Marissa Ayala is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2013 ASUCD Election running on the BEST slate.

She can be contacted here.

Hi everyone! My name is Marissa Ayala and I am running to be your next ASUCD senator as part of the BEST slate. I am a first year majoring in Environmental Sciences and Management I am currently an Aggie Ambassador and a member of Vision Dance Troupe. I absolutely love UC Davis and I wholeheartedly believe that ASUCD can and should do more to improve the life of each and every student on campus.

As a senator, one of my main priorities would be creating a more environmentally sustainable UC Davis. I would continue to make UC Davis more environmentally friendly and efficient in order to save money that could better be spent on students. The money we save would be used to create new student life and academic programs which would benefit all students at UC Davis.


**Create an ASUCD test bank for all students**

Currently other UCs utilize a test bank, where students can submit previous tests they have taken, and in exchange can make copies of previous tests from other classes they may be taking to help them study.

I want to extend these benefits to all UC Davis students as well and create a study bank where students can view and make copies of previous exams from professors to help them study for midterms and finals. This test bank would be a free resource for all Davis students and would provide an incredible study tool for our student body. An open test bank would also be an opportunity for students to get a feel of a professor’s exams and grading policies before signing up, and would provide an easily accessible and free study tool for all current UC Davis students.

**Extending DC hours during finals week**

During finals week the DC is an excellent place for students to study and hold study groups. However, currently the DC hours do not accommodate an increase in students during midterm and final weeks. As a senator, I would work with our student dining services to extend the hours of the DC during finals week as a safe and convenient place to study during this time.

As a senator, I would pledge to represent all students at UC Davis and will work hard to bring the benefits and services of ASUCD to our student body. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity to UC Davis as a senator, and I look forward to the positive change we can make together as a student body.

Remember to vote MARISSA AYALA #1 for ASUCD Senate and BEST #2-5, with Min/Cano for Exec!


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