. Don't crucify me for sharing what happened to my poor dress. —lemurific

2009-04-03 13:17:31   I have been taking my pants to her for the past 3 years and have received the best quality of work from here. Highly recommended!! —adamc328

2009-07-19 13:14:59   I just want to update that I recently brought her a dress and several pants to be hemmed and she did a wonderful job. She also altered a vintage coat for me and although I wish it costed less, she did a great job. I am very glad I went back and gave her another try. —lemurific

2010-02-22 21:02:21   Has anyone gone to Mahin's for repairing torn jeans? —ARL589

2010-04-13 18:10:01   I've never gotten alterations before so I came to the wiki to see who was local and could do them. I decided to go with Mahin's and I am very happy with the result. She took up a too-long dress that I will be wearing to a wedding and shortened the straps as well. I am overall very happy with the fit and I felt the price was reasonable. —Babhari

2010-09-01 12:15:03   does anybody know the price range for mahin? i have a suit that needs to be brought in a few sizes on the shoulders and redone with multiple layers of stitching. does anybody know about how much she would charge for a service like that? —RonaldMegeath

2010-09-01 12:21:45   does anybody know the price range for mahin? i have a suit that needs to be brought in a few sizes on the shoulders and redone with multiple layers of stitching. does anybody know about how much she would charge for a service like that? —RonaldMegeath

2011-05-16 15:57:24   Last year my wedding dress needed to be shortened, straps adjusted and the bust area taken out a bit. Mahin did an amazing job with it and it was absolutely perfect! I would trust her with anything and she works very quickly. —NichoelM

2011-11-04 14:41:27   Had her fix a very broken pair of leather gloves today - she did it very quickly and cheaply, and they are SO much better! Would definitely recommend her. —GretchenW

2012-01-20 12:48:55   I needed some alterations done on a suit jacket before an interview. She did an excellent job and was very kind. Work was done within 2 days. Reasonably price, especially compared to new jacket. I'll definitely be returning for all my other tailoring needs. —Sar58

2012-03-01 12:29:46   Mahin is amazing. I had a suit jacket that I needed taken in at the back and she performed an excellent job with the alteration and very quickly too. I will definitely visit her again if the need arises. —MarkTwain

2013-07-02 09:05:33   Love this woman! I've taken her bathing suits, sheets to be made into curtains, suits, dresses, pants and shorts that were too big after I lost weight, jackets, you name it! She always does a great job and is so friendly I like to visit for a bit. Her stories about her travels to Bali are fascinating, too. —LaurieJLoving

2014-02-02 11:44:21   Mahin is AMAZING! I've taken dresses as well as skirts to Mahin and have been really really impressed. I've needed her to basically downsize the entire dress/skirt, so take it apart at the side seams. Each time I've ended up with something that fits me perfectly. I would recommend her for simple stuff (she's done great with hemming pants), but this is definitely the place to bring any more challenging stuff too! —daviscagradstudent

2016-03-12 20:43:52   I've taken numerous garments to her, to have her tailor them. These were expensive, specialty garments bordering on Cosplay, and she did a great job, each time, in a speedy and reasonably-priced way. —BarryRice

2019-09-14 13:57:21   She is from PERSIA , not Russia. Quite a wonderful lady. Talented, intelligent and professional. Very satisfied with the work. —Coachahmad