Mariah Kala Watson is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2013 ASUCD Election running on the SMART slate.

Candidate Statement

What’s up Aggies!

My name is Mariah Kala Watson and I want to be your next ASUCD Senator because I want your voice to be heard! I am a second year International Relations Major and Middle Eastern South Asian Studies Minor from the beautiful city of Los Angeles. I am a Peer Educator for the Cross Cultural Center, a commissioner on the Ethnic and Cultural Affairs Commission, and the Publicity and Outreach Chair for the Black Student Union. I have served as the Chief of Staff for Senator Alyson Sagala and sat on the Cuarto Leadership Council.

I’m running with the SMART slate: Student Matter: Activism, Retention, Teamwork because I truly believe in the power of all students on this campus. In my first year, I helped plan multiple conferences, put on a concert on the quad (Votechella), and wrote legislation that not only helped many people on this campus feel safer, but got multiple communities to get up and get active. I’ve worked closely with multiple ASUCD Units. These positions afforded me insight into the operations of our student government, as well as the expectations and duties of an ASUCD Senator. Using my skills, experience, and time, I will be YOUR advocate and push passionately and effectively to improve your college experience TODAY.


Turning in evaluations at the end of the quarter doesn't benefit YOUR education within that class. EARLIER evaluations help improve your educational experience. With an anonymous option, students can give honest and confidential feedback. My process is simple. Smartsite already has a “mail tool” choice, allowing students to directly contact their professors and TA’s. I plan to include a option to hide your email to allow anonymous submissions. Let’s work SMARTER, not harder, to improve life within the classroom.


Re-invest in The Pantry. One of our greatest and most under utilized units on campus is The Pantry. The mission of this unit is to “aid UC Davis students in their pursuit of a higher education by ensuring that no student ever has to miss a meal or go without basic necessities due to financial reasons”. Times are hard for all students on campus. By reinvesting in the Pantry, we are investing in the physical and overall health of every student. No student should have to choose between rent and food. By advocating for increased funding, better resources, and alumni networking for the Pantry, we can ensure that we will have enough food for ALL students.




Mariah had been courted for a trip to Israel courtesy of The David Project prior to her election to Senate, and following her election went on the trip.

Mariah is also possible to peg as the worst president in ASUCD history. She successful led a historic step to tie ASUCD's budget into the hands of the administration by furthering the passage of a governing board similar to ASUC and ASUCLA - which was ratified by a Constitutional Amendment in the Winter 2016 ASUCD Election. The amendment was pushed deliberately without sharing the results with any Unit Directors of the ASUCD Audit by Student Affairs that it spawned from. The timing of the amendment was conveniently designed to take advantage of the recent seating of six new ASUCD Senators the previous quarter.

This move is characteristic of her general relationship with Intercollegiate Athletics and Student Affairs - two departments that previous Executive Offices were at least marginally skeptical of. However, Mariah embraced their company. Most of Watson's term has been dedicated to liaising to the administration through Student Affairs, dismissing all support of ASUCD Units regardless of their needs. She travelled over summer on an expense-paid trip to the University of Hawaii at Manoa with Intercollegiate Athletics for "business purposes", despite the fact that student fees indirectly cover the travel expenses. 

Her failure to uphold her managerial responsibilities with ASUCD Units and instead cement her role into the power vacuum of the administration, leading the association to be tied up into the administration in the process, puts her in a position to be considered one of ASUCD's worst presidents. 


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