Davis McDonald's
4444 Chiles Road (in South-East Davis)
Lobby: 7 Days/week 5AM-11PM
Drive-Thru: Open 24 Hours
++ Breakfast: 4am - 10:30am 7days/week
Playplace for Kids
Yes; Outdoor (typically locked during Wet Weather days)
1 (530) 753-5001
Store Manager: Susana Vega
Career Opportunities
Apply Today

This is the standard McDonald's restaurant with all the menu items. Perhaps McDonald's most (in)famous hamburger is the Big Mac; it often seems to be the standard by which calorie-food is judged ("Oh, don't eat that — that's like eating five Big Macs!").

After a successful launch of McDonald's new "McCafé" Specialty coffee menu in 2008, we recently brought a brand new and fantastic Icy Treat known as the "Frappé" to this location. The Frappé is a Blended Ice drink that comes in either Mocha or Caramel flavors, while having no actual coffee in the drink it has a hint of drip-coffee flavor for the coffee lovers among us. Along with the Frappé this past Summer, we introduced the McCafé Real-Fruit Smoothie! They are a simple blend of Ice, Low-Fat Yogurt (with option for no yogurt), and 1 of 2 flavors made from real fruit: Strawberry Banana or Wild Berry (Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries). The classic McDonald's MilkShake has also been re-introduced as the "McCafé Shake". It is the same popular Shake recipe with a brand new look (e.g. New "Clear" cups and the addition of Whipped Cream and a Cherry) for a new McDonald's. The sizing convention of the shakes have also been modified from the former 16, 22, and 32 oz sizes to coincide with the McCafé sizes of 12, 16, and 22 oz (small, medium, and large respectively).

Once again, McDonald's is expanding its ever-growing McCafé menu with the recent addition of the "Caramel Mocha" flavor espresso drink. It's the same popular Mocha flavored drink now with the sweet taste of caramel. In addition, we have also added the Large (22oz) size Hot Chocolate (previously available in small and medium only), as well as "Iced Chocolate". The same great taste of Hot Chocolate now in Iced form! (also available in all 3 sizes).

McDonald's has recently brought back the McRib sandwich. This item is only available for a limited period of time each year and officially came out on December 17, 2012. However, some McDonald's restaurants were already serving the McRib before the official launch date. Once it is gone it is gone until the next year.

On the morning of Halloween, 2006-10-31, someone found a body in the parking lot (SacBee article, pay for play).

This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.



The Express McDonald's (2006).

Express McDonald's
640 W. West Covell Boulevard (by The Guad)
Former Hours
7 Days/week: 7AM-10PM
++ Breakfast Hours: 7AM-10:30AM
Playplace for Kids
(530) 756-8886

NOTE: This location closed on October 25th, 2012.

A McDonald's Restaurant where the menu was reduced and simplified.

The Express McDonald's in North Davis was located near the Davis Senior High School. Unlike most McDonald's (which are free-standing), this one was lodged between DOSiRAK and Taqueria Guadalajara. When it opened initially, ordering was a two step process, where one would order at a kiosk in front of the main counter, and then pay at the main counter, but this didn't seem to make it any more "express" than a regular McDonald's. Shortly after opening, the two-step maneuver was nixed and the mini-ordering station was removed.

Dickies BBQ Pit is moving into the previous location of the McDonald's Express.


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I would proceed Express McDonald's with caution as my roommate has gotten ill from their food before. - StevenWong

Coke from a can, McDonald's, glass bottle, and plastic bottle.

The South Davis McDonald's is terrible. We had a number of burnt fries that tasted fishy, and the coke was severely watered down, even though we got it directly from the dispenser and didn't use ice. We also did an experiment where we taste compared McDonald's coke to three other types of Coca-cola (can, glass bottle bought from Taqueria Guadalajara, and plastic bottle). When poured into the McDonald's plastic cup, everything tasted awful. When we closed our eyes and randomly sampled the drinks from a glass using a straw, we couldn't distinguish between can and plastic bottle Coke, glass bottle Coke tasted more spiced, and the McDonald's Coke tasted plasticky, watery, and gross. —CraigBrozinsky

That could just be the nature of fountain drinks, and Davis tap water might have had something to do with it. Maybe you should try the experiment again with soda from several other restaurants.AmyZimmerman

I am saddened by your lack of appreciation for McDonald's Coke, CB. There have been many a time I have made a trip to McDonald's solely for their superior Coca-Cola. It possesses a certain ebullience about it, somehow providing a crisper, more refreshing flavor than any other Coke I have tasted to date. Indeed, the discoloration of the McDonald's Coke in your image is a clear indication of an anomaly: either there was an abundance of melted ice in your beverage, or the fountain from which you procured your drink was low on syrup, which can give it a flavorless quality. I recommend you give McDonald's Coke a second chance, because I truly believe it to be one of life's finer pleasures. —JasonHaberman

McDonalds has it's own blend of coke, that has more sugar. It also has it's own blend of hienz with more sugar! etc StevenDaubert

