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Tonia Hafter
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I, Tonia, am a healer by nature. My approach is holistic and tailored for each beingl I approach. With gratitude for my teachers and ancestors, I share a rich variety of tools with my students and clients, integrating traditional chinese medicine practice with intuitive healing, nutritional, self healing counsel and various forms of bodywork/physical therapy.

* Graduate of American College of Chinese Medicine, Médical Tui Na program, 2002 with Dr. Rocky Wang, San Francisco, Calif. * Additional Medical Qi Gong studies & Wuji Gong with Grandmaster Wei Zhong Foo, DA DAO CHAN GONG. Shiatsu & Thai massage studies at Shiatsu Institute, SF 1991 Chi Nei Tsang studies with Giles Marin, Berkeley, CA. 1991-2004 Cosmic Healing & Chi Nei Tsang with Mantak Chia, Taoist Garden & Calif 2009 Practitioner of Oriental Massage since 1992 Certified Wuji Gong/Qi Gong Instructor, by Grandmaster Wei Zhong Foo Reiki practitioner and initiator since 2006

Tonia has worked in ACTCM’s student clinic, & at a post traumatic stress clinic serving victims of the war in Bosnia. She collaborates with Karma Clinic and is currently at the Berkeley Acupuncture Project. She has been seeing private patients in California, Switzerland, Virgin Islands and France since 2002. Has given workshops in Oklahoma and St. Johns Island, and taught qigong at Harbin Hot Springs

Tonia has traveled extensively in Asia, Europe and Mexico and is fluent in Spanish and French. She’s studied various forms of yoga and qigong, here and abroad. She holds a teaching certificate from Shivananda School of Yoga, and has studied and practiced Daoist forms of meditation since the early 90’s.

Finding the “right” healer

The beginning of ones healing process begins with your decision to embark on the journey. Ask the universe for help, ask for what you want. The next step is finding your match. What does that mean? Finding someone in whose presence you can grow. There are many capable healers and so many systems of healing... where to begin, how to discern which is right for you? Begin by making an agreement with yourself to pay attention to your intuition, to your body sensations, to your own antane... Each of us functions on different vibratory levels and it is important that we find our match. As you go through the exciting and emotional process of casting off layers, your vibration level will change and you will find your needs have changed... you may seek different helpers along the way towards the light. It is a journey of learning to trust your own intuition. We find our truth through that inner knowing, not necessarily through logic. Trust your intuition, trust your guts.... and you will find your helper. If you found me, Hello.


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