Serious Candidate. Serious Issues. Serious Hats. Maxwell Kappes was a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Fall 2012 ASUCD Election running on the S.L.A.T.E. slate, so basically an independent. He won the sixth seat in the election in the thirteenth round because of the elimination of all other remaining candidates, being shy of threshold by a little more than one vote. Needless to say, his father could be a little more proud.

Following his Senator term and suffering from a massive case of not giving a fuck about student government Max decided to run for the ASUCD Vice Presidency with Armando Figueroa in the Winter 2014 ASUCD Election. The two ran on a fusion SMART/Independent ticket, with a goal to actually bring diverse opinions not just to ASUCD as a whole but to the executive office in particular. This time he has been endorsed by The Aggie and KDVS, making him an oddly legitimate candidate given he still hasn't taken the squid off of his head. He also won, which he found very disappointing.

As a senator he was an advocate for clubs, but was railroaded by NOW and the Outreach Assembly whenever he tried to give them any power or semblance of power within ASUCD. He had issue with many ways ASUCD was run, but being a powerless independent who didn't want to yell at people did little more than call ASUCD a giant circle jerk.

As VP, he ran at the budget with a machete, but could only make small cuts totaling up to about 15% of the total subsidized budget. He promises next time he'll try harder (and as he leaves he actually is).  He also pretended to get drunk during divestment.  On the bright side, he actually got some of his senate club platforms through with the help of Outreach Assembly (oh the irony). 

Before Senate

Before Maxwell Kappes ran for ASUCD Senate he founded some clubs and did some volunteering and some other stuff.

President; Davis Urban Gaming Group

Co-Founder; Davis Cards and Games

Head Administrator; Humans vs. Zombies

Former Member; Cuarto Leadership Council

Member; Internal Affairs Commission

Volunteer; Elections Committee

Volunteer; KDVS

Intern; Justin Goss

Winter 2014 Vice President Candidate Statement

Peace Community,

I’m Armando Figueroa and I previously served as ASUCD senator, but more importantly, a student leader serving all underrepresented progressive student communities, working with various departments such EOP, Student Housing and the SRRC, as well as many student organizations on campus.

I’m Maxwell Kappes, and I previously served as your ASUCD Senator as well, representing the more than six hundred clubs on campus with my experiences from leading Davis Urban Gaming Group, Humans versus Zombies, and serving as an officer on several other groups.

Together we are running for President and Vice President of ASUCD. We are a coalition of SMART and Independent, looking to serve all students.

Make the Transition Out of the Dorms Easier When student housing finally welcomes first years and transfers into the community, it can be difficult for students to manage new parts of their lives alongside increasingly challenging schoolwork. We intend to expand Counseling and Psychology Services (CAPS) to include conflict resolution services, specifically to assist with roommate issues and dealing with the challenges of a group living dynamic that apartment dwelling frequently presents. Additionally, we want to expand the Student Farm’s relationship with the Pantry, so students new on their own know what foods to eat and how to cook them.

Advocate for More Study Spaces, 24-Hour Computer Labs As senators, both of us were involved in expanding student involvement in campus renovations and construction. Using that experience, we will serve as fierce advocates for an expansion of round-the-clock studying spaces and computer labs. By the end of our term, when someone mentions “the 24-hour room,” you’ll have to ask them to clarify which one.

Bring More Student Services to Everyone ASUCD is remarkable in that it provides more distinct services than any other UC student government. However, many of these services, such as The Pantry, a food bank for undergraduates, and Aggie Legal Services, which offers free consultation from a lawyer, and underutilized and obscured from the bureaucracy that threatens to reign over them. We want to give all of our units a better opportunity to actually serve students, as well as increase the services provided to all Aggies, including affordable senior portraits and professional audio recording.

Create SMARTer Connections with Student Organizations and Units Student organizations frame most Aggies’ UC Davis experience, but frequently, it can be difficult to find your niche. The Activities Fair, currently the easiest way to interact with the most amount of clubs, is nearly halfway into fall quarter, long after most rush events and welcome weeks. By working with student housing and the Center for Student Involvement to move this key event to week zero, first year Aggies can get a better understanding of all of the opportunities provided by their peers. We intend to involve ASUCD’s resources in club life beyond the first week of school as well, providing more collaborative opportunities for student organizations.

