Mason is currently the Administrative Vice-Chair of the California College Republicans (CCR). Officers of the Statewide College Republican federation are constitutionally ex-officio officers in their local chapter club (Davis College Republicans). Therefore Mason serves as a DCR and CCR officer simultaneously. Which also means ..Mason is a very busy man.

Most recently Mason was the Convention Director for the 2005 CCR Convention in Sacramento; this event gained attention on syndicated national radio programs such as Al Rantel and Mark Williams. The event is said to be the largest Republican youth gathering at the Capitol in State History, certainly a force to be reckoned with. He is best known on campus for videotaping the Gender and Sexuality Commission's Generation Sex Week. Although attorneys for Mason vouch for the legal soundness of this action, members who were upset by this claim that Mason violated "safe zone" regulations. Legal analysts continue to remind GASC members that there is no such thing as a "safe zone" described in the law, and as long as the event was paid for by student funds and opened to the public, it was entirely within "Mason's" right to videotape the event.

Political Leadership Positions Held on Campus

- Administrative Vice-Chairman, California College Republicans (2005-Present)

- Convention Director, California College Republicans (2005)

- Capitol Region Vice-Chairman, California College Republicans (2004-05)