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Marc Thompson, CMPS

Marc Thompson is a local certified mortgage planner. His team assists individuals and families incorporate their home financing options into their overall financial picture.

Buying or refinancing a home is a big part of reaching your financial goals and personal dreams, yet it can seem a little overwhelming at times. A mortgage planner like Marc can help walk you through the process from start to finish.

Marc has helped hundreds of clients in Davis, Sacramento and throughout California to find the perfect home loan. Whether you are a first time home buyer, exploring your refinance options, having debt issues, or you are an experienced investor, he can help you find the best loan to suit your individual needs.

Get in touch with Marc today by calling him at (530) 753-8800 or e-mailing him at mthompson@umaxmortgage.com. His office is conveniently located on F Street of downtown Davis.

What was your experience working with Marc Like? Share your thoughts below.

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2012-05-28 08:29:53   Have you ever had the experience of working with a business professional who treated you as though providing you with the services you needed were his only concern in the world? Marc Thompson is that kind of person. He's exceptionally skilled and personable, and his enthusiastic, down-to-earth approach to mortgage planning was very confidence-inspiring for my husband and me.

We had pretty good terms on our original mortgage, but the benefits of a refinance at very attractive current rates certainly appealed to us. The challenge: We'd both retired since our prior mortgage and had invested a lot in a small business that was just getting on its feet. Could Marc find a mortgage banker for us? He could! He did!

Thanks to Marc's knowledge, connections, and diligent effort on our behalf, we are enjoying the liberation of a refinanced home loan that meets our needs and our resources perfectly. Marc didn't let it show, but we know he worked extra hard for us.

Our initial confidence was well-deserved. Marc Thompson certainly has our endorsement! —SusanWilcox

2014-07-08 10:23:45   Marc Thompson is fantastic. Several months ago my wife and I were beginning to look seriously for a house (our first). We didn't have a good sense of how to evaluate our price range and our options for down payment, mortgage, etc. I had played around with a number of different tools online (NYTimes has a pretty decent mortgage calculator), but they all leave it up to you to figure out what information you need to input, so there's a lot of guesswork.

Marc took the guesswork out of it. He let us know what information he needed and was able to give us a detailed assessment of what kind of financing was available, what we would qualify for based on our down payment, and estimates of costs before and after taxes. Basically, he gave us the information we needed to make an informed decision about our budget and move forward with buying a house.

When it came to actually setting up the mortgage (which is handled through Mason McDuffie, the company Marc is with, although the actual lender is a third party), Marc and his office were great. He worked closely with our real estate agent, Raul Zamora of Z1 Property Management (also highly recommended), and the listing agent of the house we ultimately bought. Marc and his office were always responsive and easy to reach if we had any questions, and they kept us in the loop throughout the process.

If you're comfortable enough with the whole process that you don't need any guidance, maybe you can forgo working with someone like Marc. If you're like us, though, and have a reasonable understanding of the process but have questions and uncertainty about the specifics, Marc is a phenomenal resource. It also helps that he's an extremely nice guy who's easy to work with.

It's also worth noting that the mortgage planning services he provides are at no additional cost. Mason McDuffie gets paid for its services, obviously (I don't have a comparison to another mortgage broker, but the fee seemed very reasonable), but the wealth of information you get from working with Marc doesn't increase that cost. —TomGarberson