The reign of Marge. Marge and her boy toys. Marge was a free-range orb-weaver spider belonging to both the permanent and transient residents of 831 Anderson. Marge had two boy toys (names unknown) and prided herself on her north-facing web situated near an orange tree and a fence of purple trumpet flowers. Marge's hobbies included reinforcing the statutes of matriarchy, catching assorted insects, weaving, and drinking the occasional lager while listening to metal (preferably Luca Turilli).

It was advised that you didn't want to be caught in her web.

*It should be noted that Marge gave birth and lost some pregnancy weight as a result.


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2006-08-14 03:42:42   She's Beautiful! —KarlMogel

2008-08-20 18:13:45   Good lord, how big is she? —SunjeetBaadkar