1415 Mello Place [I think this is right, it's been awhile.]
???-early 2005
Former Residents
[Add your name if you'd like, I don't feel right putting you here if you don't want to be here.]

The Mello House ("Mello" refering to the name of the cul-de-sac, but coincidentally fitting the "feel" of the house) was a Davis House that 'began' I don't know when, but I'd say 'ended' sometime in the first half of 2005. Various types of folks lived there: students, artists, writers, musicians, political activists. Several past Delta of Venus employees lived there as well. Many of the same people who associated at the Old Turtle House associated at the Mello House and vice versa.

Some of the outstanding features of the house were the funny light beacon thing in the front yard, the accumulation of a bunch of random cool stuff leftover from years of residents, the huge sunroom in the back of the house. One interesting aspect was how the bathroom window overlooked the sunroom. To some people, the window came to near waist height while showering, which created many accidental (and probably purposeful) "free shows."

The absentee landlord left space for the residents to pretty much do whatever they wanted, which was one of the best things about the house. In the years of 2003-ish on [please edit], the residents created a garden in the back yard.

At the end of 2004, the owner put the house up for sale, and in March of 2005 the house was sold and then remodeled a bit. I don't know who lives there now.


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