Active Campus, Active Aggies Campus life should not end before the buses stop running. After a midterm, or during a study break, being able to relax and interact with your fellow Aggies are among the best ways to maintain a high level of mental health. Our proposed activities range from weekly trivia nights at the on-campus pub to rentable sporting goods at the quad, with frequent open mic nights and karaoke events. We want to see UC Davis as a center of student engagement, not just the place you go to take classes.

Promote Student Advocacy to Administration, not the other way around Over the last decade, communications between high level administration and the student body has decreased to the point that only the executive office has frequent contact with those in positions that can enact real change. As your executives, we want to open these communications up to all students, as well as serving as the loudest voice in the room. With us, administration won’t be able to try to raise tuition or cut more sports because there will too many students at the table.

Vote for a better, SMARTer future. VOTE FIGUEROA/KAPPES for ASUCD President and Vice President and VOTE S.M.A.R.T. OR Independent for ASUCD Senate.

Fall 2012 Senate Platforms

Taking ASUCD Senate as seriously as it deserves.


We have over 400 registered student organizations on campus, but right now, with only a few exceptions, it takes a culture week for them to band together for the benefit of the campus. With each student organization so isolated from one another, we have situations like that with Davis College Democrats and Davis College Republicans, where a proposed debate has been in contention for over two years. I’m working with Miles Thomas, President of the League of Campus Organizations, and the Center for Student Involvement to create a committee where every student organization can send a representative to an ASUCD body to organize large, multi-club events, work closer with student government, and promote themselves more effectively to the student body.


As a head administrator of Humans v Zombies game on campus I have a lot of experience organizing campus-wide entertainment events. I believe that students are empowered by taking control of their college experience and creating their own events. Entertainment Council should be funding and/or promoting high-energy events such as the Davis Dance Marathon, Campus-Wide Capture-the-Flag, and Battle at the Quad. The current model for Entertainment Council is great, but too narrow in focus. In broadening Entertainment Council’s scope to campus events that make Davis stand out among the UC’s, Davis can be a richer campus.


Max, full of sorrow after realizing he actually won

While Maxwell's intention was to initially run for Senate as a sort of joke his campaign progressively took a more serious turn. Sure, he made people hats to wear and wore his silly squid hat for four solid weeks and made a less than serious video he always made sure to keep his very serious platforms distanced from the more goofy campaign.

His campaign slogans included: Make his father proud! Serious Candidate. Serious Issues. Serious Hats. Think outside the box. Think inside another box. Can I haz vote? He wears the hats in this relationship. Let's win this race! The candidate for the daviswiki generation!

Endorsement-Like Actions/Statements/Etc

Alyson Noele Sagala formally and retroactively endorsing Maxwell Kappes for ASUCD. Armando Figueroa telling people that Max is a cool guy during the election He's running a campaign somewhere between Rob Roy and Justin Goss - Liam Burke

For all you UCD undergrads, I highly recommend a vote for two good friends of mine- Liam Burke and Maxwell Kappes, in no particular order. Both are smart, knowledgeable candidates that will do a fantastic job if elected. - Dylan Schaefer, but if you read in between the lines you can tell he is totally telling you to vote for Max over Liam.

Maxwell, Of course I retroactively endorse you. And if a time machine is invented any time soon, I'll help you campaign to win a seat in the Winter 2012 ASUCD Elections. - Rob Roy after being publically asked for an endorsement on the facebook event of Evan Rothstein.

Some people also made facebook shoutouts about how cool Max was including Controller Melanie Maemura, Yara Zokaie, Ryan Meyerhoff, Justin Goss, Sergio Cano, Patrick Sheehan, Paul Min, among others. He also got Greg Webb to tell his sister to vote for him and Eli Yani to acknowledge his existence. Odd to get so much establishment from someone who started his campaign as a joke.

Liam Burke also wore one of Max's paper campaign hats, but quickly put the hat away before Max was able to take a picture. Was Liam just too ashamed to let people know that he actually was going to vote Max #1 instead of himself?

Maxwell Kappes: A History

Maxwell Kappes came to UC Davis as a doe-eyed transfer student. He was quickly seduced by the independent nature of Justin Goss, much to the irritation of his classmate and maybe sort-of friend Patrick Sheehan. After botching an interview for the Internal Affairs Commission he became disillusioned with the system and wanted nothing less than to burn it all down.