Fountain soda is actually packaged syrup mixed with carbonated soda water in the machine. i've worked at round table and seen the hoses run from the boxes of syrup into the ground, under the floor, and up into the machines —FredChen

2007-05-13 15:13:13   The coke comparison picture makes me never want to try anything from a McDonald's soda machine. —Jedron

2007-07-19 17:53:45   I love eating there i am brain washed to love this place great place to get heart disease but i love it —dickjones

2007-07-29 18:05:14   I think dickjones is trolling and I've seen him on other posts as well. On the main topic, the coke in mcdoanlds (or any dispenser machine/fountain thingy) are usually watered down because they don't actually use coke, they use the syrup, so a difference in color/transparcy is expected. —JamesLi

  • Very good point. I was trying to point out the McDonald's coke is especially watered down, even for a dispenser machine place. I encourage someone to follow up by comparing McDonald's, canned, and some other place's dispenser coke. My prediction is that McDonald's is going to be the lightest. —CraigBrozinsky
  • considering the state of the place, i would guess that they dont care much to replace the syrup that often —FredChen

2007-07-30 18:20:31   i am a big fan of mcdonalds during the summer because of the 69 cent soda. if you get it and fill it to the brim with ice and water it is more refreshing and cheaper than buying a bottle of water. —JackkiCox

2007-08-04 03:34:45   Nothing like a big mac i like there soda very good diet coke 69 cents good deal. Listen it is what it is a great fast food place always and forever. also very clean store in south Davis i was very happy to eat there will be back —Brians

2007-09-07 14:10:20   Uhh, what happened to the Dollar Menu from the North Davis Micky D? —JasonGu

2007-10-01 21:26:47   yeah, dollar menu died in north davis. 1.39 a sandwhich. hey, that sh!t has a bunch of trans fat, i cant believe i never looked at that b4. all bad. —boristheblade

2007-11-05 08:24:49   bad...bad...bad...sometimes the fries are ok...bad. —WillJobe

2007-12-02 09:01:42   The Express McDonalds isn't great. They've gotten our order wrong twice now, and we only go to McDonalds maybe three times a year. —ElleWeber

2008-01-14 22:06:44   The north davis 'express' McDonalds is the trashiest in this location. it ruins the whole shopping center by bringing in a lot of people that have nothing to do all day but stand around and act creepy, homeless and drugged out. its always filled with creepy people who dont know what a shower or toothbrush is. the food is awful. its out of place and a sandwich shop is better suited for that area. i know because i live right next to it. im surprised the city of davis allowed such a nasty trashy place to set up shop. i guess it saves the safeway and nugget shopping centers from looking like skid row —AMR1985


indeed, the quarter pounders will put pounds on you —StevenDaubert

2008-06-29 11:01:08   Both of the Mcdonalds have the worst customer service ever. My nephew wanted a toy so I called in to make sure they had it, drove there 10 minutes later and the lady very rudely told me she was mistaken, when I wanted to change my order she said I would have to park and go inside and do it. Very rude! She shouldn't of told me something else over the phone and lie to me. She said she was pregnant and I would be the cause she would lose her baby. what si that all about...totally unprofessional. She shouldn't be so pissy, she should either suck it up or quit. —Marcie

2008-11-21 10:32:23   the express Mcdonalds is pretty fast, its dirty there though....i havent been to the other except to grab coffee from drive thru. The staff are pretty kind to customers. but one time i was in there and maybe one worker she was new. she started arguing to the employee over her who was training her. i wonder if she will be fired, they really got heated to the point where the girl stopped working to say something mean to the other. thats unprofessional, though it is only a Mcdonalds. ur not supposed to talk back at the person over u like that. its very disturbing for customers to see and makes customers wonder if the quality of their food will turn out bad. like cough, cough...my chicken snack wrap being a little hard. express is not a bad place though, i love Mcdonalds, much better than Wendys...yuck. —KimberlyMiller

2009-05-15 20:27:02   Both McDonald's in Davis are relatively solid. One in South Davis is pretty good, and the one in North Davis is just slightly worse, but not bad. Good fries, gotta have the Big Mac. —julpham

2009-07-21 08:01:36   Express McDonald's is too expensive for it's own good... There's an eat-in tax (that makes sense I guess) but then there's also a take-out (to-go) tax... My housemate also complained that they don't have Mcflurry's. —thisisht

The complaints about tax can be best directed to our amazingly wise and infallible legislature. The take out tax and eat in tax aren't peculiar to this place, but can be found at every restaurant in California. —wl

2009-07-23 04:54:33   They have $1 large ice teas right now! But no free mocha latte samples at the express one. :( —Ilovetacos

2009-08-24 03:55:37   Rumor has it that a bloated blue body discovered in the McDonald's trash bin, was that of none other than the Grimace. The Hamburglar was briefly held as a suspect, but was released when it was learned that although he had a penchant for delicious hamburgers, he had no motive for grimacide. —RonB

