622 3rd Street, at the corner of F and 3rd
Across the street from Panera
Mon-Fri: 11:30am to 3:00pm and 5:00pm to 10:00pm
Saturday-Sunday: 11:30am to 10:00pm
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards - Visa, Mastercard

Manna Korean BBQ, formerly known as Manna Korean Restaurant, now specializes in Korean BBQ, grilled right at your table. Specialties of this restaurant include: short rib (Kalbi 갈비), beef rib eyes (Bulgoki 불고기), chicken breast, pork, seafood, etc.

They also serve other Korean dishes (BiBimBab 비빔밥, Stew 매운탕, Chap Chae 잡채, 탕수육.....) and Japanese dishes (Teriyaki, Udon, Bento Box, Sushi.....).




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2011-01-10 16:45:39   Why no comments? —ashleyinthemist

  • There are a lot of comments on the old page (before the change to emphasizing BBQ) — if you've been there since the change, you should describe your experiences! —CovertProfessor

2011-01-11 09:59:42   We've been here prior to and after the remodel. I'd have to say, I liked it better before. I was really looking forward to the BBQ, in that I thought that I would get to grill my own food, but alas, it was not ment to be. We were seated at one of the grilling tables and handed a menu. After ordering, they brought out the food and started cooking everything for us. If I wanted that, I would have just ordered from the regular menu. A little disappointing. Food was good, but nothing special. I'd rather have cooked it myself, my way. —Aaron.Curtin

Yeah. Oz on Bradshaw Road in Sac is this way and its great. It would be awesome to have it in Davis too. -NickSchmalenberger

    2011-01-25 13:13:55   BEST Korean food in Davis. I love the grills! —ancook

    2011-02-07 14:42:31   This place rocks! Food & service are great!!! —kumi

    2011-03-19 03:52:00   This is the only Korean Restaurant in Davis. If its the best place in Davis, its also the worst. They ran out of barley tea when I went and they didnt even serve up the sweet rice for desert(yes I know they aren't obligated but I got used to it). and it was a pretty expensive meal(bulgolgi). two dollars more would have gotten me unlimited meat, more side dishes and cold kimchi noodles at restaurants back in the bay. This is a sad excuse for a Korean restaurant. —chand3123k

    2011-04-16 08:20:19   This place is one of my favorite restaurants in Davis. The food is super yummy and not only do they serve Korean dishes, but they serve some Japanese dishes as well. —peacefulsparrow

    2011-04-26 15:49:57   We had the bibimbop here yesterday and the food and service were both wonderful. —jlw

    2011-06-05 18:02:46   Sort of as a surprise, this has been added to our regular rotation of restaurants, and is quite good! —ScottLay

    2011-07-10 21:29:24   I had an amazing experience here...the food was fantastic and the people were extremely sweet and friendly. Can't wait to go back!!! —LeeorZilbermintz

    2011-07-28 11:14:11   I was so excited to have found a solid kbbq place in Davis! The food is excellent and sure the price can be a little high but I don't go often enough to burn a hole in my wallet and when I do go I'm so willing to spend on some good bulgogi that I don't mind if it is expensive as long as it is good! Being from socal I'm used to inexpensive good kbbq just about everywhere and Manna is definitely pricey compared to what I'm used to but you would pay that anywhere in Davis (and outlying areas) and the food wouldn't be anywhere near as good, nor the service. But really it is surprisingly delicious and the ladies that work there are really friendly. Also their iced cinnamon tea with ginger is absolutely amazing! I have withdrawals from that tea it is so delicious! —kann

    2011-07-30 02:39:32   had manna before the renovation and afterwards. I was not too found of this place before but after going here again recently, my experiences have been a lot better. The food is pretty good and the service is pretty decent as well. They do have the best Korean food in town considering they're like the only Korean restaurant. I'm not counting the other one because the other place's menu is kind of lacking compared to Manna's. Do try it —C.Ling

    2011-07-30 11:38:59   I used to really like the vegetarian teriyaki dish here — it was basically steamed veggies, steamed tofu, with teriyaki sauce and a salad. If you were looking for a healthy meal, this was it! But it's no longer on their menu. I wish they would bring it back! —CovertProfessor

    2011-09-10 15:44:55   I have been going here on occasion since around June 2011. I like the variety because the banchan is not always the same; sometimes there is a spicy cucumber pickle, sometimes broccoli in vinegar with hot sauce or potatoes dressed with sesame seeds and oil, but I remember getting at least 6 plates each time. Kimchi, bean sprouts, and seaweed salad with cucumber are always present. However, I think it is nice to have banchan and rice before the rest of the meal comes out. This may require a special request here.

