Sitting right in the middle of the Quad end of the Memorial Union, the flagpole stands... strong. The flagpole is usually the place of origin of remembrance walks, protests in the quad, and (of course) various flag ceremonies like raising and lowering the flag (but who pays attention to that?). Most of us don't notice the flagpole until it's windy — then the little metal bits attached to the flag-rope hit the pole over and over, creating a spooky "CLINK, CLINK... CLINK" sound all throughout east and west quad. In a way, the flagpole is the social center-of-gravity of the Memorial Union.

Note that on the North side of the flagpole, there is a card holder at eye level. Usually there is a simple white card commemorating the recent death of someone (staff, faculty, student) at UCD. I guess the reasoning behind the card is that if we ran the flag at half-mast, it would be there all the time.