2009-09-17 08:48:32   2 for $3 Sausage McMuffin w/ egg at N. Davis! —MikeHubby

2009-11-01 18:42:02   ALWAYS double check your order, receipt, and change at this McDonalds. When I go there more than half the time they somehow mess up and either overcharge me or forget to give me something I ordered. —MikeHubby

2010-02-05 00:55:20   Anyone know if they are doing the 50 McNuggets for ten dollars deal in the Davis locations? —hankim

2010-07-17 22:16:34   The express location is terrible. Its expensive, never very clean, and there is nothing "express" about it... How does it take 10 minutes to make a McChicken and a small fry when there are no other orders waiting? If it was busy I could understand, but it wasnt. It was dead. I live near the express and I will drive all the way out to the South Davis one if I want McDonalds. The South Davis one has good food, a dollar menu (my personal favorite way to order), and friendly staff. I have never had a problem at the South Davis location. —ThomasGoeson

2010-11-05 06:36:49   the mcrib is back! —SamuelFok

How is the mcrib news? I'm not directing this comment at you; the damn thing is showing up on national news. Seriously... how? —TomGarberson

  • It has a cult following. Why, I can not ever begin to explain. Sort of like why it is inexplicable they molded fake bones into it. -jw

2011-01-11 10:01:08   Wow, talk about major dissapointment. Having been a manager at a McDonalds in Grass Valley CA (Ranked 2 fastest/highest rated drive through in CA several years in a row) I can safely say this McDonalds is not run well at all. Terrible, to say the least. First, I was the only customer in the store. It took several minutes for anyone to come and greet me at the counter. Second, the lady barely spoke english, and somehow understood my order of "A number 8 two sausage burrito combo with one additional burrito" to mean a number 9 mcskilliet burrito and one additional mcskillet burrito. Unfortunately, because it was to go, I didn't realize they had completely messed up my order until I had already left, and having a schedule to keep, unable to return to complain. None of the employees so much as made eye contact or smiled at me. After waiting a solid 5 or 6 minutes for my food to be made (pathetic slow for McDs with 1 customer and 4 employees), I finally got it. After leaving and realizing they messed up, I ate it anyway. The mcskillets were practically falling apart, the sausage and egg was noticeablly old (I can taste the dif between fresh and old, I worked there for 5 years, which also makes me wonder why the hell it took 6 minutes to prepare stale food) and they were just not good. I barely managed to eat one of them. The hash browns were hot, and thats about the only good thing I can say about this McDonalds. Poor response time, poor order taking (English, do you speak it?), slow service, stale and poorly prepared food. After reading through the rest of these reviews, I wish I hadn't made myself late to class this morning to eat stale food I didn't order at this McDonalds. Could have saved myself a lot of headache and wasted time. Unless you like walking out of an establishment more aggitated and irritated than when you entered it, I would avoid this McDonalds at all costs. Honestly, I have lived in Davis for over 6 months now, and this is the first time I felt compelled to make an account and write a review of ANY establishment in Davis, thats how terrible this place is. Not that you can expect much from McDonalds in general, but its not hard to offer quality servive and food. Never going back there again. —angrychair

  • Could you specify on which McD's it was? The one in North Davis pales in comparison to the one in South Davis. —ClarenceL

2011-05-04 01:52:54   Just returned home from a trip to the drive-thru with the room-mate... Is it just me or did McD's alter the way they make their McNuggets? They taste like cardboard now.. gross... only thing I ever liked purchasing there and now this too is garbage... —Wes-P

2011-07-27 23:41:05   The latino man working at the drive-through gives the worst customer service ever. —stephaniesun

2011-08-04 15:20:48   Mickey D's was the first fast food place in Davis. Needless to say, it was a BIG DEAL when it opened... some residents saw it as a sign of the Apocalypse, others just saw it as progress... most though thought "finally, I don't have to drive 10+ miles to get those fries!" Still in the same South Davis location off Mace. —OldDavis73

2011-11-06 10:28:45   The one on Chiles is very inconsistent. The fries are hot maybe 45% of the time and they are so saturated in salt I have to wipe some of it off. The nuggets are usually good but not always fresh. I try to avoid this place but once every few months I crave it and give in. Not horrible but not great. —LoriOrf

2011-11-14 20:31:21   I spent the last year traveling American searching for the best burger. What to my surprise, I found this hole in the wall in Davis called McDonalds. WOWEE. This was a tasty burger. THis is the BEST BURGER PLACE IN DAVIS!!!! IN N Out has nothing on this, James!!!! —KCSlater

2012-08-29 08:33:32   I got sick not once, but TWICE eating at the McDonalds. Not sure if it was an allergy, the flies in the dining area, or something other.

Will not go back again. —HarrisonM

  • Did you mean McDonald's? Or did you mean to post this on the Safeway page? —OldDavis73
    • Yes, yes I did mean McDonalds. Comment has since been amended.