    I like fried food and the tempura is always extremely hot and crisp when it arrives. Most of the menu is not a bargain, but the food is at least well-seasoned and some dishes are priced alright... The boiled dumplings are priced reasonably. —EdwardRiggins

    2012-03-29 15:10:03   Went here recently with a bunch of friends and got the bbq. When we told the waitress that we wanted to bbq the meat ourselves, she just handed over the tongs. We all thought the food was delicious. Maybe it's a little expensive, but it's fun with a big group of people. —Nerissa

    2012-09-24 21:44:22   I went with two friends for dinner at around 6pm~. The restaurant has a good flow of people coming in and out at the time, so no worries about the food sitting around for too long. One of my friend has the Chicken Udon, my other friend had a Eel rice, and I had a BiBimBab w/ a regular bowl and not the stone bowl. (Side dishes were included) We all felt satisfied and the food is decent. However, I must say for my BimBimbap, the meat did not taste as seasoned as I wanted it, but the hot sauce makes up for it.

    On a side note: We were intent on going to grill, we just found the place to be more expensive than we thought it would be. With a minimum of two dishes, the total bill will have a minimum of $40 w/o drinks. Being large consumers, I really doubt two dishes would have filled us up. If they can have an all-you-can-eat kind of grill system, I will definitely try it out. Overall, I am willing to come back to the place again.


      2013-01-06 23:44:34   This will be the second time I have dined here and I must say I'm pleased with both times.

      The first time I came was with a few friends and I had the Bibimbap (non-stone bowl). The second time I had the bento box #405 (Beef Bul go Ki with Tempura as the side)

      Talking about the more recent event, the Bento box is great.

      The portions isn't what I call large, but decent. It will most likely fill up the average person. The bento box includes a lettuce salad, 5 pieces of tempura (one shrimp and four vegetables), the beef bul go ki, rice, and the yellow radish + one more side dish that I have no knowledge on.

      The Food:

      The beef Bul Go Ki is probably the most commonly ordered dish for me when I try out Korean Restaurants. To me, if the restaurant can maintain this dish, I'd come back again. For me, I'd come back again to not only have the Beef Bul Go Ki, but other dishes as well.

      For the lettuce salad. I've liked the sauce that Korean restaurants use and I was happy that this restaurant was no exception. The biggest difference was that they didn't just pour the sauce on top of a pile of lettuce, but they did mix the sauce and lettuce so there was a little bit of sauce on each piece of lettuce.

      Tempura: This is only appetizing if made fresh and not sitting on a plate being heated. As such, the bento box's tempura was verging between hot and warm, which indicates to me that it was made recently, and deserves my praise on being tasty.

      Service: On both instance I have dined here, I have noticed that the restaurant seems to be short-staffed. I usually only see one waiter speed-walking everywhere servicing everyone, while also taking the food to customers + cleaning up the tables. To this, I give the waiter that took my order today + points, because it was apparently the place was busy, but the waiter still took the time to take my order + to not show how busy she was while waiting for my order. Definitely friendly and good service.

      On a side note, I would have liked the bento box even more if they gave more side-dishes to it like how I've had it at other restaurants. IE: kim-chi + etc.

      Overall, while the prices are a bit steep. I do like the food enough to come back again for another meal. (Although I would back more if their lunch specials include weekends too and not just weekdays.) —AWai

      2014-01-27 16:12:18   So tasty! We ordered just-vegetables tempura, which they were willing to do, chicken teriyaki, and jap chae. The tempura arrived hot and crisp (zucchini, onion, carrot, broccoli, Japanese sweet potato). Jap chae (beef/veg with glass noodles) was flavorful and the chicken teriyaki was tender and nicely presented on a hot platter. The banchan were very good! We liked the broccoli, bean sprouts, potato julienne, and wakame; other tables had emptied cups of their fried fish cake and kimchi, so which items get finished really depends on what you like to eat. Refills on banchan are complimentary. 7PM on Sunday and the restaurant was *packed.* —JudithTruman