We imagine the call to run looked something like this. Soon he began scheming. Having a hatred of slates (not believing that so many people could legitimately share the same opinions, be it in school government of national politics) he came up with the best idea ever: mock the entire system. With his co-conspirators Thanh Vu and Colten Saunders he decided to troll the Winter 2012 ASUCD Election. With their willing underling Miles Thomas the four of them decided they would create a new slate; Italics, to challenge what was the only functioning party: BOLD. The plan was to make a mockery of each candidates platforms, but then Max got bored with the idea and it never got off the ground. Ultimately, Colten Saunders still decided to run for ASUCD Senate on the only semi-serious Italics platform, bringing back the ASUCD Book Exchange. Patrick Devlin, someone who overheard Max talk about ASUCD once also ran, but was unrelated to all of his plans.

Following that Maxwell decided to lay low and sell out. He joined the Internal Affairs Commission and went to senate meetings occasionally. When Fall came around again he found himself at a crossroads. Should he run for senate? If so, should he be a giant joke or be serious? He was courted by the BEAST (Better Empowering Activism in Students Today) slate but after it failed to get off the ground he found himself an orphan. Slateless and alone Max was left with one option, run for Senate. He did that.

It was time to be BOLD and have a GO at a senate run. He decided to take the LEAD on issues had a real Student Focus. He was going to put a JAM in the system and Ignite a new Focus on Student LEADership. He was going to get his friends together and urge some FUCKing campus kindness. A new day had dawned. Max realized what he had to do. His senate run wasn't a joke anymore.. It wasn't some trivial thing. People believed in him. They thought he was SMART and that he could ACT NOW to get the job done. But if Max was going to run for senate, he was going to do the job right. He was going to be a Student Leading Activism Through Empowerment.

And then he won.


Said nobody ever The best part is nobody looks like they're treating this like anything unusual. Maxwell Kappes has tried to take ASUCD Senate as seriously as it deserves to be taken, and because of it is not taken very seriously. He tries to uphold his values through actions like giving joke speeches for committee positions, sarcastic quips in his arguments and filling his weekly reports with non-sequiturs. That being said he still tries to be hyper involved, only behind Kabir Kapur for most time spent on the third floor, holding ten office hours a week and spending as much time as he can give in commissions and commission interviews.

If you want to tell Max he is doing a bad job, a good job, or some other form of job he can be found on campus pretty much all day. His office hours are Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10am - 4pm or so in MU 344. He can be contacted on facebook or by vuvuzela (if you happen to have one).

Because Max doesn't like slates and doesn't take the idea of them serious he will jump affiliation from time to time. While elected as a member of S.L.A.T.E. he officially disaffiliated himself from the organization on January 17th, 2013 following accusations of not having developed a drinking problem, and aligned himself with the very defunct FUCK slate. In the Winter 2013 ASUCD Election, he was a campaign manager for the BEST Slate.

He has so far failed to increase the size of senate, create a mouthpiece for clubs or bring more entertainment to campus. On the bright side he totally gave Berkeley the finger.

Max has served as the adoptive senator for The Aggie, AggieTV, and Tipsy Taxi. Additionally he has sat on URSAC, Media Board, SFAC, and the Cocaine Committee (CRAC). For some reason his senate elected him pro-temp of senate, but that might be because they were sick of him running.


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2013-01-21 12:23:41   As a campaign manager of the Friends Urging Campus Kindness, I'm happy to designate you as an Official Candidate of our slate. Despite the fact that you were elected. And because essentially anyone who asked could be a member of our slate, and all members of our slate are Official Candidates by tradition.

Besides, you have the perfect pedigree to join the Friends anyway: gamer, IAC, Elections Committee, KDVS. —BrentLaabs

2013-03-17 15:53:47   You WISH you were any where NEAR as cool as I am! —DylanSchaefer

2013-03-18 20:43:01   No Dylan, you wish you were half the cool I am. —MaxwellKappes

2013-03-18 23:34:36   Max is a pretty cool guy. he represents students and doesnt afraid of anything —RyanMeyerhoff

2013-08-09 03:09:38   two thumbs up !!! —JeffersonChau

2013-08-09 09:48:26   fight the good fight —StevenDaubert

2013-09-27 17:16:58   Keep the good fuck, Maxwell. —RobRoy

2013-09-30 01:26:02   re: the piece of shit speech he gave.

lol nothing changes —RyanMeyerhoff

2013-11-17 14:48:39   I can't wait for you to apply to med school in 5 years and then realize the monster you have created —StevenDaubert