The Louis K. Mann Laboratory houses plant scientists working toward improving the quality of harvested fruits, vegetables and seeds. Named after UCD professor Louis Kimball Mann, the Department of Vegetable Crops faculty conducting physiological, biochemical and molecular research within this facility are assisted by numerous students, postdoctoral researchers and visiting scientists. Practical research conducted within the Mann Lab ranges from fruit ripening and seed development to practical storage technologies. Other UC Davis faculty have recently used the Mann Lab for studies of seed viability, stability of milk products, permeability of edible coatings, and parasite mortality. The facility, completed in 1965, contains a teaching laboratory, six research laboratories, 19 walk-in controlled- temperature rooms, two workshops, a darkroom, a growth chamber, a preparation area, a conference room, a computer room/library, and offices. The laboratory is located between Hoagland Hall and Kleiber Hall, off the beaten path.